Disney Dog names – Ultimate list to Inspire Your Pup’s

Being born in the Disney era is one of the best things that has happened to us. We can recite some songs by heart, have a special corner for our favourite hero, heroine, or any other supporting character. 

These movies have made us elated and emotional with the sweet innocence they have to their characters. 

Well now, you have a dog and you find it hard to name. So, you can choose a dog name that is inspired by Disney movies and TV shows. 

When looking for a Disney inspired dog name, you can consider these aspects:

  • Select a movie: Pick out a dog name that is based on your favourite Disney movie.
  • Select an animated series: You can also select a dog name that is a part of your favourite TV series.
  • Hero vs. Villain: It is important to decide if you would name your pooch after a promising hero or an evil villain. Whichever name you choose, it should depend on your dog’s personality.

Here are some tips on how you can choose a unique name for your favourite buddy:

Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Dog 


Now that you have got a dog, you are entitled to the responsibility of maintaining it. But this responsibility rewards you with unconditional love.

A part of this responsibility is to choose the perfect name for your pup. You want to choose a name that is unique and meaningful.

Here is how you can best name your fluffy friend:

  • Pick out a short name: Make sure that the name does not have many syllables. It will make it easier to pronounce and will also be easier for your dog to comprehend.
  • Observe: Observe and evaluate your dog’s reaction to the name for the first couple of days.
  • Choose a name you like: You will be constantly using this name so why not choose something that you like?

Here is a list of dog names inspired by Disney: 

50 Popular Disney Dog Names


Disney has launched movies like 101 Dalmatians and Lady and The Tramp. The adorable nature of dogs in the movies has given the dogs a special place in our hearts.

Here are some popular Disney dog names, and some with meanings:

  • Names in a table
Scamp  Scud  Dodger 
Little Brother  Sparky  Tito 
Toby  Zero  Nana 
Max  Einstein  Francis 
Sultan Stella  Annette 
Rusty  Collette  Danielle 
Percy  Thunderbolt  Collie 
Towser  Rosco  Desoto
Dachsie  Boris  Pedro 
Trusty  Peg  Bull 
  • Names with meaning 
    • Andrew: From Mary Poppins.
    • Bolivar: From Donald Duck.
    • Georgette: From Oliver & Company.
    • Bolt: Lead from the movie Bolt.
    • Bruno: A dog from Cinderella.
    • Goofy: The goofiest dog in the true sense. From The Goofy Movie.
    • Buster: From Toy Story movies.
    • Ivana: A small furball from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
    • Pluto: The name of Mickey Mouse’s own dog.
    • Butch: A dog character from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
    • Jock: The irritable dog from Lady and The Tramp.
    • Rita: A diva from Oliver & Company.
    • Copper: A character from The Fox and The Hound.
    • Lady: Another beloved character from Lady and The Tramp.
    • Dinah: A lovely character who was Pluto’s girlfriend in Mickey Mouse.
    • Fifi: Pluto’s ex-girlfriend.
    • Tramp: Who doesn’t love this sweetheart from Lady and The Tramp?
    • Lafayette: One of the stray dogs from The Aristocrats.
    • Napoleon: Lafayette’s stray buddy.
    • Dug: An adorable character from Up.

50 Disney names for male dogs


Disney is known to name their characters creatively. So why not add that creative trait to your dog’s name?

Here are male Disney names for dogs, some of which have meanings too!

