150 Famous Fitting Names for British and Irish Dog Breeds

Choosing a name for your British/ Irish   dog can be difficult. Since these names are peculiar and a little twisted to pronounce.  British and Irish people bred a lot of dogs and therefore, many breeds have their there. These breeds included Retrievers, terriers and spaniels. These dogs were used as sporting dogs. They helped gather the carcass of the shot animals during the shooting games. British/Irish dogs gained popularity in the 19th century. 

Terriers are one of the most famous dog breeds from British Isles and Ireland. Airedale and Yorkshire are an example of them. 

Then comes the sporting dogs; used for fetching in hunt games. These were retrievers, hounds, spaniels and setters. When the owners shot bird, these soft-mouthed dogs would go and fetch the dead birds without harming their body. 

Lastly, there are beautiful collie and corgis, which are herding dogs. These gentle dogs are kept raised on farms. These dogs help in gathering and control livestock like sheep and cattle. 

Best Popular British Dog Names

40 Best Popular Male British Dog Names

Male dogs are joyful and energetic all the time. Therefore, their name should be happy and fun. Always remember, that your dog will develop the personality of the name that you choose. We believe that an unusual dog names UK should be the best for your dog.  You might also find Scottish dog names in the list. So, here is a list of royal male dog names for your cute British dog. 

Charlie Max Oscar
Buddy Archie Bailey
Teddy Milo Toby
Corbin Fairfax George
Benson Baird Balfour
Calder Waite Chester
Damien Sherman
  • Manfred: Little fiery one
  • Alfie: Variant of Alfred
  • Angus: Exceptional personality
  • Brady: Free spirited
  • Bran: Strength
  • Cedric: The chief
  • Coby: Variation of Coburn
  • Colin: Young, joyful
  • Conor: Strong
  • Dermot: Free
  • Dinsmore: The hill fort
  • Gordon: The marshes
  • Griffin:One with the strong faith
  • Harry: From the Harry Potter series.
  • Ian: God gifted
  • Inis: The river island
  • Kent: meaning white
  • Norris: belonging to the North
  • Oliver: Olive tree
  • Pierce: A rock

40 Popular Female Dog Names (UK)

Female dogs are protective and smart in nature. They are alert and obedient. Female dogs are also full of grace, therefore, it is important that you choose a name that suits their personalityThis list is the top British dog names female. It also has proper female dog names along with Scottish dog names. These names are as sweet as your dog. 

Millie Rosie Tilly
Roxy  Scotia
Cordelia Kiera Abigail 
Caitlin Imogen Charlotte
Eleanor  Olivia  Elizabeth
Emma Isobel Elvie
Victoria Sinead  Saoirse


  • Alma: Everything good
  • Bowden: Angel
  • Brie:  Based on Brie Larson/ Captain Marvel
  • Brianna: A strong personality. 
  • Bridget: Strong
  • Deirdre: Gloomy
  • Delia: Dark in color
  • Diva: Divine  
  • Ethne: Made of fire
  • Gilda: The Golden one
  • Glenn: A small valley
  • Fiona: White coated
  • Iona: Dove
  • Keely: Pretty
  • Keira: Black-coated
  • Kerry: Dark 
  • Maeve: Goddess of music
  • Meryl: Falcon
  • Mirna:  Soft
  • Neala: Champion


40 English bulldog names

 It is important to name your English bulldog with a nice respectful name. This breed is very prominent and therefore, their name should be such. Here is a list of British names for english bulldogs:

Angus Emma Archie
Kate Barkley Whitney
Bentley Maggie Edgar
Gertrude Henry Lovey
Humphrey Betty Oxford
Diana Sherlock Audrey
Sir Lady



  • Nell : Variant for Ellen, or the one who shines light
  • Quinn:  Someone who’s wise
  • Rhiannon: Pious queen
  • Winnie: reconciliation
  • Riley: A little stream
  • Rogan one with Red-hair
  • Romney: Curvy river
  • Seamus: Variant of James
  • Shane: God’s grace
  • Audrey : noble strength
  • Bridget : power along with life strength
  • Gertrude:  spears of strength
  • Lenn: someone with the strength of a lion
  • Maliha: someone who is beautiful and strong
  • Mildred: Means powerful yet gentle
  • Philomena: Means strong lover
  • Tetsu : means as strong as iron
  • Valda: A powerful ruler
  • Valencia: someone who is brave and strong
  • Ragnar: means Warrior


20 Best Celebrity Inspired British Dog Names:

These are cute British dog names to choose from. Celebrity names are the best to choose from since they are popular and easy to use:

Emma Watson Dan
Thompson Robert Kate
Christian Bale Keira
Knightley Craig Daniel
Radcliffe Orlando Bloom
Hugh Grant Jude
Law Cara 


20 Best British Dog Names Inspired by Geography

 Britain has one of the most beautiful names for places. They inspire sophistication and therefore are perfect to choose from, to name your pooch!

London  Brighton  Bristol 
Avon  Belfast  Edinburgh 
Dundee  Skye  Gloucester 
Manchester Leicester  Liverpool 
Nottingham  Oxford Salisbury 
Swansea  Westminster  Worchester 
York  Windsor 


20 Best British Dog Names Based on Pop Culture

Another list to choose from is the names of the pop culture artists, or the personalities. These are best if you want your dog to be jazzy and cool.

Di  Jagger  Lennon 
McCartney  Ringo  Harrison 
Beckham  Ozzy  James Bond 
Connery  Mr. Bean Bowie 
Adele  Pippa  Boy George 
Elton John  Midleton
Lenn Ozz

20 Best Other Fun British Dog Names:

British names can be fun too. This list is inspired by a couple of places, people and things that are popular in Britain and Ireland. 

Big Ben  Nessie Dame 
Quid  Telly  Margaret Thatcher 
Queen  King Prince 
Princess Duke  Crumpet 
Pasty  Chip  Paddington 
Cake Tea Guinness
Dodgy  Posh


In this list you must have found royal English bulldog names, old English dog names, British bulldog names and British puppy names for your little companion. Make sure that you choose wisely since these dogs are royal and sophisticated. You also have to make sure that the name you can pronounce well. Another thing to keep in mind while choosing a name is that it should not exceed more than 2 syllables.  These tips will help you choose a suitable name for your beloved dog!


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