150+ Brindle Dog Names – Popular Male, Female , Colored and Pit bull Names

Dogs with a patterned coat with brown base are called brindle dogs. This is often characterised by dark brown dots or stripes. The patterned coat may look like that of a tiger. This kind of coat is loved by a lot of people. The Brindle coat usually resonates with a strong personality. 

Why are Brindle Dogs Unpopular?

What is attractive for some is unattractive for others. Brindle dogs find it difficult to find a home because of their off-beat colors and patterns. We believe in the old saying: beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. 

Brindle dog name consideration

Brindle dogs are unique and therefore, deserve a unique name. While considering their name you could consider the color of their base coat, the pattern on their coat and their freckles.  In this article find brindle french bulldog names, blue brindle whippet names, brindle boy dog names, brindle boxer dog names, brindle pitbull names and multi colored dog names

You can also choose blue brindle whippet names, brindle greyhound names, good names for brindle dogs, brindle pit names, brindle girl dog names, and unique brindle dog names through this article.

150+ Brindle Dog Names with Meanings 

30 Female Dogs name:

Female dogs are usually protective in nature. We have compiled a list of cute names to suit their personality and feminity.  Brindle female dogs are usually unique to find because of their appearance. 


Tawny Dotty Freckles
Brindy Goldie Hue
Marble Ginger Coco
Almond Blotch Mahogany
Latte Mocha Sprinkles
Sienna Olive Tanny
Cinnamon Honey Lacey
Lana Bells Poppy
Kyrie Koda Witch
Kiara Celien Lovely


  • Amber: Deep orange color
  • Bengal: Indian state and name of the Bengal Tiger
  • Brownie: Sweet chocolate dessert.
  • Dessert: Sweet dish consumed after dinner
  • Patch: unisex name for a patchy dog
  • Chestnut: deep brown color
  • Wally: short for Walnut; brown in color.
  • Copper: A reddish-brown metal.
  • Tannzie: A variation of the word Tan; colored skin due to the sun
  • Sandy:  traditional name for a light brown Brindle girl dog

30 Male Dog Name:

Males are usually very active and therefore, we have chosen a list of names that will suit their joyful personality. These are the happiest and the most lovable companion you can have. They will always be at your side when you need them. 

Mosaic Khaki Camo
Fleck Swirl Whiskey
Pepper Desert Storm
Tanner Brown Scotch
Swatch Tab Stripes
Bear Tiger Blotch
Java Tawny Leopold
Whoppy Deck Bob
Caleb Julius Jester
Jet Jordon Caden


  • Hyena: a stripped animal
  • Skunk: a black and white animal
  • Bumblebee: famous Transfromer’s name
  • Blue Jay: a bird
  • Giffu: variant of giraffe
  • Cheetah: a spotted animal that runs fast
  • Knight: for the black coat and tiger stripped brindle boy
  • Leo: variant of leopard; also ‘the lion’.
  • Cino: Variation of cappuccino
  • Pretzel: a variation of bread.

30 Best brindle pitbull name 


Dasher Chip Kane
Jax Ash Bambam
Onyx Bruno Butch
Night Gold Viper
Zack Fang Barrack
Cole King Blitz
Dash Bull


20 Brindle Pitbull Puppy Names

 The full glory of a pitbull comes when it is a brindle. The mixture of browns and strips make them look unique and not-to-be-messed-with.


Baby Lulu Athena
Beast Scissors Jaw
Killer Hunter Sparta
Bolt Nana Nallah
Brutus Thor Avenger
Angus Bullet Gunther
Xena Vixen


20 Brindle Colored Dog Names


Cheeto Bacon Nacho
Whopper Slate Gray
Abner Armani Anton
Broody Brogue Bronson
Blot Patch Jade
Jazz Jake Jasper
Casper Lustre Polka
Plot Bud

20 Brindle Puppy Names:

Hurley Lover Butter
Scooba Angel Haze
Hazel Crimson Izzy
Jumper Ghillie Gump
Joy Justus Jet Justice
Kane Ray Lana
Del Lad Kyrie
Leopold Jerry



 This was a list of brindle dog names for you to choose from. Share this with your loved ones who are looking for getting a brindle female dog or brindle male dog!


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