420+ Boston Terrier Dog Names – Most Funny,Exotic, Unique Names for Your Dog

Boston Terriers were only bred about a century ago and were primarily bred for dog fights. However, with the fortunate intolerance for cruel sports like dogfighting, the Boston Terrier has become a family dog. Gentle, loving, and super adorable, these dogs are beautiful even too look at. Their coat is usually thin and black and white, making it seem like they are wearing tuxedos! Some even call them the ‘American Gentlemen’!

When you bring a Boston Terrier into your home, you must learn about their behaviors and habits to accommodate and assimilate them into your life. The very next step would be to name your dog. While some take the cute and unique Boston Terrier names route, some others can be looking for badass and tough-sounding ones! 

This article is a guide to show you the top 100+ male and female Boston Terrier names that you can pick from, or at least take inspiration from while naming your Boston Terrier.

How to Choose Boston Terrier Names

Here are some tips to keep in mind before picking your Boston Terrier names of choice:

  • Adorable – Cute names are a classic hit when naming dogs. They instantly attract affection towards a dog, and sounds less scary to some!
  • Pick a name – When naming dogs, don’t keep switching off and on between names. Your dog will be confused, and so will you! 
  • Nicknames – Names that are longer to pronounce, or are based on puns, can often result in a number of nicknames. Pick one or two main nicknames to call your dog to get them used to the sound, and then unleash the rest of the nicknames.

Best Boston Terrier Names

50 Best Popular Boston Terrier Names

Popular Boston Terrier Dog

Here is a list of the 50 best Boston Terrier names. 20 of these are accompanied by meanings as well! 

Ladybug Shadow Jack
Vicky Maggie Disco
Legend Froggy Oink
Hail Grimm Rafter
Fright Llama Mongoose
Swan Barnaby Ramona
Mecca Rain Sherman
Nemo Lola Moo
Groot Cracker Pastor
Saint Lucifer Sabrina

Boston Terrier Names with Meanings

Lucy Meaning fair.
Lumi Meaning Snow in Finnish.
Mabel A Latin term meaning lovable
Maris Latin term meaning of the sea.
Mercy Meaning to show compassion.
Mazy A Chinese sea goddess.
Nia An Irish name meaning bright.
Nyx The Greek Goddess of Night.
Rai Meaning thunder and lightning in Japanese.
Ree Hebrew term for captivating.
Zulu The name of an African ethnic group.
Zale the Greek word for sea strong.
Wrangler Meaning someone who handles cattle.
Wit Meaning humor and smart.
Toryn An Irish term for Chief.
Titan A Roman term for leadership.
Tank An armored vehicle.
Styx The river that divides the earth and the underworld according to myths.
Slate A gray rock.
Puck A mischievous elf from a Shakespearean play.

50 Best Female Boston Terrier Names

Female Boston Terrier Dog

Female Boston Terrier names can be difficult to settle on, so we have made it easy with this list! 20 of these names are meaningful as well!

April Dusty Angel
Emma Penny Pippa
Fluffy Dolly Alex
Athena Pooch Peanut
Paris Heidi Blossom
Blue Iris Sage
Roxy Boo Indica
Mala Ruby Ginny
Beans Heather Popcorn
Princess Duchess Dewey

Female Boston Terrier Names with Meanings

Aspen The name of a tree which is the symbol of strength and victory.
Ava Latin word meaning Life.
Bliss Meaning great joy.
Cami French term for a warrior woman.
Chai Meaning tea.
Cinder Meaning a piece of burning wood without flame.
Cora A term meaning maiden.
Daga Basque term meaning dagger.
Echo Meaning a sound repeated.
Eme A German name meaning universal.
Fara Romanian term meaning freedom.
Elke A German term meaning noble by birth.
Gelta An Icelandic word meaning bark.
Gwyn A Welsh word meaning white.
Helga Meaning blessed in German.
Jinx Meaning bad luck.
Kaia A Hawaiian word meaning peace and rejoice.
Katja A German name meaning pure.
Kova A Finnish word for tough.
Liv Meaning protection in Nordic languages.

50 Best Male Boston Terrier Names

Male Boston Terrier Dog

Here is a list of Male Boston Terrier names. 20 of these are deeply meaningful!

Rocco Toby Jax
Boston Blue Baller
Kobe Hank Hulk
Jekyll Stoner Tarzen
Lee Bounce Halo
Ronaldo Maradonna Henry
Beau Norman Stinky
Bubble Nitro Steel
Brando Bandit Musketeer
Mouse Dollar Buck

Male Boston Terrier Names with Meanings

Ganymede A Shakespearean character.
Doug Meaning black or dark.
Scar From The Lion King.
Biscuit The name of a baked treat.
Rufus Meaning Reddish or scruffy.
Archie Meaning noble and emboldened.
Admiral The commander in the Navy.
Archer An expert in shooting an arrow, or someone with good aim.
Balta In Lithuanian meaning white.
Baron Royal title, given to nobility.
Bingo The name of a game.
Bruiser A fighter
Chief Meaning a leader or headman
Decon Meaning dusty or serving.
Flint A rock that when struck creates fire.
Forge The act of heating metal and shaping it.
Gouda A type of cheese.
Hinto A Native American term meaning blue.
Mizu The Japanese term for water.
Odin The Norse God of Gods.

