530 + Cutest Chihuahua Dog Names to Consider for Your Tiny and Little Puppy

Chihuahua is considered to be the smallest breed of dogs. Despite their small size, they are known to be feisty and aggressive. They are a small bundle of sass and personality thrown together.

Their personalities can range from sassy to stylish to feisty, all in one small ball of fur. Chihuahuas are adored by many and are considered very important in the Americas and Mexico.

Finding the name that fits your chihuahua the best can be difficult. Factors like their personality, colour and behaviour come in mind while naming a chihuahua.

Your worries are now over as we present to you a list of names for your chihuahua puppy.

How to Choose Dog Name for your puppy

How to Choose Dog Name for your puppy

Getting a puppy is a big step in your life. It is almost as if introducing a new family member to your house.

Choosing a name for your puppy that is perfect needs a lot of consideration. We have some tips for you to name your cute little furry friend:

  • Choose a name that suits the dog’s appearance or behaviour
  • Try picking a name that you like
  • Keep in mind to select a name that is short and easy to pronounce
  • Observe your dog’s reaction to the name you have picked for the first couple of days
  • Avoid changing an older dog’s name as they have got used to it and it will be difficult for them to respond to a new name

50 Best Female chihuahua names

Best Female chihuahua names

These feisty little balls of fur are very energetic and very protective. It can be quite entertaining to watch a chihuahua. Here are some suitable names for your female chihuahua dogs:

Abigail Alice Angeline
Aurora Ivy Destiny
Gloria Iris Amelia
Anita Ashley Cecilia
Ella Emma Emily
Evelyn Evita Judy
Kayla Kylie Lucy
Nita Noel Peyton
Ramona Sabina Rene
Nora Xianna Carmine

Names with Meanings

Blossom For a dog with a sweet personality
Crystal For a white dog
Daisy A name inspired by a flower
Emerald A green gemstone
Lily Another flower-inspired name
Betty Cooper, from Archie comics
Jade Another gemstone inspired name
Ariel Disney princess from The Little Mermaid
Gina Linetti from Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Grace Imagine how funny it would be to name a clumsy dog Grace
Maya A popular dog name
Quinn As in Harley Quinn, for a dog with a devious personality
Princess For your little miss royalty
Sugar For a loving puppy
Sweetie Another sweet name
Bubbles For a bubbly little pup
Paisley Based on the name of a design
Gamora From Guardians of the Galaxy
Lyla A common dog name
Spazzy A unique puppy name

50 Male Chihuahua Names

Male Chihuahua Names

Chihuahua dogs can be very deceptive with their cute appearance but with a wild personality. Here are some names for your male chihuahua:

Asher Avery Bradley
Bran Charlie Brandon
Cole Danny Ethan
Harper Jack John
Jacob Liam Lucas
Miles Oliver Omar
Oscar Owen Ramon
Samuel Tomas Tony
Will Wyatt Buddy
Ronny Joe Ryan

Male Chihuahua Names with Meanings

Joy Happiness
Prince For your Prince Charming
Xavier A unique dog name
Zamien Another unique dog name
Nibbler For a dog who bites everything
Squirt Suitable for a dog who salivates a lot
Xavi Short for Xavier
Zapp For a speedy dog
Ares Greek God of War
Hades Greek God of Underworld
Caesar Short for Julius Caesar
Duke A royal position
Rambo For a wild dog
Ripper  For a dog who rips everything in sight
Apollo Greek god of sun
Max From Mad Max
Chewie Short for Chewbacca, a Star Wars character
Finn A common name
Mickey Mickey Mouse
Jak Another common name

40 Popular Chihuahua Names

Popular chihuahua names

Chihuahuas are popular dogs. And they do have some popular names. Here are some of the most common names:

Sassy Yapper May
Piper Gracie Harry
Sammy Conner Maximus
Dizzy Noah Paws
Amy Cosmo Pebbles
Cody Tango Rascal
Pixie Shelbie Willow
Ambrosia Ambrose Hermes
Bob Ant Button
Gabriel Gavin Poncho
Fluff Sage Waffle
Boo-boo Beau Trinket
Sonny Pop Baby
Pom-pom Mini Munchkin

30 Chihuahua Names Inspired by Size

Chihuahua Names Inspired by Size

Chihuahua’s are the perfect definition of a power-packed mini packet. Here are some names based on their small size. Some of the names are ironic too.

Alexa Ava Angelo
Bev Calisto C.C.
Felix Gabby Levi
Jordy Liz Maxi
Missy Melanie Nina
Papi Peanut Penny
Silvia Silas Sissy
Tina Videl Vera
Ed Tinkerbell Tinker
Comma Everest Dot

30 Girl chihuahua Names

Girl chihuahua names

Who said girl chihuahuas can’t be aggressive? They sure are some of the sassiest dogs. Here are some names to match their personality:

Citlali Leilani Meztli
Quetzalli Tlaloc Xiomara
Artemis Rosa Melody
Sadie Mercy Ruby
Jessie Jess Jessica
Violet Carmen Octavia
Regina Joyce Skylar
Sky Venus Veronica
Vivian Zoey Chick Pea
Pea Babe Iggy

30 Boy Chihuahua Names 

Boy chihuahua names

Your chihuahua has a cool and tough personality. So here are some names to suit his personality:

Astro Draco Gremlin
Hugo Xander Ximo
Aiden Ryder Calvin
Gordon Elijah Evan
Caleb Alex Ben
Connor Billy Anthony
Damon Damien Jace
Mikel Tristan Zeus
Weston Sumo Giant
Dane Atlas Bull

