200 + Most Popular Black Dog Names Their Meanings for Your New Dog

THE ULTIMATE LIST OF BLACK DOG NAMES: There are few things in life that are as fun as having a pet dog. For many people, their furry friend ends up becoming the most cherished and fun part of their day. So to give your furry friend the perfect name is one of the most important things you will do in your dog’s life.

Once you’ve got your furry friend, the next step is to name him. Many people choose to name their dogs as per the dog’s colour. For this, you can consider the colour of your dog’s fur or the colour of the dog’s eyes. 


Choosing the perfect name for your dog can be a rather daunting task. You will want to go for something that suits your dog, is easy to for your dog to understand and for those around you to remember as well.

Do you love the colour black? Is your dog black? Do you want to name your dog as something related to black? Now that you’ve decided that this is what you want your dog’s name to relate to, the next step is to look at the various options and categories of names. So here is the ultimate list of black dog names for your furry friend! This list contains more than 150 black dog names, ranging from those inspired by nature & elements, food, black animals, space, funny dog names and even spooky & magical names. Read on to discover some great options for you to consider for your furry friend!


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Male Black Dog Names with their Meaning

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Inky Blackjack Nyx Smoky
Kettle Sharpie Pitch Sooty
Kuro Dakota Shade Talon
Limo Ebony Spike Velvet
Nightshade Goth Shady Slate

  • Zorro: Why not get inspired by fictional characters? Created by Johnston McCulley in 1919, Zorro has has ruled the fiction world for decades?
  • Ash: With this name, you’ll fulfil your wish of a Black dog name, and even relive every Pokemon lovers’ childhood fantasy.
  • Adrian: This is the Latin word for Black.
  • Darth or Vader: Get inspired by the biggest science fiction saga in the history of humankind, the Star Wars. 
  • Dusky: Why not name the best part of your life (your furry friend, duh), after the prettiest time of the day?
  • Ember: Flames and embers as they burn make for one of the most magical things, so why not use it to give your dog a magical sounding name!
  • Jet: Whether your dog has a Jet Black fur and coat or your dog is or runs as fast as a Jet, this name will be perfect for your furry friend.
  • Noche: This is the Spanish word for Night.
  • Wakanda: Get inspired by one of the biggest success of the Marvel Comic Universe. Get into your Black Panther fandom mode!
  • Blake: This is the Old English word for Black or Dark.

Female Black Dog Names with their Meanings

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Lyra Jinx Keira Trudy
Moor Mascara Morticia Zulu
Kali Liz Cindy Evie
Ophelia Selena Eve Amaya
Xena Abby Emery Diva


  • Cinder: Who doesn’t love the classic childhood fairytale? So add your furry friend into it because that’s who the real Cinderella is!
  • Morticia: Remember the Adams Family? Well, why not name your furry friend after the most amazing character from the series!
  • Aurora: The fairytale princess or the Aurora Borealis, nothing is prettier than your baby girl.
  • Fia: This is the Gaelic word for Dark
  • Oprah: Get inspired, every time you call your furry friend, name her after one of the most influential black woman on the planet. 
  • Hemera: Name your favourite girl after the Greek Goddess of Night & Day.
  • Artemis: Speaking of Greek Goddesses, why not explore the patron of the Moon.
  • Laila or Leila: These are the Arabic and Hebrew words that mean night.
  • Nisha: This is the Sanskrit word for Night.
  • Heise: This is the Chinese word for Black.


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In the lap of nature, a lot of us discover some of the things we live with and because of. So why not name your furry friend as something inspired by the very nature that gives us love? If not the nature, there’s the many elements of life and nature that you can also choose from. Here are some great names to choose from!

 Asher  Diesel  Onyx  Sky
 Carbon  Grayson  Opal  Skye
 Charcoal  Midnight  Selena  Storm
 Coal/Cole  Misty  Shadow  Thunder
 Cooper  Obsidian  Silhouette  Twilight


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There’s barely anything in life that we love and want more than food. Believe me, your dog feels the same. So choose from our list of black dog names inspired by food that are just as awesome as your furry friend!

 Cookie  Blackberry  Kona  Pepper
 Espresso  Brandy  Latte  Pepsi
 Fudge  Cadbury  Liquorice  Porter
 Hershey  Coco  Mocha  Treacle
 Java  Cola  Oreo  Truffles


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Your furry friend is also probably your Big & Tough boy. In fact, it is a common fact that dogs are some of the toughest and most protective creatures in all of the world. So if you’re thinking of naming your dog something that’s as strong and tough as him, this list is just what you need.

 Duke  Bailey  Jasper  Morgan
 Freeman  Boss  Knight  Nero
 Gayle  Butch  Kobe  Oscar
 Harley  Captain  Luther  Rosco
 Jake  Chief  Martin  Tyson


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Now, I know it seems like a weird thing to name your dog after another species. However, if you think about it, isn’t that like a touch of adventure. Here are some names inspired by other black animals that you can choose from.

 Condor  Jaguar  Raven  Badgy (A cute take on Badger)
 Crowe  Mamba  Spidy (as in spider)  Bat
 Cub  Osprey  Stallion  Bear
 Falcon  Panther  Starling  Beauty (Black Beauty)
 Grizzly  Puma  Wolf  Beetle


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The stars, the moons and the wonders of the space are something that fascinates everyone. Here are a few names inspired by space that are so breathtaking, you’ll be confused about which one is more beautiful to go with your furry friend!

 Luna  Astra  Nova  Cosmos  Pluto
 Nash  Celeste  Orion  Eclipse  Galaxy


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Is your dog big, when it comes to the size? Or does your dog have a larger than life personality? Here are some big black dog names to choose from for your big and awesome dog!

 Django  Brutus  Helena  Tank  Truman
 Guiness  Chopper  Hugo  Trent  Victor


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There’s many types of humour, so why not explore some when it comes to making such a big decision for your furry friend. Be it puns or just funny sounding names, here’s the cutest list of funny names you can choose from when it comes to your best boy!

 Bandit  Deedee  Goob  Tar  Boots
 Blackfoot  Elmo  Speck  Twizzler  Dandy


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Who doesn’t love a little bit of magic? So when you’re naming your furry friend, why not add some magic! Get your spook on with this list of these names.

 Lilith  Blackbeard  Merlin  Salem  Ursula
 Lucifer  Goliath  Phantom  Sierra  Witchy


Well, there you have it. Here is our list of black dog names that you can choose from for your perfect little furball. Skip the run off the mill conventional names. So many people have a dog, and a lot of them have great names. But the name always means so much more and the process of it all is so much more fun when you can personalize it for your dog. So give your dog a name that’s different from the usual names. 


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