Can Dogs Eat Blueberries

Blueberry is a sweet, succulent, and a superfood that is highly recommended for human consumption. But can this superfood be fed to dogs?Not all fresh fruits are safe for fidos consumption, hence as a pet parent, it’s our duty to research on foods that are safe or toxic to pooches.

Is blueberry safe for dogs?

Yes, dogs can eat blueberries. This fruit is a healthy treat option for both large, medium, and small dogs, and most puppies just drool over it.

What are the benefits of feeding blueberries to the pet pals?

Blueberry is a low-calorie berry that contains high amounts of vitamin C, fiber, minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, and phosphorus, and naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants known as “phytochemicals.”

Vitamin C and fiber are pivotal components of a balanced canine diet. Phytochemicals are linked to many health benefits which include the ability to fight cancer in humans.

Blueberries are also known to be filled with antioxidants and research has shown that these also improve the health of animals as well. Antioxidants such as flavonoids in blueberries not only fight free radicals, that are responsible for cellular and molecular damage in dogs but also reduces the effects of brain aging in a senior dog. This berry is also seen to alleviate cardiovascular diseases and other disorders like the common cold.

The sugar content in the blueberries is comparatively lower than other fruits hence this fruit can also be included in the diet of dogs with diabetes. But it is always recommended to consult a vet before including any new food into the dog’s diet and consultation is mandatory when the pal suffers from any specific ailment.

When are blueberries toxic to dogs?

As the blueberries are high fiber berries consuming too many of them is seen to disrupt the bowel movement and cause tummy ache and diarrhea.

Artificially blueberry flavored products are toxic to dogs as they contain chemicals, preservatives, or other harmful constituents. Additionally, products that contain blueberries are also seen to have increased sugar additives and other ingredients that tend to disrupt the dog’s health. Hence it is always recommended to consult a vet before sharing any human food with the dog.

The blueberries are small and soft fruits, hence they don’t present much of a choking hazard, but when frozen become hard and may cause choking in smaller dogs. To avoid this risk the berry can be simply making defrosted before feeding them to small pooches.

How to serve or feed blueberries to the fidos?

The pooches can be fed with both fresh and frozen blueberries in moderation as treats bearing in mind that all treats should make up no more than 10% of the dog’s daily diet. Make certain that the blueberries are thoroughly washed to remove any pesticides or dirt prior to feeding them to the dog.

Berries can be included in the dog’s diet in the following ways:

# Mash blueberries and include them in the dogs’ food for a tasty health boost.

#They can be used to various treat recipes or can also be blended together to create a smoothie.

# The blueberries can also be frozen for a refreshing summer treat, but it is important to note that frozen blueberries become hard hence are not recommended for the tiny dog breeds.  

Final thoughts

Consult the veterinarian for further queries or concerns about feeding blueberries to the dog. Make sure to monitor the four-legged paws closely after giving blueberries as a treat for the first time.



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