330 + Best Fluffy Dogs Names with Meanings

Having a fluffy dog is nothing less than a blessing. Species like Samoyed, Pomeranian, Golden retriever and many more are known for their fluffy coat and are popular breeds because of it. Who does not like a ball of fur that is soft and cuddly? 

Tips for Naming Your Fluffy Dog

Having a fluffy dog demands for a fluffy name for your pet. Having a name for your dog that describes his or her fluffiness is very important and makes your dog unique. The culture of naming dogs after their fluffiness has become very popular.

There are many creative names you can name your dog. You can name your dog after the colour of their coat. You have to make sure to have a simple name so that it is easy to understand. And the most important part is to make sure that the name fits your dog perfectly and your dog is comfortable with it.

We have listed some names for your fluffy furry friend which will fit them perfectly. 

40 Best White Fluffy Dog Names

Best White Fluffy Dog Names
Snow  Oreo  Peppermint 
Lint  Altoid  Popcorn 
Snowball  Oreo  Salt 
Heaven  Luna  Sprite 
Harmony  Blanc Sugar 
Angel  Blanco  Vanilla 
Anjo  Wit 


White Fluffy Dog Names with Meanings

  • Snowy: A name inspired by snow.
  • Eve: A biblical name signifying purity.
  • Cloud: For a dog who is light and fluffy like a cloud.
  • Dove: After a white bird who is a symbol of faith.
  • Alaska: Name of a snowy place for a white coloured dog.
  • Artemis: A Greek goddess of the moon.
  • Moon: A beautiful name.
  • Marshmallow: A white coloured sweet.
  • Aspen: A ski resort in Colorado.
  • Bolt: Inspired by a Disney dog.
  • Comet: A white streak in the night sky.
  • Everest: After the snow-capped mountain in Nepal.
  • Frosty: A cute name for your white fluffball.
  • Ice: A cold name for dogs.
  • January: A cold month in the year.
  • Lunar: Another term related to the moon.
  • Nimbus: A name after a glowing cloud.
  • Winter: Another cold name.
  • Polar: Derived from the coldest places on the earth, the poles.
  • Misty: A weather-based name for a dog.

40 Best Black Fluffy Dog Names 

Best Black Fluffy Dog Names
Carbon  Coal  Cinder 
Opal  Shady Slate 
Stormy  Tarmac  Twilight 
Stormy  Thunder Beanie 
Espresso  Fudge Coco 
Kona Olive Latte 
Nyx Noir

Black Fluffy Dog Names with Meaning 

  • Ash: For a greyish-black dog.
  • Ebony: After a dark wood.
  • Onyx: Inspired by a black gemstone.
  • Shadow: Because a dog is like your shadow.
  • Smokey: Inspired by smoke.
  • Smokey: Inspired by smoke.
  • Blackberry: Name of a fruit.
  • Caviar: A black delicacy.
  • Cola: A cute name inspired by a cold drink.
  • Coffee: For the ones who like their coffee black and strong.
  • Poppy: A beautiful flower.
  • Nero: Black in Italian.
  • Zwart: Black in Dutch.
  • Nebula: A cosmic name.
  • Batman: DC comic character.
  • Black Jack: A funny black dog name.
  • Inky: A cute name for your cutie pie.
  • Jet: Short for Jet black.
  • Pitch: Short for Pitch black.
  • Midnight: The darkest hour of the night.
  • Goth: A spooky name for your pup.

40 Best brown fluffy dog names

Best brown fluffy dog names
Chestnut  Peanut  Umber
Russet Taupe  Topaz 
Tanner  Hickory Brun 
Peanut Butter Mocha Butterscotch
Pumpernickel  Brown Sugar Raisin 
Hazelnut Cookie Cashew

Brown Fluffy Dog Names With Meanings

  • Acorn: A brown dry fruit.
  • Brunette: Meaning brown-haired.
  • Teak: A brown wood.
  • Charlie Brown: A comic strip character.
  • Chewbacca: A Star Wars character.
  • Mudd: For a muddy coloured dog.
  • Moose: A brown dessert.
  • Bambi: A Disney character with big eyes.
  • Leather: A material made from animal skin.
  • Braun: Brown in German.
  • Marron: Brown in French.
  • Brownie: A delicious delicacy.
  • Cocoa: A coffee bean.
  • Cadbury: A chocolate manufacturing company.
  • Chocolate: A brown sweet.
  • Nutella: A chocolate spread.
  • Cinnamon: For a brownish-red dog.
  • Whiskey: An adorable name.
  • Sandy: For a light-brown dog.
  • Beige: A dark shade of yellow.

