290 Best Royal Dog Names to Crown Your New Puppy With

Being a devoted Caninophile and Anglophile, your passion for both dogs and British culture is evident. Now, you are on a quest to give your beloved furry companion a beautiful name inspired by royal dogs. Well, you have come to the right place, as we have an incredible collection of royal dog names, including those of Queen Elizabeth II’s Corgis.

Tips to Consider When Choosing a Regal Dog Name

Choosing a regal name for your pet can be a wonderful way to showcase to the world that your new furry companion possesses a touch of blue blood or that you hold a deep affection for royal appellations. You may need to dust off old history books or a hefty encyclopedia to discover the finest names for your pet. Well, you need not worry, as we are here to assist you. Here are some valuable tips to help you name your furry companion, with inspiration from royal dogs. https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/

  1. Personality traits: The first and foremost thing to consider while naming your pet is its character traits. The name that aligns with your pet’s unique characteristics can create a strong bond and reflect their individuality.
  2. Historical Figures: Consider Look to historical figures and royalty for inspiration when naming your pet. Names of kings, queens, princess or prince from diverse eras and cultures can be a great source of ideas for regal and distinguished names.
  3. Cultural Significance, mythology and legends: Explore the cultural significance of names and their royal connotations in various countries. Additionally, delve into mythological stories and legends, as the royal characters from these age-old tales can serve as a source of inspiration for naming your beloved pet.
  4. Royal titles: Noble titles of Duke, Duchess, Earl or Countess can add majestic and distinguished meaning to your furry friend’s name. These titles exude a regal charm, making them an excellent choice to impart an aura of nobility to your cherished companion.
  5. Ancestral Lineage: You can explore names that resonate with esteemed heritage if your dog possesses a specific breed or lineage with royal connections.
  6. Test it: Lastly, test the potential name by calling your pet. If it shows a positive response, you can be sure that you have found a perfect royal name for your furry companion.


50 Royal Dog Names With Meaning

From ancient kings and queens to mythical deities and legendary figures, each name in the list below carries a rich heritage and a unique charm that will undoubtedly add a touch of elegance to your beloved canine companion. Join us on a royal journey as we explore a realm of majestic monikers.

Presented below is a list of the best royal names, each with their respective meanings.


Names Meaning
King Royal ruler
Bella Beautiful
Helena Shining light
Princess Daughter of royalty
Caspian From the land of kings
Regina Latin for “queen”
Maximus Greatest
Gaia In Greek mythology, the Earth
Ursula Little bear
Kai Hawaiian for “ocean”
Ezekiel God strengthens
Louise Warrior
Fiona Fair and beautiful
Nala Another famous Disney royal
Simba Lion, Of Disney fame
Phoebe Greek goddess
Zeus The most regal of all the Greek options
Reina Spanish for “queen”
Artemis Goddess of the hunt in Greek mythology
Freya After the Norse goddess

Here are some more top picks that bestow a royal touch upon your furry companion.

Arthur Sebastian Benjamin
Livia Rania Sverre
Earl Caesar Zephyr
Carl Salma Laila
Ivan Daphne Xiomara
York Tiara Ruby
Lavinia Eloise Valentina
August Estelle Charlotte
Nora Duke Raphael
Gene Oscar Goldie


30 Best Royal Female Dog Names

For those seeking posh names for their female pooch, here are a few options to consider.


Alice Nefertiti Cath
Camilla Cleo Grace
Amalia Katherine Marcia
Bianca Cleopatra Mary
Ariel Zara Tiya
Candy Elsa Pearl
Bianca Juliet Ariel
Carolina Emma Penelope
Yasmine Bea Aurora
Caroline Fiona Contessa


30 Royal Male Dog Names

Presented below are some unique and cool royal names suitable for your male four-legged companion.

Pitbull Atlas Hercules
Nolan Desmond Gatsby
Baron Kaiser Odin
Andrew Hunter James
Czar Wellington Samson
Argos Ajax Paxton
Pharoah Apollo Thor
Howard Franklin Rex
Lord Blue Rory
Asher Royal Shakespeare

30 Royal Dog Names Inspired by Real Royalty

Below is a list of regal dog names inspired by real royalty, adding a touch of nobility to your beloved canine companion!