30 Mexican chihuahua names 

Mexican chihuahua names

With their sacred history in Mexico, chihuahuas are named with Mexican names frequently. Here are some suggestions for Mexican chihuahua names:

Cancun Monterrey Burrito
Chicha Salsa Chorizo
Sangria Tabasco Tortilla
Taco Fajita Paprika
Chipotle Miguel Consuelo
Coqueta Paloma Perrito
Loca Solana Pedro
Juarez Fiesta Rojo
Blanca Antonio Chico
Cruz Flor Gitano

30 cartoon chihuahua names 

cartoon chihuahua names

It is not unusual for your dog to act funny. So why not name them after their silliness? This list has cartoon-inspired names:

Coco Krusty Tito
Gidget Ren Mammoth Mutt
Nala Simba Buttercup
Minnie Lola Lilo
Stitch Bella Charlie
Elsa Goofy Scooby-Doo
Tramp Pluto Nana
Perdita Odie Marmaduke
Roxanne Georgette Dixie
Bongo Hendrix Blue

30 Black Chihuahua Names 

black chihuahua names

Here is a list of names for your dark and handsome black chihuahua puppies:

Oreo Olive Amaya
Shadow Night Astra
Blackberry Blackjack Raven
Bran Cola Pepsi
Coke Darth Darcy
Espresso Eve Kuro
Leila Kylo Lyra
Midnight Nisha Nova
Nyx Nash Onyx
Panther Persephone Pepper

30 chihuahua scientific name

If you are passionate about science, why can’t your dog be too? Here are some smart and scientific names for your chihuahua:

Isaac Newton Einstein
Copper Goggles Tesla
Thermo Beaker Burner
Apparatus Scale Pound
Milligram Salt Boron
Carbon Helium Nitrogen
Oxygen Flask Ether
Alcohol Ketone Marie Curie
Hawking Darwin Edison
Galileo Faraday Copernicus

30 Blonde Chihuahua Names

blonde chihuahua names

Who doesn’t like a sandy ball of sass? Here are some names to name your blonde chihuahua puppy:

Sunflower Cheddar Barbie
Teddy Cheese Ginger
Dusty Blondie Kodiak
Nugget Apricot Butterscotch
Daffodil Goldie Amber
Bumblebee Goldilocks Lion
Marigold Noodle Primrose
Poppet Poppy Summer
Sunrise Sunshine Sunny
Thor Vanilla Xanthia

30 white Chihuahua Names

Best Female chihuahua names


White is the most common colour among chihuahua dogs. Here are some names based on white colour:

Pearl Luna Casper
Moon Angel Cream
Snowball Cloud Cotton
Igloo Ghost Rex
Cassiopeia Allegra Dianna
Badar Lady Shy
Albus Nari Saturn
Diamond Dove Fiona
Rosalba Adonis Flash
Jasper Otis Sirius

30 Italian chihuahua names

Chihuahua dogs are very popular among Latin-American countries, one of which is Italy. We have a list of Italy-inspired names just for you.

Uno Amigo Amor
Amar Reina Zorro
Santo Roberto Carlos
Alejandra Eduardo Ricardo
Jesus Javier Jorge
Luis Jose Juan
Margarita Josefina Luciana
Valentina Renata Araceli
Guadalupe Leticia Gelato
Tiramisu Cassata Rissotto

30 Badass Chihuahua Names 

badass chihuahua names

Especially popular for their different personality, chihuahuas are pretty badass and aggressive. Here is a list of names on the basis of your dog’s high temperament:

Ajax Axle Blake
Bonnie Bruno Borden
Brutus Buster Butch
Clyde Fang Fenris
Gunner Jaxon Khan
Lex Loki Ozzie
Rowdy Razor Warrior
Turbo Titan Spike
Rocky Vlad Zabine
Shredder Athena Hera

30 Brown Chihuahua names

Brown Chihuahua Names

Chihuahua dogs come in many varieties of brown, ranging from light brown to dark chocolate. We are giving you a list of names for your brown dog:

Honey Taupe Moose
Mouse Leather Brunette
Bambi Brun Coffee
Cocoa Mocha Nestle
Hazelnut Brown Sugar Clove
Cookie Sandy Whisky
Sahara Savannah Sepia
Beige Choco Cinnamon
Muffin Cupcake Hazel
Brownie Biscuit Bean

30 Long-haired Chihuahua dog names

Long-haired Chihuahua dog names

Many owners believe in having long hair on their chihuahua dog. Here are names for our long-haired beauties:

Shaggy Floof Silky
Ruffles Snuggles Furby
Feathers Duchess Poof
Queen Loofah Pom
Cosy Ringlet Velvet
Lush Fleecy Furball
Curly Fuzz Fuzzy
Moustache Whiskers Sheldon
Raj Dwight Nile
Murray Seine Amur

30 Spanish Names

Spanish Names

With the interesting history of these dogs from Mexico, here is a list of Spanish names for your chihuahua pup:

Alberto Anna Armando
Barbacoa Camilla Carnitas
Demetrio Delilah Diego
Eduardo Estrella Enrique
Fabio Felicia Felipe
Hector Inez Inigo
Isabella Julia Maria
Marco Mia Olivia
Nico Pepe Petri
Raul Rico Sergio


Chihuahuas don’t only have a colourful personality but also a colourful history with Mexico. We have given you a list of names to help you in naming your small puppy.

The names in this list are based on different personality aspects, geographical aspects and colours chihuahuas come in. We hope you found the perfect name from this list.


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