170 + Best Pokémon Dog Names for Perfect for Your Furry

Best Pokémon Dog Names: Are you a Pokémon fan, or does your dog love this ? cartoonAre you looking for the perfect Pokémon dog name for your beloved furry companion? Well, we have your back! Here, we provide the list of the best dog names inspired by Pokémon.

How to Choose Pokémon Dog Names

Pokémon, which means “pocket monster”, is one of the most loved franchises across the world. Since its inception in 1996, Pokémon has gained immense popularity and continues to rule people’s hearts. 

If you or your pet is a Pokémon fan, and you are struggling to find the perfect name, then here we are to help you! Here are a few steps that can guide you in the naming process. https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/

  • Consider your pet’s personality traits, behavior, appearance and breed. Match them with those of the Pokémon, and voila! You will find the perfect name!
  • List your favorite Pokémon character or the role that holds special meaning to you. Choose the character that resonates with your pet’s unique personality trait.
  • You can also play with words and use variations or nicknames of Pokémon names that fit your cherished companion.
  • You can either go for a popular or a common Pokémon name, but remember to choose the name that stands out, as it can add a unique touch and make your pet’s name memorable.
  • Lastly, test the potential name by calling your pet. If your pet responds positively, you have the ideal name for him or her.

50 Best Pokémon Dog Names With Meaning

Here are some of the best and popular Pokémon dog names, along with their meanings.


Names Meanings
Misty A close friend of Ash Ketchum’s and a Generation 1 Gym Leader
Gallade The male evolved form of Kirlia, who’s known as the Blade Pokémon
Red The given name of the first-generation player character and main character of Origins
Jynx Smoochum’s final form, which is purportedly based off of a Japanese witch
Surge A reference to Lt. Surge, the Gym Leader of Vermilion City
Eevee A versatile Pokémon known for its multiple forms
Koga The gym leader of Fuchsia City and Janine’s father
Chansey Happiny’s next from and one of the most famous Pokémon around
Poochyena A Pokémon resembling a wild dog or hyena
Sawk The blue, humanoid Karate Pokémon is considered to be Throh’s counterpart.
Shadow Inspired by dark-type Pokémon
Lance The Dragon Type aficionado of the Indigo Elite Four
Bolt Pokémon associated with electric types
Moon Symbolizing the night and mystery
Gary Ash’s rival and a relative of Professor Oak
Samuel The first name of Professor Oak, a Pokémon Professor and Gary’s grandfather
Lycan Short for Lycanthrope, refers to a human, who has the ability to change to wolf-like creature
Nidorino The evolved form of the male versions of Nidoran
Jessie James’ redheaded cohort and another ardent member of Team Rocket
Blaze Fire-type Pokémon


Here are some of the best tough, funny, cute and classic Pokémon names for dogs.

Charfurry Floofizard Tepig
Sobble Ekans Froakie
Mimikyu Growlvee Machampaw
Hugmeon Gastly Shaymin
Koffing Aggroslash Pikachu
Barkasaur Spoink Torchic
Octillary Ironhound Munchlax
Bidoof Roggenrola Grookey
Cuddleplume Cubchoo Vaporeon
Phanpy Snorelaxer Unown

30 Pokémon Names for Dogs for Male

If you are looking for Pokémon names for your male pets, below are a few options. Some of them in the list are legendary Pokémon (LP) names that might suit your complex and extraordinary furry companion (PS: LP is legendary Pokémon names).

Blaine Latios Braviary
Absol Bagon Diglett
Giovanni Nidoking Hitmontop
Kyogre (LP) Brock Heatran (LP)
Thundurus Throh Tornadus
Alder Bonsley Geodude
Moltres (LP) Tauros Lugia (LP)
Surge Zapdos (LP) Hitmonlee
Arbok James Machamp
Uxie (LP) Burmy Suicune (LP)

30 Pokémon Dog Names for Female 

Presenting a few great Pokémon female dog names that might suit your furry companion.


Smoochum Vullaby Wormadam
Clefairy Vulpix Persian
Bellossom Dratini Mandibuzz
Steenee Bounswee Ivy
Ninetails Marill Jolteon
Goldee Tsareena Salazzle
Janine Hera Iris
Liepard Cresselia Vespiquen
Sabrina Zeraora Happiny
Rapidash Floette Petilil

30 Pokémon Dog Names for Girl

Are you looking for a Pokémon dog name for your girl puppy? Here is a list of some cool and cute names that you can consider.

Pichu Lillipup Roselia
Poli Charm Dawn
Abra Minccino Totodile
Eevee Kakuna Espeon
Selene Snubbull Skitty
Blissey Clefa Chikorita
Butterfree Rattata Flareon
Elgy Comfey Drowzee
Skitty Cutie Litten
Caterpie Shinx Flora

30 Pokémon Dog Names for Boy 

Here are some cute and cool Pokémon dog names for your boy pups.


Chop Drago Onix
Arcanine Rockruff Ash
Tyrogue Flaaffy Puff
Smeargle Nickit Houndoom
N Hoopa Manectric
Rufflet Furfrou Boltund
Herdier Jolt Red
Volbeat Electrike Goomytail
Chu Luxio Squirtly
Zorua Yamper Mothim


From the best, popular and meaningful to the cute, funny and legendary Pokémon dog names, we have carefully curated a list of names that might suit your cherished furry companion perfectly. Have you found the ideal name for your pet already? If yes, don’t forget to share it with us.


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