350+ Unique and elegant Shih Tzu dog names


Shih Tzu is a toy dog breed that is the 20th most popular dog in the world. These are cute, clever, affectionate, spunky, lively, and intelligent. One of the striking features of this breed is their long silky hair that can be groomed and styled elegantly. The Shih Tzu’s are available in wide colour variants that include Black, White, Liver, Brindle, Liver & White, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black & White, Blue, and Gold are the perfect companion for apartment dwellers. Finding a name for this breed is always interesting. This article will provide a list of the trending, classy, colourful, and unique names for Shih Tzu’s that one can choose for their cute pet pals.

Tips and pointers to consider for zeroing a name for your Shih Tzu pet pal 

  • The following points need to be borne in mind while choosing the right name for your beloved furry pal.
  • Avoid choosing common and popular dog tags.
  • Refrain from choosing names that sync with the training commands.
  • Name the furry friend by a name that pleases you and your family.
  • Pick short names over longer ones for better and quick pet comprehension.
  • Try calling the puppy by the name for some days and check its reaction.
  • Avoid changing the name of adult dogs that one adopts. In unavoidable circumstances, try choosing tags that are like their old one.
  • Choose names that begin with letters that have unmistakable sounds like D, T or K for easy grasping for furry pals.
  • The puppy breed legacy also plays a critical role in name selection.
  • One can also observe the personality and behaviour of the puppy before choosing a name for them.

Best Trending Shih Tzu name tags with meanings


The list below will provide the names of the toy breed that is popular and unique around the globe.

Name Meaning
Alfie Sage or wise
Gigi French name meaning earth worker
Buddy  Friend or companion
Chloe Greek name meaning fertility or blooming
Ernie German name meaning earnest or serious
Olive Peaceful
Fergus Scottish name meaning angry or wrathful
Zoey Greek name meaning life
Hank American origin means the ruler of the home
Maggie English origin meaning pearl
Jax English name meaning god
Hazel Name of a tree or a color
Louie French origin meaning warrior or knight
Mitt American origin and is the diminutive form of Milton 
Piper  English origin and means one who plays a flute
Milo Solider or gracious or rival
Izzy  Throne or gift
Odie Wealthy or from the valley
Kona Origin or popularity and world rule
Wally Conqueror

Other popular and unique name tags

Abril Baxter Cailani
Darla Ember Falcon
Gemma Hachi Indy
Jester Kash Libby
Mojo Nazly Onyx
Parca Questa Reese
Scoobie Tamara Ulysses
Viper Wiggles Xandra
Yuki Zara Lilac
Kuzco Xena Blue

Unique male Shih Tzu names


This section lists some names of male dogs that are perfect for Shih Tzus. Check them out.

Axel Barkley Chewie
Denver Ebony Fred
Gabriel Halo Icon
Jacob Kerby Lexie
Maple Ninja Ozzy
Parker Quinton Roco
Sammy Tarzan Uno
Vick Wilson Xavier
Yukon Zeus Percy
Spud Marley Cooper

Cute and elegant female Shih Tzu names


The names listed in the section beneath are apt choices for the Shih Tzu cuties. Check them out too.

Amelia Bina Charlotte
Daisy Elana Fiona
Goldie Honey Ivy
Jenna Keira Leila
Meka Nessy Ophelia
Paloma Questa Rusty
Sara Trina Uma
Velvet Wubsy Xeena
Yuma Zsa-Zsa Yuri
Xena Penelope Alexa


Top celebrity Shih Tzu names

This toy breed is the most owned by various celebrities all over the world. The section below enlists the name of the celebrity Shih Tzu names.

Name Celebrity
Munchie Beyonce
Bing and Bong Mariah Carey
Bella Rebecca Mader
Bonny Collin Farell
Honey Child Nicole Richie
Legend Jacinda Barrett
Sumo Susie Essman
Moulin Rouge Zsa Zsa Gabor
Sebastian Vanessa Williams
Rusty David Hasselhoff
Panda Betty White
Lollipop Andie MacDowell
Harry Geri Halliwell
Choo Choo Queen Elizabeth
Balmer Bill Gates
Senge Dalai Lama
Flinton Oleg Cassini

Shih Tzu names inspired by movie and television characters


Shih Tzu breeds in movies carry a unique character, are fashionable and recognizable by the audience. The list below provides insights on Shih Tzu name tags that are part of TV and movie characters that one can also consider while naming their dog.