Elizabeth Henry Richard
Isabella Ingrid Macbeth
Diana Jane Alexandra
Charles Haakon Conrad
Amelia Kate George
Victoria Napoleon Amalia
Albert Philip Nicholas
Margaret Alfred Xenia
Grace Sophia Augusta
Edward Harry Rani

30 Names Based on Queen Elizabeth’s Dogs Names

The longest-reigning British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II is known for her deep affection for Corgis. Over the years, she has owned multiple generations of these adored small Welsh herding dogs. Apparently, her fondness for the breed traces back to 1933, when her family welcomed their first Corgi named Dookie. Ever since then, these loyal Corgis have become an integral part of her remarkable journey as a monarch, accompanying her on public engagements and even sharing cherished private moments. Apart from Corgis, the Queen also had Dorgis, which were a cross between Corgis and Dachshunds. These endearing dogs too, enjoyed a special place in the Queen’s heart.

If you’re considering naming your furry friend after Queen Elizabeth’s beloved dogs – Corgis and Dorgis, here are some beautiful options for you to explore. Take a look!

Susan (first Corgi given to her in 1944) Cider Dash
Sugar Vulcan Ranger
Bisto Chipper Pickles
Heather Smoky Carol
Crackers Dookie Bubbles
Linnet Brandy Candy
Honey Ginny Brandy
Monty Amber Sherry
Emma Berry Holly
Whisper Whisky Willow

Here are a few tidbits! It has been suggested that the names of Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis may undergo changes over time as new dogs are introduced to the royal family and older ones bid farewell. Also, it is said that the queen discontinued breeding corgis after the birth of the last two (Holly and Willow), as she didn’t want to leave any of them behind when she died.

30 Names Based on British Royal Family Names

Queen Elizabeth’s progeny offers an impressive selection of magnificent names to consider. Here are some popular options inspired by the British Royal Family, perfect for naming your cherished furry companion.



Louis Andrew Savannah
Archie Ronnie Harriet
William Eugenie Thomas
Birgitte Mike Eleanor
Catherine James Gabriella
Lilibet Autumn Adelaide
Meghan Lucas Frederick
Beatrice Sophie Matilda
Anne Lena Peter
Isla Mia Josephine

30 Names Based on Fictional Royal Figures

Presenting a compilation of names inspired by fictional royal figures from literature, movies and other fictional works which can add a touch of magic and grandeur to your furry friend’s identity.

Prince Tuesday T’Challa Elinor
Aragorn Tiana Queen Athalia
King Kong Fiona Queen Jadis
Princess Leia King Leonidas Prince Rilian
Arwen Queen Gorgo King Aslan
Robert Baratheon Shrek Queen Morgana
King Ralph Jones King Stefan King Uther
Glinda Prince Caspian Gertrude
Queen Padme Amidala King Joffe Jaffer Queen Mab
Belle Princess Buttercup Prince Escalus

30 Names After Disney Royalty

Below lists consists of names inspired by iconic Disney characters which can bring a touch of magic and joy your beloved pet’s persona.



Cinderella Pocahontas Flynn
Snow White Li Shang Mulan
Prince Charming Moana Rafiki
Prince Florian John Smith Dory
Rapunzel Mufasa Nemo
Prince Naveen Kristoff Astrid
Jasmine Sofia Prince Kit
Aladdin Sarabi Esmeralda
King Triton Raya Megara
Eric Scar Tarzan

30 Names Inspired by Noble Titles

Here is the list of names inspired by noble titles that add an air of nobility to your beloved pet’s identity

Queen Maharani Viscount
Prince Tenno Viscountess
Countess Tsar Aristocrat
Highness Tsarina Marquess
Baroness Majesty Marchioness
Pharaoh Sheik Captain
Shah Sultan Empress
Raja Sultana Archduke
Rani Caliph Khan
Maharaj Knight Queenie



Whether you are searching for a name that reflects beauty, wisdom, strength or boldness or interested in names inspired by Disney royals, the Queen’s dogs or British regal names, we have covered it all! We hope the above list helped you find the perfect royal name for your furry companion.

Have you found the ideal name from the list? If yes, we would be delighted to hear which one you chose.


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