220 + Best Brown Dog Names – Find The Perfect Name For Your All Gold, Red, and Chocolate Coats Pup

Bringing a dog into your home is an exciting time in your life. It is a time of bonding, playing with your dog, spending time with them and learning to trust one another in an unfamiliar setting. During this time, a key idea to hold on to is giving your dog their unique brown dog name and identity. Their name could say a lot about your dog and you as well, so treat it as through naming your child. 

How To Pick The Right Name For Your Brown Dog – Tips And Guidance To Steer You Straight

The dog would then have to get used to the distinct name it is being called and will eventually begin to respond to it. Keep in mind that a dog cannot learn like a human, and learns from hearing his name. Keep the name distinct and crisp.

Here are some pointers to steer you in the right direction when thinking of names for your pup:

  • Keep the name simple and easy to call out. Something short, or that can be shortened to a nickname is a good way to go.
  • Naming pets after our favorite book, character, or video game reference sounds logical but should be well-thought-out. If you call your pet’s name and they are out of the door by that time, the name loses its value.
  • A name should never precede the dog. The dog’s appearance and traits should dictate the name as well.

The Best Names to Give to Your Brown Dogs

Brown fluffy dogs come in all shapes and sizes and can have long hair – such as golden retrievers – or short hair – like dachshunds. Brown is also one of the more common colors for dogs, and when naming a brown dog, this guide can come in handy:

40 Best Names for Brown Male Dogs



Male brown dogs can range in size. The following are twenty names of brown male dogs that can be given without meaning or excessive thought to the specific size of your dog – whether small or large brown dogs.

Bo Pal Rufus
Mace Prince Sand
Pretzel Choc Knight
Elon Scarecrow Rum
Bruno Teak Pongo
Target Kip Scar
Soldier Aslan


Also find below, twenty names for brown male dogs that hold some sort of meaning.

  • Narnia – Reference to the novel and movies by the same name
  • Mowgli – Reference to the lead of Disney’s Jungle Book.
  • Jughead – A particularly hungry character in Archie’s comics and CW show, Riverdale.
  • Tramp – A play on the Lady and the Tramp by Disney.
  • Russet – Referring to the potato with the same name.
  • Duke – For a smaller dog who lives with his older, bigger brother.
  • Watson – Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick.
  • Weenie – The dog belonging to cartoon character Oswald.
  • Husk – Referring to the color of coconut husk
  • Woody – Referring to the character in Disney’s Toy S
  • Butler – Technically, someone who serves a household, but here, referring to a small, authoritative dog.
  • Bean – Refering to a coffee bean, or Mr. bean, the titular character portrayed by Rowan Atkinson
  • Tigger – Winnie the Pooh’s best friend and a Tiger.
  • Toby – The HR person on the iconic show, The Office.
  • Simba – Referring to the Lion King.
  • Timon – Simba’s best friend, and a meerkat.
  • Stannis – The name of the famous king in Game of Thrones, Stannis Baratheon.
  • Cub – Referring to the young one of a lion.
  • Tully – The name of the House in Game of Thrones known for their red hair.
  • Titus – The name of a lead character in the show, the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

40 Best Names for Brown Female Dogs



Female brown dogs have been represented in movies enough for there to be a large pool of names to choose from.

Below, find 40 of the best names to pick for your brown female dogs. The names have been divided further and 20 names have just been mentioned, while 20 others are accompanied by meanings.

Almond Cora Nutty
Beach Cottie Pond
Bessie Doe Prance 
Bliss Fawn Puff
Butter Haze Rose
Saffron Misty Shelly
Sam Turtle

Here are some female dog names that have meanings.

