250 + Best Female Pit bull Dog Names for Lovely Pet

With the stereotype flying around about the aggressive nature of Pitbull dogs, not many are fans of them. But just like every other stereotype, this stereotype is wrong as well.

Pitbull dogs are some of the most loving dogs, despite their appearance.

Although Pitbull dogs were bred to be fighter dogs during the 1800s. They were a result of crossbreeding Bulldogs and Terriers. The motive of this mating was to retain the strength of a Bulldog with the agility of a Terrier.

Did you know that Pitbull is actually a type of dog rather than a breed of dog? There are different breeds that are a part of it, including American Pitbull Terrier, American Bully, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. 

We have compiled a list of names that are badass, tough, cool, funny, good, and unique. We hope that you find the best-suited name for your dog from our list.

How to Choose female Pit bull dog names

First of all, congratulations on getting a dog. And a female Pitbull dog at that too. You can rest assured to never feel unloved from now on.

Now that you have got a dog, your next task is to name her. This can get a little stressful as you want the perfect name for your puppy, that both of you like. So here are some tips to help you while choosing name for your Dog :

  • Choose a short name which has distinct syllables and is easy to pronounce
  • Select a name that both of you will like
  • Observe your puppy’s reaction to the name and select a name accordingly
  • Do not try to change an older dog’s name as it will be difficult for them to get accustomed to the new name

250 + Best Female Pit bull Dog Names for Lovely Pet

100 Most Popular Female Pit bull Names 


Pitbull dogs are popular dogs. And there are some popular names for these popular dogs too. 

Zoey  Nala  Hearty 
Angel  Xena  Liza 
Ruby  Farah  Lenci 
Luci  Linda  Roxy 
Lola  Bailey  Stella 
Mia  Molly Penny 
Sadie  Charlie  Remi 
Cali  Diamond  Rosie 
Rose  Bently  Mercedes 
Attila  Kahuna  Rogue 
Scrappy  Scout  Baby 
Tamale  Petey  Jimmy 
Blakey  Grecy  Blacky 
Lussi  Sara  Julie 
Zinkie  Aliana  Juliet 
Rooza  Winnie  Xasa 
Amber  Basil  Archie 
Patches  Sepia  Pip 
Bean  Fleck  Mottle 
Smudge  Mosaic Mousy 
Chocolate  Marbles  Freckles 
Dotty  Multi  Sprinkle 
Ember  Merlot  Greta 
Marigold  Scarlet  Firewood 
Pumpkin  Fall  Penelope

Female Pit bull Dog with Names

Athena Greek Goddess of wisdom and war
Cleo Short for Cleopatra, one of the most powerful Egyptian Goddess
Brawny For a rebel puppy
Hera Queen of Greek Gods and Goddess
Jezebel A powerful queen of Iraq in 9th century B.C.
Nyx Greek Goddess of night
Nova Cosmic event that results in the formation of a star
Sheba Legendary Queen of Sheba from Bible
Queenie For the queen of your heart
Vixen For a clever puppy who knows how to have her way
Vega The brightest star in the constellation, Lyra
Gracie A sweet puppy name for a sweet dog
Maisie A cute choice for a cute pup
Minnie Short for Minnie Mouse from Disney
Biscuit A cute name for a brawny dog. Ironic, isn’t it?
Olive A name after a rare eye colour
Cupid God of love and passion
Flo Another cute puppy name
Tankerbell A parody for Tinkerbell
Peanut Another adorable puppy name
Caffeine For a puppy who is always high on energy
Eevee A dog name inspired by a Pokémon
Candy A sweet name for a sweet puppy
Daisy A flower-inspired name
Luna Inspired by the moon

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30 Best Girl Pit bull names


Having a Pitbull at a young age can really help in building a stronger relationship. Here are some cute names for your girl Pitbull dog.

Alexa  Ava  Bonbon 
Boe  Bella  Bonnie 
Bubba  Gabby  Darling 
Lulu  Tara  Toto 
Bree  Cece  Gia 
Kiki  Mika  Tiara 
Yogi  Buffy  Fefe 
Gigi  Lilly  Mol 
Sprout  Stitch  Vienna 
Dixie  Echo  Softie 

30 Best Badass Female Pitbull Names


Well, Pitbull dogs are known to be badass dogs. And what is the harm in a little notoriousness with a female charm? 

Terror  Bully Fire
Flame  Tawny  Cardinal
Deputy  Captain  Firesand
Brick  Coal  Panther 
Pitch  Thunder  Harley 
Beasty  Nitro  Sniper 
Razor  Comet  Venom 
Traz  Foxy  Chino 
Hannibal  Bullseye  Harvey 
Artemis Cassiopeia Bronte

30 Best American Bully Female Names


This stockier version of Pitbull dogs is a fairly new breed. And they do have a certain appeal to themselves too. Here are some tough names for a Female American Bully dog.

Inspector Kaboom Kaos
Hotshot Witch Crash
Craggy Diva Viper
Chilly Punch Punk
Tigress Bonnie Arnie
Frosty Hyper Rowdy
Fawn Bones Ivory
Spicy Spooky Chopper
She-Hulk Wicket Anchor
Gamble Rosa Daenerys

30 Best Good Female Pit bull Names


Pitbull dogs can be the goodest of good girls. They are attentive and sharp and are always there to protect you. Here are some good female Pitbull names.

Princess  Fairy  Minx 
Jinx  Toast  Jam 
Colon  Asterix  Galaxy 
Starry  Halo  Astra 
Flourish  Bright  Glitter 
Lilo  Cutie  Sweetie 
Pinkie  Lexus  Lexa 
Elizabeth  Java  Venus 
Memory  Digit  Bit 
Neo  Saturn  Neptune 

30 Best Female Blue Nose Pit bull Names


Bluenose Pitbull dogs are one of the most beautiful kinds of dogs. Plus, they are super cute. Here are some suggestions for naming your female blue nose Pitbull dog.

Misty  Pebbles  Aqua 
Opal  Sky  Sapphire 
Silver  Grizzly  Smokey 
Nav  Azure  Stormy 
Snowy  Ice  Pigeon 
Olympic  Turquoise  Dewy 
Drizzle  Electra/Elektra  Casper 
Ghost  Shadow  Ash 
Jet  Milky  Cyan 
Pepper  Onyx  Grey 


Having a dog in your life is nothing less than a blessing. You are in for an adventure with one in your life. 

We hope that this list of names has helped you in naming your female Pitbull dog. Find the perfect name for your tough-looking but a soft-hearted friend. Who knows if she might turn out to be your bestie?


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