200 Unique and Trending Egyptian Dog names


Cats are the most admired living creatures among the Egyptians, as they considered it sacred.  But the dogs were also a big deal, as the Egyptian god ‘Anubis’ possessed a human body with a dog or more like jackal’s head. 

If pet parents are inspired by the Egyptian rich history and the wealth of mythical beings and would want to name their pet pals with a name inspired by it, the options are immense and unique. Pet parents can be 100% assured to zero labels that help their furry pal stand out at the dog park. 

This article will provide many name ideas inspired by the Egyptian culture that will help a pet family in their dog tag selection task.

How To Choose an Egyptian Dog Name?


One can pick names for their beloved canine that are inspired by the rich Egyptian culture. But the pointers mentioned below will be of great help in zeroing at the apt tag.

  • Choose a short name with lesser syllables over a long label for quick grasping by the furry pal.
  • Stay away from the mainstream names until you decide the apt name for your dog, as this may confuse the pet in public places like parks and the vet’s clinic.
  • Look for labels that begin with syllables that possess unmistakable sounds like D, T or K. This will enhance the pet to grasp their name quicker.
  • Refrain from zeroing dog tags that are sound similar to the training commands like sit, no, stay and so on. These tags may hinder the puppy training.
  • The pet breed legacy can also give ideas for name selection.
  • One can also select a dog’s name based on their appearance, character, and personality.
  • Name the pet pal with a tag that is approved by all members of the family. 
  • Once a tag is chosen for the canine. Evaluate that tag for a couple of days to observe the pet’s comprehension.
  • Abstain from changing names of adult dogs that one adopts. If in unavoidable cases, choose a name that is close or rhymes with the older label.
  • Remember to wrap the dog tag selection within 14 days of the pooch’s entry into your homes.

Female Egyptian Pooch Tags


Egyptian cultures have unique female names that one can zero on for their pet pals. The section below enlists the top and trending Egyptians female labels that pet parents can binge in.

Name Meaning
Ain Priceless
Cleopatra Famous Female ruler of the Egyptians
Bau Goddess of fertility with a dog head
Dalila Sweet or gentle
Ebony A person who is beautiful inside out.
Femi Lover
Hasina Good
Isis Motherhood goddess
Jamila Beauty
Kamilah Perfection
Lapis A precious stone
Midge A darling girl
Nubia Golden treasure
Phoenix Mythological bird that rose from the ashes
Shani A wonderful woman
Tia Egyptian princess of the 18th dynasty
Ranon To suckle
Zahra Blooming
Hebony Black


Other Unique Female Egyptian Names

Ankshi Bastet Chione
Feme Nefret Masika
Gamile Kepi Layla
Maye Nile Scarab
Nomti Khepri Anippe
Sekhmet Menhit Kiwu
Aisha Amenti Anukis
Kosey Esi Halima
Mert Pelka Rabiah
Taur Samia Nau


Male Dog Names Inspired from The Egyptian Civilization


The male Egyptians tags are immense than their counterpart. Check the list below to choose a suitable label for your beloved pet pal.

Name Meaning
Aaheru The chief of terrors
Benipe Stone of heaven
Chons The moon
Dennu Chief and Director
Enna A scribe
Hagiel Intelligence
Iuaa Great arrival
Ja Mayor
Ken An early astronomer
Lateef Gentle
Mesu Son
Nane A fish
Osiris Lord of life post death
Pharaoh Egyptian Leader
Riaz Garden
Sah A mummy
Tachus An Egyptian King
Uga The eye
Zoser King
Shai Destiny


Other Popular Male Egyptian names

Ahames Bakari Dhouti
Horus Imhotep Khafra
Luxor Mshai Nomti
Odion Sabra Chike
Seth Tut Gahiji
Jabari Musa Runihura
Sadiki Menna Hurbasa
Kanebti Neferu Penub
Reseph Utet Aptera
Ba Khaba Mehhur


Egyptian God and Goddess Pooch Name Ideas


The Egyptians never believed in a single Netjer (meaning deity in Egyptian). Hence they have many gods and goddess name options as each area or city worship a different god or goddess. The section below enlists the names of these Egyptian deities that one can browse while choosing a name for their puppy.

Aker Bes Djehuty
Toth Geb Hapi
Khonsu Ma’at Sobek
Wepwawet Unut Yah
Montu Neit Hathor
Onuris Shu Bisu
Ennead Ra Iabet
Fetket Zenenet Weneg
Tait Qadesh Pakhet
Cherti Heket Denwen


Dog Names Inspired by the Egyptian Pharaohs


Pharaohs were the King or the queen who ruled ancient Egypt. They were not only the rulers but were as well the religious leaders. The list below has recorded the names of these Pharaohs that are great options for dog naming too.

Pepi Kaba Narmer
Merikara Unas Djoser
Teti Intef Thutmose
Seti Djet Ramses
Tutan Khamen Khufu
Hatash Amen Akhen
Xerxes Nyhor Sahure
Qakare Lufni Sheshi
Apepi Bakare Darius
Hakor Cleo Mekh


Dog Labels Inspired by Egypt Locations


The beautiful cities, temples, museums, architecture, and other elaborate living areas in Egypt also make great naming ideas for our beloved pets. If anyone wants to make their Egypt trip memorable or love the Egyptian cities and heritage, the list below has some unique names that one can look into during the dog tag selection task.

Karnak Luxor Tanis
Memphis Nile Giza
Siwa Cairo Dahab
Aswan Faiyum Alexandria
Sharm Edfu Taba
Abydos Bahariya Farafra
Minya Suez Faiyum
Asyut Tanis Sohag
Alamein Kharga Marsa
Simbel Esna Kom


Final thoughts

These 200 plus tags are just samples of the Egyptian inspired names that one can investigate while zeroing labels for their pet pals. One can choose a nametag from the list above or can use one’s imagination to christen a new name for their furry pals. Welcome to pet parenting and best of luck in the name finding!!!

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