Buddy  Chopper Snoopy
Marley  Lady Benji
Cujo Bob Nanook
Rin Tin Tin Otis Lassie
Quark Beethoven Winn-Dixie
Teresa Blue Micky
Trusty Minnie Pluto
Donald Jasmine Mulan
Bambi Alice Lion
Daffy King Daisy

Exotic Shih Tzu pet pal names

Exotic names will always be in trend as these are unpopular common tags. The list below enlists unique names that suit well on this toy breed.

Pipsqueak Bianco Checkers
Victoria Dazzler Sweetie
Godiva Espresso Desmond
Preston Eddie Ash
Evangeline Felix Whimsy
Smalley Theo Effie
Antoine Casanova Elias
Isaiah Lynard Zeke
Odysseus Georgio Jimma
Coal Munchkin Aiden

Shih Tzu names inspired by colour


Appearance is a critical trait in name selection. Shih Tzus names based on this trait is immense as they are available in varied fur colours. The section beneath provides a list based on the fur appearances.

Grey/Silver Shih Tzu furry names


Sterling Graycie Silver
Misty Dusty Mouse
Granite Foggy Steely Dan
Mercury Pewter Storm
Wolf Spirit Stormy

White Shih Tzu tags


Icy Snowy Frosty
Sugar Angel Winter
Blanco Dove Pearl
Opal Ghost Jan
Domino Gardenia Luna
Moon Lily Champagne
Moonbeam Popcorn Starry
Twilight Stardust Salt
Marshmallow Ivory Icicle
Igloo Dusky Blizzard

Shih Tzu titles


Blackberry Carbon Elvira
Indigo Darky Jet
Knight Licorice Murky
Noir Pepper Raven
Soot Vanilla Eclipse
Specter Raisin Nightlight
Cinder Blackjack Jeeves
Checkers Oreo Puffin
Pepe Le Pew Shadow Shady
Café Charcoal Eightball

Brown Shih Tzu labels


Bear Cadbury Espresso
Barky Hershey Java
Kahlua Mocha Russet
Snickers Rolo Tootsie
Hickory Brownie Coco
Choco Penny Moose
Ginger Beer Brun
Braun Almond Barley
Biscuit Cheesecake Beans
Burgundy Brunette Marrón

Red Shih Tzu names


Ariel Foxy Merida
Fiona Blood Redford
Rose Rojo Ruby
Sangria Valentine Love
Annie Shiraz Scarlet
Autumn Vino Apple
Bandit Nala Simba
Lucy Cayenne Dahlia
Cherry Fuchsia Garnet
Flannery Strawberry Bridget

Tan/ gold Shih Tzu tags


Buttercup  Fawn Goldie
Tawny Copper Blondie
Sunshine Sol Chai
Sunny Caramel Amber
Saffron Sahara Cheese
Amaretto Oro Canoli
Cracky Casha Donut
Mellow Noodle Nutello
Truffle Tetley Waffle
Kasho Gingky Karo

Chinese Shih Tzu labels


We all know this royal toy breed has its origin in Tibet and China. They were the favourites of the royals. Keeping this in mind, the Chinese have given the Shih Tzus sone tags that are great options for naming your pet pals.

Chinese Name English Meaning
Gongzu Princess
Xiyue Joy
Nuwang Queen
Pengyou Friend
Kekao Trustworthy
Chundu Purity
Yonggan Brave
Qiangdu Strength
Reqing Warmth
Banlu Companion
Ezuoju Mischievous
Tiaopi Playful
Jilie Fierce
Heai Kindly
Chongbai Adored
Keai Lovely
Zhengui Precious
Qinre Affectionate
Shizi Lion
Bo Precious
Zu Lord
Shunu Lady
Meili Beautiful
Junzhu Monarch

Final thoughts

Naming a dog is a tedious process for the pet parent and the pet itself. The name suggestions below based appearance, origin and gender will provide a clearer picture to ease some smoke in this process. Zero on a name from the name suggestions or create a unique combination yourself. Happy parenting!!!!


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