30 Best Boston Terrier Girl Names

Looking for the best names for your Boston Terrier girl? Here’s a helpful list: 

Tiara Lilly Molly
Luna Daisy Stella
Milly Bentley Rosie
Murphy Ladle Sadie
Piper Bo Elle
Izzie Emma Callie
Arizona Phoebe Hella
Amazon Layla Penny Lane
Sammy Loch Ness Petra
Panache Arabella Sharpay

30 Best Boston Terrier Boy Names

Looking for the best names for your Boston Terrier boy? Here’s a helpful list: 

Mascot Titch Bat
Jonah Dragon Krill
Lumber Shrek Vernon
Buckbeak Bro Bourbon
West Banana Boa
Cobra Aardvark Roo
Tigger Pistol Bullet
Shane Ramen Hershey
Frigid Macho Sherlock
Louis Bran Coach

30 Best Boston Terrier Names from Movies

You may want to give a famous and popular name to your Boston Terrier too! This list includes famous Boston Terriers from the movie universe, and also some greatly funny dog names for good measure.

Bernard Al Argus
Beau Cleo Bitsy
Daphne Scooby Scrappy
Fifi Hubble Jessie
Baxter Beethoven Benji
Buddy Daisy Einstein
Fang Hachi Lady
Marley Wolfie Otis
Pops Reno Snots
Toto Pooh Clifford

30 Best Boston Terrier Puppy Names

Boston Terrier Puppy

Cool and cute Boston Terrier puppy names are listed below for you to consider!

Inch Bonsai Bonbon
Dinky Buddy Chip
Doodle Pip Slimmy
Poco Mite Junior
Tiny Kush Cuddles
Rascal Bugsy Foxy
Puddles Teddy Lady
Bunny Sasha Sprinkles
Pixie Mist Monkey
Ariel Moana Mauna Kea

30 Best Boston Terrier Scientific Names

There is no end to searching for quirky scientific names for your Boston Terrier. We made it easier with this list:

Dexter Dalton Darwin
Freud Curie Halley
Comet Mendel Pascal
Franklin Hubble Lumina
Volt Rada Proto
Matrix Vector Astro
Jericho Cosmos Lyra
Cipher Laika Pluto
Gene Flora Sirona
Socket Zinc Helia

30 Best Black and White Boston Terrier Names

Black and White Boston Terrier Dog Names

Here are some of the best Boston Terrier names for a black and white dog!

Sox Tux Celtic
Suited Eclipse Cream
Polka Pepper Oreo
Milo Cheshire Dalmatian
Chaplin Mystique Checkers
Panda Pepe Le Pew Snoopy
Yin Yan Penguin
Micky Minnie Domino
Dice Harley Quinn Puffin
Pongo Oddball Chess

30 Best Brindle Boston Terrier Names

Brindle Boston Terrier

Brindle names for Boston Terriers are listed below!

Camo Freckles Inky
Patches Pebble Pixel
Snickers Speckles Tiger
Turtle Dotty Marbles
Mosaic Patch Cinnamon
Coco Cola Bean
Java Olive Mocha
Sundae Choco Chip Spray
Pickles Paint Corduroy
Speck Fray Bess

30 Best Brown Boston Terrier Names

Brown Boston Terrer

Here are some Boston Terrier names to give your brown Boston Terrier.

Leather Mudd Russet
Tanner Taupe Braun
Bear Grizzly Brandy
Whiskey Chestnut Chewy
Moose Sandy Teak
Sahara Desert Stormy
Umber Acorn Bambi
Brunette Charlie Brown Hotdog
Loaf Fudge Chocolate
Caramel Shandy Heineken

30 Best Exotic Dog Names

Exotic Boston Terrier Dog

Here are some unique and exotic Boston Terrier names to give your dog!

Clover Achtung Rogan
Alka Zuri Radko
Alain Heinz Pavlos
Kaka Selina Kali
Hachiko Mara Xavier
Lucia Pepe Shakira
Balmain Versailles Hermano
Adonis Aman Chico
Shaitan Elia Hercules
Javan Jezebel Kenya


This list is a compilation of hundreds of names that have been researched to be the top 100 or most popular Boston Terrier girl, boy and puppy names. We know how hard it is to come by a list of names that you can relate to most, and we wanted to make that job easier for you. If you find this list helpful, make sure to let us know! The key to a happy dog lies fundamentally in naming them well. Let their name be an identity for them, as well as you!
Happy naming!


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