400 + Popular Border Collie Names – Irish, Scottish and Gaelic Names for Your Dog

Border Collies are some of the most loyal, trustworthy, and kind breeds of dogs. These dogs are excellent shepherds and sheepdogs and live well with families. So when you bring them into your home, make sure you’re looking for a family dog. These dogs form attachments and are highly motivated on ranches and farms as they need a lot of physical activity to keep them going.

Black and White Border Collie Names

Collies are a famous breed too, as several movies from across the decades have these intelligent dogs star in them. These movie names for Border Collies can be an interesting inspiration when naming your dog. This breed has originated from Scotland and Ireland.

Naming your Border Collie is also the most important step in including them in your family as it gives them an identity. These dogs base their lives around you and your family and should be named appropriately to ensure that their lives are fulfilling and happy.

This article is a step-by-step guide to naming your Border Collie pups. After giving you a guideline of how to name the dog, we have listed several male and female dog names for Border Collies, color inspired names for them, traditional Collie names, and names inspired by Scottish and Irish cultures. We also have catered for some unique, badass, funny, and good sounding names for your Border Collie pupper. 

How to Choose Dog Name for Your Puppy

Border Collies come in a variety of colors and hues. So when you bring your Border Collie home, observe your puppy. Names for these dogs can vary in style and reference as the names should primarily be indicative of their attributes. For example, golden Collie names will greatly differ from blue-eyed Collie names and red Border Collie names. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when naming your Border Collie:

  • Attributes – Focus on the looks of your dog along with their habits. This will give you a fair idea of which list to look for names in. For instance, black and white Collie names, or red Collie names only make sense when your dog is that color.
  • Keep it Simple – This is a major concern for foreign breeds like Collies. If you’re thinking Scottish and Irish Border Collie names, choose the simpler names that can be pronounced easily. Otherwise, you might end up changing the name and this could create identity issues for your dog. 

400 Best Border Collie Names for Your Dog

50 Best Female Border Collie Names

This contains 30 popular names for female Border Collies and 20 popular names with meanings.

Best Female Border Collie Names
Ash Bella Charlie
Daisy Lottie Elsa
Fiona Lola Luna
Misty Poppy Tilly
Sadie Sam Snow
Rain Cloudy Mara
Karma Belle Juniper
Star Muffy Brat
Praise Love Sasha Fierce
Malala Fifi Koi

Female Border Collie Names with Meanings

Pepper As in the spice.
Sky Meaning the vast skies around.
Scout Someone who keeps watch.
Lady A formal term for a woman of high standing.
Raven As in the bird, a close relative of the crow.
Anna Meaning awesome.
Pandora Meaning full of surprises.
Kate a Greek word meaning pure.
Ellie Meaning the light of a torch.
Talia Meaning beautiful and strong.
Zoe Meaning a special gift.
Pixie Indicating a small Fairy.
Princess The title for a Royal child.
Amy A French word meaning beloved.
Avery Meaning poison ivy.
Faith Meaning belief.
Candy Meaning a sweet, or in Latin – dazzling white and glowing.
Esther Meaning star in Persian.
Alexis Meaning helper or defender.
Rene Meaning reborn in French.

50 Male Border Collie Names

This contains 30 popular names for male Border Collies and 20 popular names with meanings.

Male Border Collie Names
Sly Teddy Toby
Oscar Maximus Sherlock
Watson Gus Lad
Benny Bran Barney
Chester Comet Marbles
Nate Boot Jerry
Biscuit Cody Hutch
Bernie Husk Tank
Sebastian Glade Zack
Braun Hustler Jake

Border Collie Male Names with Meanings

Coach A dog that takes smaller dogs under his wing
Reaper As in, Grim Reaper.
Ace Ace Ventura, Pet Detective
Ranger Keeper of the Home.
Rascal Stubborn and naughty.
Colt The word for a young horse.
Sash A ribbon of honor.
Lucky A dog who is favored by lady luck.
Spot A blotch or stain.
Sunny A happy dispositioned dog.
Chief The head. Best for the oldest dog in a household.
Flash As in the superhero with the same name.
York An English word, close to the territory of origination for the Collie.
Duke The head of a small estate.
George A Classical name for a king.
Alfred Meaning a guide.
Apollo The name given to a Greek God.
Hades Greek God of the underworld.
Boa A species of snakes.
Canyon Meaning a large open area near glaciers, or valleys.

30 Best Border Collie Girl Names

Here are some more Border Collie girl names that will blow your mind!

Border Collie Girl
Echo Abby Turtle
Chai Skipper Angel
Uke Flora Wiggle
Kimmy Caramel Cali
Roxy Milo Penny
Chlo Elle Lexi
Dixie Willow Emily
Layla Coco Aspen
Cash Frankie Izzy
Moana Kristy Berry

30 Best Border Collie Boy Names

This is a list of 30 boy Border Collie names that are just too adorable!