  • Jersey – In reference to the Jersey cow that is typically brown.
  • Pam – In reference to the brunette Pam Beazley from the iconic show – The Office.
  • Caff – Short for Caffeine 
  • Heidi – In reference to the young orphan girl from the cartoon with the same name.
  • Grizzle – Referring to Grizzly bears in a more subtle and more feminine tone.
  • Gretel – In reference to the little girl in the famous tale Hansel and Gretel.
  • Blossom – The brunette superhero cartoon from Powerpuff Girls.
  • Grr Martin – A play on the name of George R. R. Martin, the author of Game of Thrones.
  • Shady – Meaning shaded in shades of brown.
  • Gazelle – A name for an agile and lithe brown pup.
  • Pharaoh – A name given to the Egyptian Kings and Queens.
  • Sand – A name for a dog that is the same color as the sand on a beach.
  • Rouge – Meaning rebellious, and also the name of a character in X-Men.
  • Leia – 
  • As in Princess Leia from Star Wars.
  • Nala – The name of Simba’s love interest in The Lion King.
  • Cleopatra – The name of a famous Egyptian Queen.
  • Hera – The name of Zeus’ wife, Goddess of Marriage and Birth in Greek culture.
  • Siren – A Greek mythological character known to be loud and entrancing.
  • Rome – Meaning the ancient city of Rome.
  • Bake – Referring to the browning that takes place when baking.

The 20 Best Name Inspiration for Brown and White Dogs



Those who have dogs that are brown in color with white spots, or the other way around, can look into this list to make names up as they go. We will show you a range of names suitable for all breeds, from brown and white Shih Tzu dogs, to Dachshunds.

Snickers Spots Oreo
Waffle Skip Muffin
Topaz Ramen Latte
Toffee Penny Jasmine
Hefner Dunkin Cookie
Foxy Copper Carb
Cappuccino Autumn

The 20 Best Names to Give to Your Black and Brown Dogs



If your dog is black and brown, check this list out for name inspiration.

Brunette Hella Loki
Cerberus Hound  Mudd
Cinder Jacob Onyx
Dusty Jaguar Padfoot
Hades Leo Peanut
Puma Spotty Thor
Spirit Summer

The 20 Best Chocolate-Related Names to Give a Chocolate Colored Dog 



Some dogs, like the brown husky, Pitbulls and Labradors, are mostly chocolaty in color and texture. Here are some names for your chocolate-colored dog that are related to chocolate.

Chocolate Fudge Godiva
Marshmallow Espresso Dark
Candy Caramel Swiss
Hershey Wonka Lindt
Truffle Devil Mousse 
Rich  Mars Chips
Cocoa Tiramisu

The 20 Best Names to Give to Brown Puppies



Find below the 20 best names to give to your brown puppy.

Alf Goofy Kismet
Brandy Guinness Moon
Colton Harper Mousy
Daisy Iggy Opal
Dino Khakhi Pluto
Princess Ripley  Sansa
Rambo Rob


The 20 Best Names to Give a Tan Colored Dog



For those who have tan colored dogs, this list should be of aid.

Bear Daffodil Ivory
Buscuit Fawna Lady
Chestnut Ginger Mocha
Clove Hazel Moose
Peanut butter Savannah Sunflower
Sahara Stag Tanner
Teddy Umber


The 20 Best Ways to Name a Golden Dog



If your dog has gold in their mane, then look no further

than the list below. 

Blondy Drake Glossier
Bronze Drip Goldy
Chardonnay Dusty Honey
Christof Flynn Ruby
Coffee Glitter Sapphire
Sepia Sienna Sunset
Shimmer Sparkles


The 20 Best Names to Describe a Dog with a Reddish Coat



Here are some names if your dog has more reddish tones in their coat.

Amber Burgundy Lois
Amy Clifford Merida
Ariel Flame Penny
Auburn Harry Pippi
Barny Kim Rose
Rusty Terra Valentine
Victoria Wilma



The major concern for most pet owners is self-doubt, and this is a habit lost painfully slowly. Therefore, our advice to young dog parents is to name their brown puppy before they do anything else, as calling it by different names may make the puppy confused and bewildered at being called by you. 

The names we have suggested are in no way exhaustive of what you must call your brown pup. If anything, this compilation is a gentle guide, pushing you towards the right direction. Dog names are versatile and can be styled either way to make it sound more interesting. However, a rule of thumb when wanting to name your pup something that might be controversial is to picture yourself calling out to your puppy in public view. If you have a problem calling their name out loudly in public, do not name your dog that. 

Lastly, when thinking of a name for your dog, think from the heart. The name you give to them is what they will learn to identify with and gravitate towards in their old years. Happy Naming!


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