170 + Best Hip Hop and Rapper Music Names for Your Strong Dogs

Choosing the perfect name for your three-legged companion can be a fun and creative process. Are you thinking of naming your pet pal after a rapper simply because you are a fan of rap and your furry companion shares your passion? Well, we’ve got you covered!

How to Choose Rapper Dog Names

Rapper dog names add a touch of swag and creativity to your pooch’s identity. If you are struggling to find a moniker for your furry pal, we have some helpful tips for you that can make the naming process easy and enjoyable:

Your favorite rapper: When considering rapper dog names, your favorite rapper might be the initial inspiration. However, if you have multiple name options, you might get confused. In that case, try calling your pooch by each name on the list and observe their response. If your furry friend positively responds to a specific name, bingo! you have found the perfect moniker for them.

Think out of the box: Play with words and find a cool creative name for your pet that matches its personality. Mix and match different terms, incorporate rhymes and select stylish name that truly represent your furry companion. Make sure that you do not use offensive names.
Your pooch’s personality: Consider your furry companion’s personality traits, appearance and behavior when selecting a name. Opt for cool and unique monikers that are not complicated or lengthy.


50 Best Rapper Dog Names with Meaning

Selecting names that perfectly capture your furry companion’s individuality is of the utmost importance. Here are some famous rapper-inspired dog names, each with its own meaningful connotation, that you may want to consider.


Names Meaning/inspired by
Snoop Rapper Snoop Dogg, who is known for his smooth flow and laid-back persona
Homie Good friend
Akon Singer, songwriter and producer known for his R&B and hip-hop music
DJ Spinner of records
Kanye Kanye West, who represents innovation, artistic vision and self-confidence
OG Original Gangster
Drake Prominent Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter and actor, who is known for his versatility and emotional depth in his music
Lex Short for the car brand Lexus
Cardi Cardi B, known for her confidence and fierce attitude
Savage 21 Savage, a British-born rapper known for his gritty lyrics
Missy Missy Elliott, known for her innovation and unique style
Chance Chancelor Bennett AKA Chance the Rapper, rapper from Chicago
Flex Term for money
Wiz American Rapper Wiz Khalifa
Eve American Rapper Eve
Nelly American Rapper Nelly
Usher R&B artist Usher
Salt-N-Pepa Influential rap group Salt-N-Pepa.
Hook Chorus of a song
Gucci American Rapper Gucci Mane


Open up new possibilities with these beautiful and unique rapper dog names, perfect for your beloved sweetheart. Take a moment to explore these options and select a name that will be a perfect match for your furry companion.


Flava Biggie  Flex
Buster Benz Rocky
Queen Don Nicki
Akir Charli Iggy
Kendrick Zuna Beats
50 Cent Cole Russell
Nas Beastie Mac
Eminem Dre YG
Jazzy Emcee Foxy
Diggy Pitbull Biz


30 Female Hip Hop and Rapper Dog Names

If you’re searching for cute hip hop and rapper names for your female dogs, here’s a compilation of options worth considering. Take a look at this list of names perfect for your furry companion!



Travis Kash Dinky
Trina Remy Tierra
Percy Princess Yolandi
Pepa Megan Rico
Avril Mia Soul
Ciara Azealia Lyte
Sugar Lisa Nitty
Lumi Lizzo Lil’ Kim
Lauryn Dreezy Angel Haze
Kim Cupcake Saweetie


30 Male Hip Hop and Rapper Dog Names

If you have male furry companions, here are some perfect dog names for them.  Check out these hip hop and rapper-inspired names.


Hammer Polo Hazen
Hova Rick Pun
Quest Fire Yo-Yo
Ludacris Fido Cent Busta
Uzi Jeezy Diddy
Ice Lay-Z Eazy
Jeezy Blazen Fizzle
Cudi Royce Fiddy
West Drool Dime
Blu Flash Guru


30 Boy and girl rapper dog names

Check out these rapper dog names suitable for both male and female furry pals!


Snow Tommy Badu
Exy Chanel Rhyme
Kash Pepa Jive
Foxy Charm Boogie
Mulatto Drool Doodle
Solé Andre Cypher
Chika Wiska Vibe
Renni Gibbs Tempo
Angel Rosa Jam
Khia Remy Harmony


30 Rapper Dog Names Inspired by Music

Unleash the fun, cool and one-of-a-kind vibes with these music-inspired rapper dog names that are sure to bring a smile to your face!


Baller Beats Weezer
Bars Kesha Sia
Echo Chorus Zappa
Drop Ozzy Chuck
Tempo Mellow Perry
Acapella Woof Pug
Zing Swag Bowie
Kick Paws Lil Baby
Vibrato Boo Gaga
Trap Moxie Cadet



Indeed, the process of finding the ideal, stylish, funny and cool rapper name for your dog is a delightful and enjoyable endeavor. We hope that our suggestions helped you in finding an ideal name for your furry companion. Feel free to share with us your favorite pick from the list above. We would love to hear which name resonates with your furry pal the most.


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