  • Names in a table 
Anton  Berlioz  Caterpillar 
Clayton  Cogsworth  Dallben
Dash  Diablo  Sneezy 
Dopey  Sleepy Happy 
Grumpy  Donald Duck Dormouse 
Figaro  Forte  Flynn Rider
Robin Hood Genie  Arthur
Hercules  Jack-Jack Jiminy Cricket
Kaa  Koda  Mowgli 
Nemo  Tick Tock Timon
    • Names with Meaning 
      • Olaf: The adorable character from Frozen.
      • Aladdin: The prince from Aladdin.
      • Auguste: The world-renowned chef in Ratatouille.
      • Bagheera: The reliable friend from The Jungle Book.
      • Baloo: Remember the friendly bear from The Jungle Book?
      • Bambi: Who doesn’t love this doe-eyed deer?
      • Basil: A sharp mouse from The Great Mouse Detective.
      • Beast: Character from Beauty and The Beast.
      • Buzz Lightyear: Our resident space ranger from Toy Story.
      • Chien-Po: A supporting character from Mulan.
      • Doc: The pompous dwarf from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.
      • Bashful: Another dwarf from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.
      • Dumbo: The adorable large-eared elephant.
      • Eeyore: Our gloomy friend from Winnie The Pooh.
      • Fergus: The majestic warrior King Fergus from Brave.
      • Mufasa: The valiant and dear lion from The Lion King.
      • Hans: Our burdened friend from Frozen.
      • Heihei: The clumsy rooster from Moana.
      • Jafar: The villainous fictional character from Aladdin.
      • Kristoff: A lone mountain man from Frozen.

50 Disney names for female dogs


Disney has presented us with many powerful females. They have truly inspired us and helped us in growing. Here are some Disney female dog names, some with meanings too!

  • Names in a table 
Celia  Clotho  Ellie 
Lachesis  Jetsam  Jessica (Rabbit)
Giselle  Frou Frou Flower 
Flora  Fauna  Flotsam 
Eudora  EVE  Esmeralda 
Merryweather  Minnie (Mouse) Morgana 
Mirage  Mrs. Potts Nakoma 
Nani  Riley  Sarabi 
Sofia  Sarabi  Sarfina 
Tamora  Terk  Violet 

Names with Meaning 

  • Alice: The protagonist of Alice in The Wonderland.
  • Anastasia: One of the stepsisters of Cinderella.
  • Anita: Anita Radcliffe, from 101 Dalmatians.
  • Atropos: One of the three fates from Hercules.
  • Barbie: Toy Story adaptation of Barbie.
  • Bo Peep: Another character from Toy Story.
  • Bonnie: Current owner of Andy’s toys in Toy Story.
  • Boo: Sulley’s human best friend from Monsters Inc.
  • Charlotte: Supporting character in The Princess and the Frog.
  • Darla: The main antagonist of Finding Nemo.
  • Daisy: Daisy Duck from Donald Duck.
  • Elastigirl: One of the major characters in The Incredibles.
  • Elinor: Queen Elinor from Brave.
  • Melody: The protagonist of The Little Mermaid II.
  • Marie: Imagine naming your pup after a cat. Funny isn’t it?
  • Maleficent: The antagonist of Sleeping Beauty.
  • Leah: Queen Leah from Sleeping Beauty.
  • Kiara: The daughter of Simba and Nala from The Lion King.
  • Kala: The adoptive mother of Tarzan.
  • Jessie: The yodelling cowgirl from Toy Story movies.

30 Disney Princess and Heroines Dog Names


Many Disney princesses and heroines motivate girls every day. Here are some interesting Disney dog names based on female protagonists: 

Names in a table 

Snow White Cinderella  Aurora 
Ariel  Pocahontas  Mulan 
Belle  Jasmine  Moana 
Merida  Tiana  Elsa 
Rapunzel  Dory  Tinkerbell 
Lilo  Megara  Nala 
Kim  Rey  Shuri 
Anna  Gamora  Wendy 
Coco  Charlie  Destiny 
Becky  Jenny  Frozone 

30 Disney Princes and Heroes Dog Names


The Charming Disney princes are heartthrobs to many girls. So many stories have been written inspired by these princes!

Here is a list of Disney inspired dog names:

Names in a table 

Mushu  Tarzan  Kenai 
Kovu  Kronk  Kuzko 
Ling  Merlin  Marlin 
Maui  Meeko  Milo 
Naveen  Zazu  Zurg 
Yao  Woody  WALL-E 
Toulouse  Todd  Tigger 
Thumper  Taran  Tadashi 
Tamatoa  Shere Khan Charming 
Prince  Philip  Eric 

30 Disney Dog Names from Animated Shows & Movies


Disney has given us some very influential movies. Here are Disney character dog names inspired by Cars, Finding Nemo and Monster Inc.

