Can Dogs Eat Corn

Foods that are grilled and barbequed are not all the favorites for humans but also for all four-legged creatures. With the approaching summer, the season of grilling and barbeque will rebegin. While one enjoys their barbequed or grilled corn, chicken, or meat we don’t want our pooches drooling around for food. Hence it is a good idea to research for grilled or barbequed items that are safe for the dogs. Researches have zeroed on “corn on or off the cob” as safe grilled or barbequed food for dogs too.


Is corn safe for the three-legged creatures?

The answer to this question is “yes” dogs can be fed with corn in moderation. Corn is one of the popular and cheap cereal grains in the world that contain a good amount of fiber and several vitamins and minerals, depending on the corn variant. Hence this is a major constituent in many dog foods available in the market.

Many veterinary nutritionists agree that corn for dogs can be part of a well-balanced diet. However, one should check if their pets are compatible with this cereal.

What nutritional value does the corn have for dogs?

Corn is not nutritional filler in dog food as it is a good source of the following nutrients:

Protein: The corn gluten meal is as an important source of protein and amino acids, that are vital for maintaining healthy muscles, skin, and hair.

Carbohydrates: Whole corn or corn meal contains easily digestible carbohydrates, that serves as a key energy source for the fidos.

Linoleic acid: This omega-6 fatty acid cannot be produced by the dog’s body and is essential for helping the dog grow and maintain it’s healthy skin, coat, and immune system.

Antioxidants: Corn contains antioxidants like vitamin E and beta-carotene, this helps support a healthy immune system.

Fiber: The fibrous content in the corn enhances gut health and motility.

Is corn on the cob safe for dogs?

No matter how much a dog drools while one enjoys a piece of corn on the cob, refrain from sharing it with them. As there is an increased risk of choking on it and if ingested it is seen to cause serious intestinal blockage. A dog has the ability to break the cob down if it’s extra hungry, which can aid it in killing time but is very hazardous to its health.

What to do in situations where the dog consumes corn on the cob?

Eating corn on the cob can be a life-threatening medical issue, hence it needs to be treated as an emergency Looks for the following signs: Vomiting, lethargy, lack of appetite, pain, and lack of a bowel movement. If one notices the first three signs then they need to seek immediate medical help. Even if the dogs do not show any signs of distress it is better to get them checked by a vet to be on a safer side.

Can dogs consume corn kernels?

Corn kernels are the only part of the corn that dogs can safely consume because these are smaller in size and risk of choking is null.

How to feed corn kernels to the dogs?

Only plain corn kernels in grilled, barbequed or boiled form in moderate amount can be fed to the dogs. Refrain from adding any types of toppings like Salt, butter, mayonnaise, and other common toppings on them as they do not do any good to their health.

What are the symptoms one need to watch for to know if corn is allergic to their pooches?

The following signs need to be noticed:

#High pitched squeaking.

#Loss of color in tongue or gums.

#Loss of consciousness.

Can dogs eat sweetcorn?

Sweetcorn is a corn variant with high sugar content that is picked at a more immature stage than the regular corn, This can be consumed fresh, canned, or frozen. Humans tend to eat the sweet corn as a side vegetable or straight from the cob. They are also added to the different dishes after boiling, steaming, or grilling. As long as the dog eats the corn without the cob, it is safe for the pooch.

This corn variant is hard to digest and is sticky. Do not be surprised to see full corns in the fecal matter. Check for allergies before continuously feeding it.

Can dogs consume canned corn?

Canned corn mostly contain kernels of corn, taken off the cob. Hence, are safe for dogs to eat. Just remember not to overfeed this cereal and give them as small treats on occasion.

Are natural popcorns good for dogs?

If one chooses to share some natural popcorn with the dog bear in mind to pop out all kernels before feeding it. Refrain from feeding the not completely popped corns because these are the pieces that are hard to digest and are seen to upset the stomach. Popcorn is seen to get stuck between the pooches teeth which in turn cause problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Hence avoid feeding them too much as it is seen to increase the daily calorie intake.

Final thoughts

Corn is a good nutrient filler for dogs if given as a treat. Refrain from feeding dogs with commercialized foods with increased corn content as any food consumed in excess is not good for the overall health of the lovable paws.



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