Blonde Dog Names – 200 unique and cute Names for Blonde or Gold Dogs

Welcoming a blonde pet into the family brings joy and adds additional responsibilities. The primary task is to find an appropriate name for it. One needs to zero on the cream, apricot, red, chocolate, black or a mix of colors tags based on personal choices that range from their favorite food, city, culture, language, personalities, mythology, puppy characteristics, and so on. This article provides a list of blonde dog tags that one can investigate during their name selection process.

Tips and pointers for light colored dog naming

The following considerations need to keep in mind while selecting a name for one’s blonde puppy.

  • Refrain from choosing common dog names.
  • Pick a tag that all family members like.
  • Settle down on short names with fewer syllables over longer ones.
  • Avoid changing the labels of grown-up dogs. In unavoidable circumstances, try to pick names that rhyme with its other name.
  • Choose names that start with unmistakable sounds like one that begins with a D, T, or K sound for quick grasping.
  • Try not to choose names that sound like the canine commands like sit down, come, and so on.
  • The pet legacy can also motivate one to choose the right name.
  • One can also check the furry pal’s personality before choosing its name.
  • Finally, experts recommend arriving at a name for the fido before 14 days of its entry into the home.

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50 popular light-colored dog names

This section lists the trending blonde names with meanings are in use for both canine genders.

  • Aubrey- French name for fair leader
  • Bagel- A German confectionary that means a firm doughnut-shaped roll traditionally made by boiling and then baking
  • Carrie- Inspired from the name of the singer Carrie underwood and means free
  • Ditzy- Eccentrically silly, giddy, or inane
  • Elsa- God of plenty
  • Flash- Bright light
  • Goldie- Made of gold
  • Hazel- A light or yellowish-brown colored nut
  • Isabella- Fair fawn color that means pledged to god
  • Jasmine- French-Persian floral name
  • Kate- English tag meaning pure and is inspired from the actress Kate Hudson
  • Lion- King of the jungle
  • Muffin- Sweet confectionary meaning love
  • Nugget- gift from god or a small chunk or lump of another substance
  • O’Malley- Irish surname meaning gentle or smooth
  • Primrose- English name meaning first rose
  • Quiche- A baked French -appealing flan or tart with a savory filling thickened with eggs, usually eaten cold
  • Rusty- American name meaning red headed
  • Sahara- Arabic name meaning desert
  • Thor- Norse god with blonde hair
  • Vanilla- Sweet loving and caring person or a plant name
  • Whisky- Alcohol inspired name meaning water of life
  • Xanthia- Fair colored moth
  • Amber- English name meaning means fossilized tree resin or color orange/red or gemstone
  • Buttercup- A herbaceous plant with bright yellow cup-shaped flowers
  • Cashew- Edible kidney shaped nut
  • Daisy- Flower name meaning pure and innocence
  • Debbie- Hebrew name for bee
  • Ember- a small piece of burning or glowing coal or wood in a dying fire
  • Fawn- a young deer or a light brown color shade
  • Garbo- Italian nickname meaning polite and Venetian dialect meaning curt
  • Harlow- British originated meaning army hill
  • Misty- American name meaning covered dew
  • Nacho- Spanish yellowish corn fritters
  • Sunshine- Light from sun
  • Tawny- an orange-brown or yellowish-brown color
  • Noodle- a very thin, long strip of pasta or a similar flour paste, eaten with a sauce or in a soup
  • Cognac- a high quality France brandy
  • Amaretto- a brown almond-flavored liqueur produced in Italy
  • Bella- Italian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, and Latin words for beautiful
  • Caramel- sugar or syrup heated until it turns brown or a soft toffee made with sugar and butter or cream heated until brown in color
  • Finnegan- Irish name meaning son of fair-haired
  • Luna- Spanish name for moon
  • Marilyn- Beloved or sea of bitterness
  • Paris- French city
  • Sunkist- a brand of carbonated soft drink
  • Aspen- a poplar tree with small rounded long-stalked leaves that tremble in the breeze
  • Phoenix- A mythological bird
  • Almond- the oval edible nutlike seed of the almond tree, used as food
  • Sienna- Italian origin meaning reddish brown

30 Gold Puppy Tags

Puppies are always adorable, especially if they are blonde they are more attractive. The list provides suggestions for cute gold puppy labels.

Biscuit Cheese Dandelion
Mustard Ruffles  Sesame
Toffee Popcorn Butter
Corny Cider Sandy
Tequila Sundance Bailey
Lager Bounty Bain
Chiquita Crouton Reese
Porsche Diva Grable
Plátano Redford Brad
Xanthos Savannah Tuffy

30 blonde male dog names

The name suggestions below are great options for male canines with light-colored fur.

Butterscotch Blaze Butterball
Sunny Bumblebee Harvest
Sepia Ochre Straw
Ziv Cheddar Lemon
Prairie Barley Marley
Husky Goldenrod Rudy
Knox Rufus Buffy
Carmelo Elio Apollo
Cyrus Alvar Alva
Berin Dewitt Elvio

30 light-colored female dog names

Female dog names inspired by colors are cute and unique. The list below gives suggestions for female furry friends with blonde color fur.

Glitter Autumn Karat
Mellow yellow Ella Fay
Galatea Hiroko Ingrid
Isolde Izusa Jenna
Linnet Marya Cassidy
Meghan Daffodil Lady
Twinkie Marigold Custard
Carmela Sunrise Sherry
Cider Sparky Liora
Fianna Sierra Kayla


30 light brown and tan dog names 

If your beloved pooch has a combination of black and tan fur. The name suggestions on the list below will aid in name selection.

Oreo Rolo Topaz
Guinness Twilight Chip
Brunette Smoky Espresso
Teak Licorice Cola
Hershey Falcon Crispy
Java Godiva Chestnut
Russet Leopard Jaguar
Taupe Spider Khaki
Stallion Umber Olive
Latte Mudd Kaluha


30 chocolate color pooch tags

The list below gives suggestions for names for dogs with chocolate fur.

Cocoa Peanut Acorn
Chewbacca Kobicha Moose
Leather Marron Braun
Brun Snickers Brownie
Clove Kalhua Nickel
Raisin Cadbury Molasses
Canoli Cookie Nutella
Heath Bean Nestle
Mocha Tootsie Carob
Buff Bambi Tanner


30 apricot and red colored pet pal names

This section gives suggestions for blonde puppy labels that one can investigate during the name selection process for their pets.

Apricot Cinnamon Copper
Crimson Ginger Peach
Pumpkin Ruby Rose
Yellow Banana Lime
Chico Chicco Apple
Penny Plum Anise
Talon Bradon Cliff
Dryad Iris Wisteria
Leif Cherry Yam
Unagi Tangelo Nero


Final thoughts

This article has included 200 blonde dog name ideas. A pet owner having blonde colored fur dogs can choose one from the suggestions or make a unique combination of light-colored names. Readers can also comment on their unique blonde dog tags. Happy parenting and all the best!

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