Dog names inspired by Disney movie Cars

Filmore  Flo  Fred 
Guido  Harv  Minny 
Mia  Mater  Mack 
Luigi  Lizzie  (Lightning) McQueen
Ramone  Red  Sarge 
Sheriff  Tia  Van 
Smokey  Acer  

Dog names inspired by Disney movie Finding Nemo

Anchor  Bloat  Bruce 
Bubbles  Chum  Coral 
Crush  Jacques  Deb 
Moonfish  Gurgle  Gill 
Mr. Ray  Nigel  Peach 
Squirt  Pearl  Sheldon 
Gerald  Chickenfish 

Dog names inspired by Disney movie Monsters Inc.

(Abominable) Snowman Referee  Slug 
Brian  Emmet  Claws 
Wazowski  Waxford  Spike 
Smitty  Celia Mae  Smitty 
Needleman  Ms. Flint  Schmidt 
Waternoose  Soohoo  Big Red 
Squishy  Nancy Kim

30 Dalmatians character names


This classic dog movie made the fans go crazy when it was released. Here is a list of 101 dalmatians character names that you can name your dog:

  • Names in a table 
Freckles  Pepper  Penny 
Colonel  Perdita Pongo 
Rolly  Patch  Lucky 
Cadpig  Dipstick  Fidget 
Jewel  Tripod  Two-Tone 
Wizzer  Cornelia  Cydne 
Duchess  Dumpling  Lieutenant Pug 
Lucy  Mayor Ed Pig  Mooch 
Persian Pete  Princess  Rebecca 
Scorch  Spot  Steven 

30 Other Disney Character Dog Names


There are many other dog names that are inspired by Disney characters. Here is a list of some of the Disney dog names:

  • Names in a table 
Duckworth  Otto  Otis 
Persephone  Dixie  Scratchy 
Talbot  Toliver  Beethoven 
Archimedes  Ares  Chip 
Cleo  Cody  Dewey 
Digger  Gus  Huey 
Louie  Morty  Roo 
Tiger  Walt  Winnie 
Pooh  Tink  Slink 
Jane  Quasimodo  Hiro 

30 Disney Villain Dog Names


Many great villains have come to us with Disney. Here are some villainous Disney related dog names:

  • Names in a table 
Cruella  Hook  Edgar 
Frollo  Gothel  Gaston 
Hades  Baltazar  Heffalump 
Bellwether  Medusa  Ratcliffe 
Ratigan  Scar  Stromboli 
Yzma  Mim  Woozie 
Evil Queen Wolf  Slade 
Si  Am  Stinky Pete
Screenslaver  Te Ka  Sid 
Sykes Mor’du McLeach 

30 Disney Supporting Characters


“You’ve got a friend in me” Toy Story

Friendship has always played an important role in Disney movies. Here are some Disney names for dogs inspired by sidekicks:

  • Names in a table 
Flit  Flounder  Jaq 
Maximus  Pacha  Pascal 
Pegasus  Phil  Pumbaa 
Sven  Sebastian  Baymax
Lumiere  Mad hatter  Mama Odie 
Maurice  Mr. Big  Piglet
Rafiki  Scuttle  Smee 
Vanellope  Rajah  Tibbs 
Pua  Samson  Morph 
Tantor  Wilbur  Orville 

30 Dog Names from Disney Pixar Characters


Pixar has launched many loving characters that you can name your dog. Here are some Pixar dog names:

  • Names in a table 
Alpha  Beta  Dante 
Gamma  Slinky Dog  Angus 
Arlo  Buttercup  Django 
Dot  Emile  Guido 
Nash  Ramsey  Roz 
Big Bong  Hamm  Renny 
Anger  Fritz  Russell 
Omega  Lightfoot  Gore 
Grecklin  Gaxton  Dewdrop 
Manticore  M-O Slim 


Disney has been a great friend to us since our childhood. And so will our furry friend in the future. This list will help you in naming your puppy after your favourite Disney movie based on your dog’s personality.


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