200 + Black and White Dog Names with Meanings

Dogs are easily one of the best pets one can have. They’re energetic, loyal and, sometimes, funnier than the local joker. In fact, the first animal that comes to mind when one thinks of the word ‘pet’, is a dog. But, while getting yourself a dog is a choice that one can easily make, the question remains, what should be done when it comes to naming the little ball of joy you have treated yourself to?

Black and white dog names

The naming of dogs is done by people based on interests in books, movies, subjects and so much more. But no matter what a person seeks, the fact remains that the name has to be something that matches the individual dog. We can’t have a Black Labrador running around called Snowy, now can we? The following is a reference for someone that couldn’t resist the black and white wonder.

Whether one has adopted an Alaskan Malamute, a Dalmatian, a husky, or a Border Collie, a Pomeranian, a Boxer, the call for the funny, the masculine, the cool and the feminine is always on. Thus, read on to see if your pooch’s namesake is on here.

Best Black and White Dog Names

Common breeds of dogs and bitches that happen to have black and white fur include big dogs like Alaskan Malamutes, the Boxer, the Dalmatian, the Fox Terrier, the Husky, the Newfoundland, the Pointer and small dogs such as the Border Collie, the Boston Terrier, the French Bulldog and the Pomeranian. They inspire us to pour on them our lavish love, so why not name them to the best of our ability?

40 Best Black and White Male Dog Names

Black and White Dog Names

While complex names really bring out the fun of the fact that people will take notice of your furry friend and of you for having thought up the name, sometimes, even the simplest of words can explain your love by leaps and bounds. Your macho doggo can be the coolest there ever could be with even two syllables. As they say, simplicity is quite the art.

Bandit Butler Badgy
Orca Panda Pepper
Speck Raccoon Whaley
Chess Shadow Ninja
Dapper Domino Lucky
Patches Penguin Eclipse
Rolly Piano

Some names with meanings include:

  • Adrian – Latin word for black, says it all.
  • Banksy – After the famous street artist. He paints mostly in black and white.
  • Blake – It is the old English word for Dark.
  • Charlie – In honour of Charlie Chaplin, the legendary actor.
  • Chester – For signifying the game of chess.
  • Darth – The Sith have taken over the nomenclature of us all.
  • Droopy – A 40’s cartoon character, had a famously drooping face.
  • Dusky – Because the most beautiful time of the day is so dark.
  • Ember – Emerging sooty from the flames.
  • Felix – Ironically, based on the Cat. It’s perfect for little dogs.
  • Goofy – Because who doesn’t love the Mickey Mouse character?
  • Jet – For that is how we describe black.
  • Kuro – The Japanese word for Black sounds super cool.
  • Mickey – Really, Disney has no dearth.
  • Morgan – Honouring the great Morgan Freeman.
  • Noche – The Spaniards gave us the Night with this word.
  • Pepe Le Pew – A lovelorn skunk that the Warner Brothers created.
  • Snoopy – After Charlie Brown’s beagle in Peanuts!
  • Wakanda – For the dog that is tougher than Vibranium.
  • Zorro – Since dogs are the greatest heroes.

40 Best Black and White Female Dog Names

40 Best Black and White Female Dog Names

While she may want the most intricate of bedding and the fanciest toys. She may be the one that makes all the noise. But the talk of the down will be best noticed when everyone can call her. Does a child have the prowess to pronounce complexes sounds? Why not be simply fabulous, with the most fabulous simple names?

Diamonds Lassie Miss Kitty
Checkers Marble Tigara
River Lady Leafa
Tutu Gem Jewel
Swan Osprey Rain
Brie Magpie Ruth
Anne Sparkle

Some names with meanings include:

