200 Popular Female Dog Names with Meanings

Canines deserve a great name within the first ten days of bringing them home to develop a cordial and intimate relationship between the pet parent and the pet.

This article enlightens about the popular female dog names that will help first-time pet owners to name their tiny canines.

Expert recommendation for name selection

1. Select a short name.

Choose a name with one or two syllables as these are not only easy to pronounce and call out but will also aid in grabbing the pup’s or dog’s attention.

2. Choose a name with hard consonants.

Experts recommend considering a name with hard consonants, as it is seen to be easier for dogs to hear this than sibilant sounds, for example, Bailey or Tracy.

3.  Refrain from choosing names that sound like commands.

Try not to zero on a name that sounds like a command name like Kit, which sounds like “sit.”

4. Increase the name calling frequency.

When a canine hears her name, it’s a sign that whatever is coming next is meant for her. So, use the name frequently in a positive context and tone, so she refrains from associating it with punishment or something negative.

5. Refrain from selecting names that are like the names of near and dear ones.

Doing this will confuse the pup making her to not respond.  For example, if the name of the kid in the house is Annie and the dog is Franny, there will be a confusion of signals among both.

6. Name selection based on breed characteristics.

Select a name based on the breed traits, looks, or behavior.

Large Female Dog Names

A-D: Alaska, Athena, Baby, Baleen, Banyan, Banshee, Brawny, Brunhilda, Burly, Dahlia, Deluxe, Dragon.

E-M: Everest, Fiona, Fuji, Gaia, Godzilla, Hero, Hildegarde, Himalaya, Jupiter, Maxi.

O-Z: Ozma, Phoebe, Pyrenees, Queen, Sequoia, Sierra, Sumo, Teton, Titania, Tonka, Venus.  

Small Female Dog Names

Bambi Bonsai Bonbon Bug Button
Biscuit Bullet Chiquita Dingo Demi
Faye Gherkin Gizmo Grasshopper Kitty
Lil Mini Minion Moxie Munchkin
Pippin Pixie Pocket Posy Roo
Rosebud Skittles Tapas Tinkerbell Toy

Place Names for Female Pooches

Adelaide (Adi) Albany Avalon Brooklyn Cairo
Carolina Florence Reno Sahara Geneva
Tijuana Malibu Toulouse Paisley Zhoukou

Female Dog Names Inspired by Books, Movies, and Celebrities

Blanchett Mae Tallulah Chibi Meryl
Tilda Daenerys Pepper Toto Dogmatix
Ponyo Uma Fang Puddles Wags
Fay Wray Rooney Winona Garbo Rizzo
Winslet Garland Xena Genevieve Santa’s Little Helper
Scamper Yoda Gizmo Shiloh Ziggy
Juno Stitch Zooey

Popular Female Dog Names

Bella Lucy Daisy Luna Lola
Sadie Molly Bailey Maggie Sophie
Chloe Stella Lily Penny Zoey
Coco Roxy Gracie Mia Nala
Ruby Rosie Ellie Abby Zoe
Piper Ginger Lilly Lulu Riley
Sasha Lexi Pepper Emma Layla
Maya Izzy Lady Annie Olive
Harley Belle Dixie Millie Willow
Princess Charlie Maddie Kona Cali
Ella Winnie Roxie Marley Cookie
Hazel Scout Athena Callie Phoebe
Honey Angel Dakota Minnie Holly
Missy Sugar Shelby Nova Leia
Josie Ava Gigi Peanut Penelope
Fiona Cleo Jasmine Sandy Mocha
Harper Macy Sydney Paisley Lacey
Bonnie Baby Mila Delilah Pearl
Charlotte Trixie Ivy Nina Heidi
Georgia Shadow Xena Allie Oreo

Most Eccentric Female Pooch Names

Lotus Toffee Nessa Velvet Tala
Bibi Cadence Sahara Rosebud Boo Boo
Ice Navi Rigby Carmella Esme
Ladybug Harmony Friday Halle Taz
Josephine Lainey Victoria Mariah Luca
Mel Banjo Trouble Starr Naomi