Border Collie Boy Names
Tweed Chester Ben
Luke Cap Dundee
Clyde Taupe Rye
Glen Elf Renn
Ghost Kane Tarzan
Alek Cub Gareth
Alwyn Bach Moriarti
Clint Musky Sheldon
Newt Francis Nebula
Holt Loon Mufasa

30 Best Border Collie Puppy Names

Puppy Border Collies are fluff balls and these 30 funny names are definitely worth a look!

Border Collie Puppy
Snuggles Nacho Kiss
Mickey Chub Nugget
Honey Doll Clown
Brownie Floof Sugar
Jellybean Pancake Tot
Cookie Dreamy Dash
Waffle Silk Pickles
Furball Glitter Chip
Bubba Wooly Shimmer
Mousse Bruno Meatball

30 Best Border Collie Names in Movies

Here are some famous Border Collie names inspired by movies!

Border Collie Names in Movies
Bandit – Little House on the Prairie Fly – Babe Hector – Heck’s Way Home
Murray – Mad About You Jessie – Animal Farm Nana – Snow Dogs
Raffles – Rover Dangerfield Sammy – Everything is Illuminated Shep – Blue Peter
Trip – A Dog Year Ryder – A Dog Year Lucy – Lucy
Blue – Blue’s Clues Lassie – Lassie Series Vita
Jean Pippin – Lord of the Rings Odie – Garfield
Zero – The Nightmare Before Christmas Bluto – National Lampoon Dude – The Big Lebowski
Jabba the Mutt – Star Wars Toto – Wizard of Oz Stitch – Lilo and Stitch
Kip – Napoleon Dynamite Bolt – Bolt Doc
Fluffy – Harry Potter Bud – Air Bud Hachiko – Hachiko

30 Scottish Dog Names for Border Collies

This list is inspired by the Scottish countryside!

Bessy Gael Bonnie
Fiona Heather Fergie
Donella Davina Lorna
Maisie Mia Moira
Sorcha Maidi Laire
Carson Deacon Duff
Duncan Aidan Gant
Finlay Balfour Alpin
Calum Laddie Fergus
Ivor Neil Angus

30 Best Traditional Border Collie Names

Here are some traditional and classic names for Border Collies!

Lilly Astra Medley
Winter Gaia Olive
Agnes Agatha Persephone
Una Arabel Elsie
Margo Esme Isobel
Archibald Bryce Duncan
Brody Lou Chaser
Archie Rory Ross
Hamilton Ethan Howie
Pluto Ken Hunter

30 Best Red Border Collie Names

Have a Border Collie with a red coat? Look no further!

Red Border Collie
Merida Mica Auburn
Carnation Rose Big Red
Anne Amber Tweed
Brandy Cherry Cinnamon
Blaze Autumn Ginger
Roost Ladybug Oakley
Pebbles Robin Terra
Sunset Scarlet Ron
Clifford Copper Elmo
Lava Fuego Mars
Phoenix Valentine Vulcan

30 Best Blue Merle Border Collie Names

Blue Merle Border Collies are unique and deserve an equally unique name! Take a look:

Best Blue Merle Border Collie Names
Sea Indigo Violet
Iris Steel Saturn
Star Ice Periwinkle
Cobalt Azure Dusty
Persia Navy Topaz
Turk Royal Ceru
Maya Teal Tiff
Sapphire Cyan Egypt
Nile Blizzard Lagoon
Pond Midnight Dawn

30 Best Black and White Border Collie Names

The classic black and white Collie is underappreciated, and this list is about to change that!

Black and White Border Collie Names
Coconut Cotton Tux
Orio Patches Choco
Barcode Cupcake Dabble
Dotty Domino Drake
Chaplin Inky Mint
Zebra Tiger Snoopy
Smidge Sushi Thor
Retro Pongo Pixel
Piano Moo Noir
Onyx Marble Skunk

30 Best Irish Dog Names for Border Collies 

Think St. Patrick’s Day, and name your Irish Border Collie with this list!

Patrick Charm Guinness
Bailey Whiskey Shandy
Puca Cabbage Limerick
Donegal Liam Doyle
Keegan Finnegan Conan
Annie Cara Clare
Bree Coleen Kira
Maeve Cordelia Nora
Rowan Sinead Nessa
Orla Mara Tamsin



While your Border Collie may only be with you for some part of your life, you are their whole life and world. Naming them in a unique and badass way can make their life more fulfilling and happy. We hope these lists have given you and your furry friend the name of your dreams. Happy Naming!


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