  • Alice – But ensure that she doesn’t fall down the rabbit hole.
  • Arya – To commemorate the wily elf from Christopher Paolini’s Inheritence.
  • Asuna – After the famously beautiful anime character.
  • Audrey – Means strength, or one of noble descent.
  • Augery – For all the Potterheads, let’s hear it for Voldemort’s daughter.
  • Aurora – After the beautiful Northern Lights.
  • Belle – Who said Disney Princesses belong to human females?
  • Chanel – Because Coco Chanel will be forever remembered.
  • Cruella – A teensy bit naughty.
  • Frigga – Odin’s all-knowing wife, the Norse beacon.
  • Hera- The Queen of the Gods in Greek Mythology.
  • Joan – For the 100 Years’ War’s Heroine.
  • Kali – The Hindu goddess who was much feared and respected.
  • Keys – To bring to mind the keys of a piano.
  • Leia – Remembering the rebel princess from the Star Wars saga.
  • Lilith – For the risk takers out there, Lucifer’s wife is here.
  • Lizzy – Remembering the famous actress Elizabeth Taylor.
  • Mersailles – For the French in you, and your pooch.
  • Penny – Let her be the lucky one in your life.
  • Perdita – The mother of the pups in 101 Dalmatians.

20 Cute Names for Two-Toned male and Female Dogs

Cute Names for Two-Toned male and Female Dogs

The more diverse the dog’s colours, the more individualistic it becomes. But one thing always remains constant. A dog will be cute as a button, no matter what. And why have a bleak tag? Have a cute name to suit the flair of your greatest buddy.

Gypsy Inky Juno
Noir Nova Raven
Sage Myrtle Nirvana
Grace Gray Derry
Liv Loki Tootsie
Sadie Mini Shaun
Dream Nurture

20 Funny Black White Dog Names

Funny Black White Dog Names

They say that laughter is the best medicine for everything. But any dog-lover would say the same for a dog. Why not merge the mojo of both? A name to tickle the funny bone of anyone you meet I definitely well appreciated. So go ahead and laugh out the identity of your special creature.

Coconut Dusk Negative
Hypno Doodles Scribble
Scrivens Blotch Salt’n’Pepa
Chroma Drool Cosmo
Moo Rheumy Milko
Mono Fungus Spud
Club Coffee

20 Best Food-Based Black and White Dog Names

Best Food-Based Black and White Dog Names

What is the only thing that comes even slightly close to a dog in your list of priorities? You guessed it: Food! Well, while your dog may be shaped like a sausage, why not name it to suit. Or even if it isn’t, food names are so delicious and apt.

Oreo Cauli Cookie
Choccy Biccy Peppermint
JuniorMint SnoBall Bistro
Sundae Froster Eggsy
Creamo Oatmeal Ferraro
TicTac Beans Twinkie
Tofu Cheeto

20 Black and White Dog Names with Patterns

Distinctive patterns on a dog’s fur are great for telling which spotted black and white puppy is yours. In the same way, why not have a distinctive name that stands out, complimenting the patterns? Your dog’s black and white  splatter will be greatly complimented by such a name, thus augmenting it’s allure.

Yin-Yang Snake-Eyes Pirate
Patches Motley Mittens
Spades Inky Dot
Mappo Dice Swirl
Ripple Paws Dotty
Merle Freckles Specko
Leopard Tornado

20 Black and White Dog Names with Cool Ideas

Black and White Dog Names with Cool Ideas

Sometimes, one just doesn’t worry. All they want is to have a really cool call-sign that sets apart their black and white furry friend. Whether it’s a monochromatic puppy to a fully grown patched bitch, cool names to match cool personalities are the most fun.

Jeeves Chaplin Harlequin
Parzival Katana Scarrow
Growlithe Shango Selve
Neutrino Peverell Jaques
Jarvis Tetrahedral Destro
Fritzy Cryogen Pandemonium
Kirito Animagus


Dogs have always been called a human’s best friend. A fluffy, friendly, and loyal companion is always well taken, especially so when it has great name to go with it. Names have power, this maxim has been well known to us. Thus, one must always try to wield the most power.

Whether you go for a funny name to honour a quirk, or go off the pattern your canine dons, the name is definitely something that must be put thought out, because one mistake could cause incessant regret. A name that seems good at home might not seem all that catchy when you’re in public.

Make sure to have a well matching, and sporting name for the newest member of your family, so you can proudly strut out on the street and proclaim to the world, “I love my dog!” Happy naming!

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