Tough Female Dog Names

Artemis Athena Alex Lara Sasha
Oakley Harley Indi / Indy Shadow Myka
Juno Dakota Colby Finley / Finn Korra
Red Astra Akira Cinder Bowie
Koa Jinx Onyx Zola Stormy / Storm
Xena Scout Kali Zelda Sage
Raven Kaya Lilo Bear Cleo
Ronan Freya

100 female dog names with meanings

  • Abby- Joy, rejoice
  • Amber- Yellow stone
  • Amy- well loved
  • Avery- wise
  • Annie- Gracious, playful
  • Bella- Italian beauty
  • Bianca- White
  • Buttercup- A yellow flower
  • Brownie- cake variety, a color
  • Bailey- sweet and tiny girl
  • Cassie- Unheeded and strong-willed.
  • Chloe- Green shoot, new
  • Cleo- Glory
  • Coco- Chocolate or brown color.
  • Cookie- Dessert variety or sweet.
  • Dabby- The name version of ‘Just a bit’
  • Daffodil- A flower variety.
  • Delilah- A gorgeous woman of the 16th century.
  • Dolly- A doll
  • Dixie- Nickname of the Southern United States.
  • Ellie- Light or candle.
  • Elsa- Cheerful.
  • Ezra- Helper
  • Emma- Whole or universal.
  • Eve- First woman.
  • Feona- Irish name meaning white, fair
  • Flora- Spanish name meaning flower.
  • Faith- trust, confidence
  • Fairy- Mythological small creature.
  • Gale- Joy
  • Greta- Swedish name meaning pearl.
  • Gypsy- Nomad or wandering traveler.
  • Ginny- Maiden
  • Gracie- Full of elegance.
  • Hailey- Famous James bond actress
  • Harper- Musician
  • Hershey-Popular chocolate brand.
  • Holly- A plant with red berries (Symbolic of Christmas).
  • Harriet- A famous social movement.
  • Heidi- German name meaning noble birth.
  • Iota- Small quantity.
  • Isabella- Oath or promise
  • Isis- Egyptian goddess.
  • Isadora- Greek name meaning the gift of Isis.
  • Jenifer- Fairy one, light skin tone.
  • Jinxy- Magic appeal or charm.
  • Julianna- New, young
  • Joan- Popular women of the |French history.
  • Juliet- Youthful.
  • Kalani- The sky; The boss
  • Kali- Fierce.
  • Kayla- The keeper of the keys.
  • Kelsey- Fierce island.
  • Kiki- A new beginning
  • Laney- Torch
  • Leona- Lioness
  • Lexi- Brave and adventurous.
  • Liesel- God satisfaction or oath
  • Lola- slang for a small young girl, sorrow, or sacrifice.
  • Maggie- Child of light.
  • Mugsy- face
  • Margaret- Pearl
  • Mitzi- Beloved, bitter, or rebelled.
  • Melody- Musical arrangement.
  • Noelle- Born on Christmas.
  • Noodle- A silly person
  • Nyla- A champion.
  • Nikki- Victory.
  • Olivia- A fruit-bearing tree and Popeye’s girlfriend.
  • Oreo- Black and white as well as a famous cookie brand.
  • Pasha- An individual of higher rank.
  • Penny- A copper coin, spunky
  • Pearl- A natural treasure formed inside the oysters.
  • Pepsi- Famous cola brand or full of energy.
  • Piper- A flute player.
  • Queenie- Royal and regal.
  • Rafiki- Friend
  • Reiko- Courteous Child.
  • Roxy- Morning, bright.
  • Ruby- A red natural stone used for making jewels.
  • Rasha- Young Gazelle.
  • Sammy- Listener
  • Shiloh- A gift of God.  
  • Sofia- Wise and intelligent.
  • Stella- Star or sunny
  • Sandy- Defender.
  • Tandy- Strong
  • Trixie- Happiness
  • Tessa- Harvester
  • Ulani- Cheerful
  • Ummi- Mother
  • Vasha- Ruler
  • Vika- From the creek
  • Valentina- Health
  • Winnie- Friend, Disney character
  • Xia- Glow of light
  • Yoko- Child
  • Yoshi- Respectable, virtuous
  • Zoe- Life
  • Zelda- Warrior

Final thoughts

The best name for the canine is one that will make a pet parent fall in love. Each individual will name their female puppies or canines based on their taste as name selection is not only an important task but is also a satisfying experience.

Happy name hunting!


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