30 Best cute fluffy dog names 

Best cute fluffy dog names
Boots  Astra  Cece 
Feather  Elsa  Fluffy 
Fefe  Gracie  Izzie 
Juno  Mouse  Sasha 
Siberia  Sierra  Pixie 
Skye  Snoopy  Sparkle 
Whisper Muddy Tux
Afro Spade  Velvet 
Elvis  Domino  Tootsie 
Fluffer  Fuzzyfeet Furbaby

30 Best Fluffy Puppy Names

Best Fluffy Puppy Names
Fuzz  Fuzzy  Hairy 
Cotton Curly Shaggy 
Silky  Puffy  Ringlet 
Fleecy  Woolly  Whiskers 
Velvet Lush  Cosy 
Bunny  Alpaca  Fox 
Snuggle  Poof Loofah 
Lamb Powder  Khaleesi 
Knight  Odin  Sheba 
Starbuck  Ursa  Yeti 

30 Best big fluffy dog names

Best big fluffy dog names


Clifford  Chimp  Chimpanzee 
Champ  Beast  Bronx 
Bullet  Bruiser  Fang 
Sarge  Tyson  Rebel 
Tank  Sonny  Biggie 
Blackbeard  Jafar  Kylo 
Mortaugh  Vader  Zorro 
Xenna  Agent  Dracula 
Merlin  Heath  Rolo 
Sahara  Buff  Cheyenne 

30 Best Small Fluffy Dog Names 

Best Small Fluffy Dog Names
Chip  Bean  Dre 
Yoda  Jedi  Jinx 
Vinnie  Poe  Neo 
Pugsley  Toto  Magic 
Nestle  Clove  Caramel 
Canoli  Almond  Biscuit 
Sesame  Honey  Penny 
Chilli  Bingo  Berry 
Baby  Boo  Elf 
Hobbit  Liliput  Lad 

30 Best fluffy girl dog names

Best fluffy girl dog name
Foxie Nana  Snowflake 
Furby  Pupfluff Mrs Softy
Ms Frizzle Linty  Floof 
Cream Puff Wookie Cashmere
Flou  Doux  Pushinka 
Sheep  Scarlet  Amber 
Hazel  Sienna  Ariel 
Annie  Kim Possible  Ginger Spice
Pepper  Merida  Strawberry 
Pansy  Peony  Lilly 

30 Best Fluffy Boy Dog Names

Best Fluffy Boy Dog Names
Floofer Pom  Sir Fluff’s A lot
Captain Fluff Admiral Fluff Prince Fluffster
Fluffmeister Mayor Fluffington Spike 
Harry  Quill  Suave 
Peluche  Ducky Rusty 
Maroon  Elmo  Ron Weasley
Chuck Norris Cardinal  Tiger 
Brandy  Current  Harvey 
Jack Frost  Bones  Casper 
Phantom  King  Prince 

30 Best Teddy Bear Dog Names

Best Teddy Bear Dog Names

Bear Brown bear Teddy 
Teddy Bear Grizzly  Fozzie 
Panda  Bock  Guinness
Stout  Ted  Waldo 
Bosco  Po  Yogi Bear 
Care Bear Angus  Smokey Bear 
Corduroy  Winnie  Baloo 
Paddington  Sloth  Polar Bear
Raccoon Koala  Meercat
Bearcat  Water Bear Kodiak


A fluffy dog is a ball of lots of furs which is soft and undeniably cute. A large amount of fur often makes the dog look like a bear. This list of names for fluffy dogs will help you in finding the most suitable name for your fluffball. 


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