Best Celebrity Dog Names – Here Are the Most Hilarious Names Stars Chose for Their Animals

Dog lovers and celebrity Stans across the world know the worth of a good celebrity dog name puns or celebrity names for male or female puppies. Now you can either pick celebrities to name your dog after, or you can pick the names that celebrities give to their pets. 

When seeking movie star names for dogs, or celebrity-inspired dog names, here are some things you can do to streamline your search:

Celebrity Dog Names
  • Pick a decade: It is important to narrow down the best celebrity dog names as the options are varied. So start with picking a decade to pick a celebrity from. 
  • Pick a type: You need to know if you want to name your dog after singers, actors, characters, or entertainers. 
  • Pick a trait: If your puppy displays a specific trait, think of celebrity names to give your dog to represent this.

We have compiled a list of celebrity dog names by the decade, followed by famous people’s names and then a breed categorization. Happy naming!

The Best Celebrities Inspired Names for Dogs – Divided According to Decades

Best Dog Names from the ’50s with Meanings

Best Dog Names from the ’50s with Meanings
Gable For Clark Gables
Liz A short form for Elizabeth Taylor
Brando, or Marlon Named after Marlon Brando
Lucy To honor Lucille Ball, for an energetic and goofy pet
Monroe Marilyn Monroe, given to a blond, fair dog.
Snoopy The famous cartoon dog, best for beagles
Hudson Rock Hudson, name for a tough-looking dog that is a softie
Orson Named after Orson Welles, a rounded, thick dog
Doris Meaning Doris Day, for a sweet and adorable puppy
Bogart, or DeForest After Humphrey Bogart

Best Dog Names from the ’60s with Meanings

Fonda After Jane Fonda, a fit dog
Elvis Typical for a Hound Dog
Jackie Did someone say, first lady?
Newman A good name for a blue
Hitchcock A good name for a grumpy and stately dog
Eastwood For a handsome devil
Ringo After Ringo Starr, for a dog as cute as a Beatle
Julie For a sweet dog that would make an excellent governess
Sean For a dog that is expressive and handsome
Lemmon For a funny dog with a tragic bark

Best Dog Names from the ’70s with Meanings

Cosby For a black dog that knows how to make you laugh
Meg a female with a moppy head?
Elton Apt for a small dog with musical prowess
Starsky For a dog that is great at sniffing things out
Woody For a dog with a small stature and a big presence
Travolta This is a great name for a black lab, or a Doberman looking for his Sandy
Sylvester After Stallone, for a rough rescue dog
McQueen for an antiheroic or unassuming dog
Barbra a name for a dog with long locks, preferably blond
Kojack Named after Telly Savalas

Best Dog Names from the ’80s with Meanings

Denzel A dark and dashing hero
Elmo From Sesame Street
Fonzie For a handsome dog
Ferris A dog that wants a day out
Murphy A funny dog with chocolaty fur
Walken Christopher Walken, a happy, droopy dog
Molly For a curly-haired, redhead pup
Al Pacino A dog with an attitude
Johnny A quirky pup
Robbie A funny, unisex name for a clumsy puppy

Best Dog Names from the ’90s with Meanings

Butthead Beavis and Butthead, a stoner dog
Buffy for a blond dog that likes hunting birds and bats
Chandler A handsome and cheeky dog
Joey For a dog that DOES NOT SHARE FOOD
Jordan A dog that loves jumping and plays with balls
Oprah A stately black female dog
Diddy for a dog with the pimp walk down
Pamela For a dog that is blond and beautiful, and loves to swim
Robin For a dog that is lithe and quick
Brad A dog that is scruff and handsome

Best Dog Names from the 2000s with Meanings

Borat a black-haired dog with a funny bark
Malcolm A middle sibling
Paris A snooty dog that can’t live the simple life
Snookie Jersey Shore anyone?
Stark For wolf-like dogs
Tyra For a tall, brown, lithe Doberman girl
Beyonce for a loud, black female puppy
Rose Best for a dog with rust hair, and a love for boats
Freeman A dog with the bark of God
Leo A blond, handsome, and caring dog

30 Best Movie Star Inspired Dog Names

Alba Halle Berry Fraser
De Niro Ralph Nichole
Robert Pattinson Oldman Will Smith
Van der Beek Renee Catherine
Spacey Jolie Tom
Arnold Bales Keanu
Cage Gwyneth Scarlett
Sandra Samuel Butler
Antonio Bloom Hardy
Clooney Mel Gibson Kate

30 Best Famous People Inspired Dog Names

Eva Cent Snoop Dogg
Gisele Hugh Olivia
Selma Meredith Taylor Swift
Chrissy Lennon Marsha
Ryan Reynolds  Blaire Waldorf Chase
Billie Brendon Urie Shawn 
Joe Alwyn Ellen Hefner
Clinton Bark Obama The Rock
Donna Karen Coco Chanel Armani
De La Renta Gianni YSL

30 Best Celebrity Names for Golden Retrievers

Chris Hemsworth Ryan Gosling Matt Damon
Zac Effron Niall Chris Pine
Channing Owen Wilson Timberlake
Beckham Chris Evans Paul Walker
Tom Felton Swayze Renner
Elle Woods Reece Rosie
Kate Hudson Blake Cara
Ashley Benson Gwen Stefani Jennifer Pawrence
Amber Hayden Ashley Tistale
Diana Jennifer Rachel

30 Best Celebrity Names for Pomeranian  

Alfie  Peewee Herman Minnie Driver
Alf Benjamin Button Natalie
Pebble Teddy Puff
Bianca Steve Martin Meryl
Karl Lagerfeld Jamie Katy Perry
Adam Sandler Martha Stewart Russel
Kobe Bono Jagger
Venus Serena Virginia Woof
Yoko Dean Sting
Tiger Woofs Steven Spielbark  Heath 

30 Best Celebrity Names for French Bulldogs

Celebrity Names for French Bulldogs
Louie Bella Frankie
Max Gus Stitch
Lucy Hugo Henry
Milo Leo Moose
Beau Cooper Hopper
Oscar  Kevin Creed
Pam Erin Kelly
Bailey Winnie Mia
Cash Theo Brutus
Vinny Kris Malala


30 Best Celebrity Names for Female Puppies

Celebrity Names for Female Puppies
Zooey Bella Luna
Lily Sadie Stella
Maggie Roxy Sophie
Chloe Coco Nala
Ruby Willow Millie
Harley Ginger Pepper
Sasha Gray Belle Honey
Nova Marley Emma
Angel Mila Poppy
Macy Gigi Kylie


We hope this list of names helps you in picking your favorite celebrity names to name your dog after!


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