Can Dogs Consume Dates? Is It Safe?

Most of our pet pals drool over human-specific treats even though it is necessarily not the best for its diet.  Before feeding them any new food it is always pivotal to know whether if the food is safe for the pooches, as some foods can be toxic or even deadly! One such nutrient filled treat that many humans binge on is dates. Is this dry fruit safe for canine consumption?

Are Dates Safe for Canine Consumption?

If your dog steals a date that accidentally fell out of the plate or the kids at home fed it, one without any elder’s knowledge. Do not worry dates are cent percent safe for canine consumption. But one needs to be cautious about how much of dates the pet pal consumes because the high fiber content of the dates is seen to cause diarrhea in many pooches.

What are the Benefits of Feeding Dates to the Dogs?

This sweet delicious dry fruit is not only a low-fat and cholesterol free snack but also contains vital nutrients like vitamins A, C, and several B vitamins. They are also filled with dietary fiber, calcium, iron, protein, magnesium, and potassium.

Dates are seen to provide the following benefits in puppies as well as adult canines

1. Enhanced energy levels

The natural sugar and the high content of carbohydrates are seen to provide an immediate energy boost to dogs. Senior dogs are seen to benefit from this fruit.

Note: One needs to refrain from feeding dates to an already energetic puppy.

2. Digestion

The high fiber content in diets improves digestion in dogs, especially with older dogs that suffer from constipation.

3. Bone Strength

The trace elements like iron, copper, and zinc are beneficial to the dog’s bone strength as well as overall health. A well-balanced diet with dates is seen to enhance bone strength.

4. Immune System

A dog’s immune system is resilient. The Vitamin C found in dates is seen to aid in boosting the dog’s immune system even further. Treating with dates one a while helps to strengthen the immune system.

5. Enhances heart health

Potassium is a pivotal mineral for canine cardiovascular health, as it is seen to control blood pressure and prevents irregular heartbeats.

How Can Dates be Served to Dogs?

Most of the dog’s love to eat dates. But one should sparingly share dates with their pet pals as it has high sugar content. One or two dates can be periodically shared with the canines as experts always recommend feeding a sugar-free diet to the canines for longer longevity.

The dates can be sliced and served to the canines. But make sure that the fruit pit, as well as the hard seed, is removed before feeding. As these can cause intestinal blockages as well as choking in many four-legged creatures.

How Can One Identify That The Pooch Has Consumed Many Dates?

Though the dates are a healthy treat option for the pooches. One must always feed it in moderation. Overfeeding is seen to cause many health ailments. The first sign that a dog will develop or show if it has consumed many dates is a bunch of digestive distress that includes strange bowel habits, puking, or nausea as well.

Some dogs also show a spike in their blood pressure because of the high contents of the natural sugars. The signs that the dog’s show may include hyperactivity, extra-thirsty, bloodshot eyes, or no interest in food.

Too many dates are also seen to add on extra pounds. If one notices the dog to be lethargic and weighs more than usual, then it is a safe idea to lay them off dates.

How to React if During the Situation of Excessive Date Consumption?

The following pointers need to be borne in mind.

  • Sought the vet’s help and if necessary, take the canine to the vet’s office.
  • Increase the bathroom trips as those dates will cause stomach upset.  
  • Caress the pooch and encourage it to lay down and relax while the symptoms get better.
  • To burn off the extra energy, take the pets for a long walk or play games with it to exhaust its energy.

Can Dogs Binge on This Dry Fruit Daily?

Experts do not recommend feeding the dogs dates daily. It’s always a better option to feed them a well-balanced diet over the high sugary treats for better overall health and longevity.

How to Train the Dog to Resist Eating More Dates?

This section will help control the canines from eating any human treat in moderation. The main step any pet parent needs to take is to keep the dog treats away from the dogs. As the canines have the habit of inspecting any food jar and binging on them without any guilt. Differentiate their treat eating time from their mealtime.

Train them to eat the treat or food only when commanded to do so. Lay the food or treat only for a short period of time and remove it post that time. This will habituate the dog to eat his or her meals on time. and make him wait for the next mealtime to eat if it refuses to eat. This will help curb the picky habit in most dogs.

Additionally, if the dog does get their hands on some dates that are not fed to them, training them with some of the basic commands will help at this time. Make sure they respond particularly well to the commands that include “no,” “stop,” and “drop it”.

Final thoughts

Dates are healthy treat options for the pooches over the store-bought treats. One needs to be very picky with feeding this dry fruit to the canines as excess feeding will deteriorate the animal’s health.



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