200 + Best Paw Patrol Dog Names that Inspired by the Cartoon – Main & Supporting Characters

Dogs are man’s best friends, and naming your furry pals is an exciting process that reflects their unique qualities and holds meaning for you. You can consider naming your pooches based on their personalities, appearances and breeds. The process becomes more captivating and enjoyable if you want to give your dog’s names inspired by popular characters from well-known cartoon shows or films. One such show is Paw Patrol.

For those who are unaware, Paw Patrol is an animated TV show featured on Nick Jr., a channel by Nickelodeon. The series revolves around Ryder and a team of search and rescue dogs who work together to help others in need. The series teaches children about important life skills like good citizenship, teamwork and problem-solving skills.

If you want to name your pet after a character of the series or if your child is a ‘Paw Patrol fan’, and you are finding it difficult to find a perfect name for your cherished four-legged canine companion, we’ve got you covered!

How to Choose the Best Paw Patrol dog names

Choosing the best Paw Patrol dog name can be an exciting process. Here are some tips to select the perfect “Paw Patrol” dog name for your furry friend:

  1. Character traits: You can match the personality traits of your dog with the show’s characters and name your furry pal.
  2. Your kid’s favorite character from the show: If your kid likes any specific character from the show, that would be an awesome way to name your doggy.
  3. Try Creative names: Add some creativity and fun to naming your furry friends. Think out-of-the-box — consider wordplay, combinations or create your own unique name inspired by Paw Patrol.
  4. Test & Check Response: Test by calling out your pet with the potential name and check its response. Notice if your dog shows a positive response or seems to connect with a particular name, and zero in on the perfect Paw Patrol dog name.
  5. Consider a short and cool name: Consider a name that meets length criteria (as shorter names may be easier to call) and brings you joy when calling them.

Paw Patrol Dog Names for Puppies and Other Pets

50 Best Popular Paw Patrol Dog Names

Below is a table that presents the Best Paw Patrol dog names along with their corresponding meanings.


Paw Patrol dog names Meaning How the dog was in Paw Patrol
Chase Pursuit/huntsman The police dog German shepherd
Marshall A caretaker of horses or a steward The fire dog Dalmatian
Rubble The name associated with companionship and courage English Bulldog. Signifies his work as a construction pup.
Zuma Gender-neutral name of Arabic and Aztec origins, meaning peace The water-loving chocolate Lab
Skye Gender-neutral name of Scottish origin that exudes a light and breezy nature A high-flying cockapoo
Tracker Tracking Chihuahua/Potcake mix who is the jungle pup
Rocky Rock/ strong-willed Mixed breed pup
Everest The mountain The snow dog Siberian husky
Rex Ruler A Bernese Mountain dog
Liberty Independent/ a state of freedom A curious long-haired Dachshund
Tuck Push/fold/turn A Golden Retriever pup
Scout To listen OC pup part of the PAW Patrol
Sweetie A very kind or lovable person The royal pup of the princess of barkingburg
Shadow Signifies stealth, representing his abilities to move silently and blend in A black mixed breed/wolf pup
Astro ‘Of the star’ Ami and marco’s pup
Blaze Fire/flame Thai Ridgeback and the PAW Patrol’s Dragon Pup
Clifford Cliff-side ford/ Dogs with this name tend to be loving, loyal, good-natured and brave The Big Red Dog
Dash To run quickly A chihuahua poodle mix or a chi-poo
Max Short form for Maximum. Signifies the ability to give it all in any situation. A beagle, who is Indigo’s older brother
Luna Moon Black Labrador puppy

Here is a list of names you can choose for your furry companion, which includes both names inspired by Paw Patrol characters and names of actual characters from the show.


Robo-Dog Wheeler Gravel
Arrby Motor Timber
Hubcap Moby Claw
Harris Mix Sylvia
Delores Mini Bella
Daisy Nano Starla
Willow Barney Carly
Oliver Jim Gaffigan Watts
Pepper Tot Oscar
Crane Claw Gizmo


30 Best Paw Patrol Pups Names

For pet owners, who have pups, and want some unique names, here are a Paw Patrol Pups names. While some of them are names of actual characters, a few of them are inspired the TV Show’s pups, which can be used to name your own furry companions.



Ella Bolt Ace
Leo Sparkle Baxter
Al Angelo Danny
Coral Gelato Honey
Apollo Twilight Ruby
Captain Blackfur Cricket Jasper
Charger Ringo Misty
Dwayne Diesel Pearl
Gasket Nala Duke
Ginger Simba Olive


30 Best Green Paw Patrol Dog Names

Is your dog a nature enthusiast or an outdoor lover? Are you considering green Paw Patrol dog names for them? Here is a compilation of green-themed names that you can consider for your furry companions!


Forest Acorn Pine
Fern Lime Emerald
Ivy Spike Neon
Moss Pistachio Jungle
Sage Kiwi Millet
Sprout Meadow Caper
Jade Thyme Hazel
Willow Balsam Kelly
Cedar Aloe Honeydew
Juniper Sweet Pea Clover


30 Best Paw Patrol Police Dog Names

If you are looking for Paw Patrol police dog names because your furry pal is brave and has all the character traits of Chase from the show, here’s a list of Paw Patrol-inspired police dog names!


Chief Buddy Pax
Glory Partner Blue
Justice Fuzz Five-O
Rogue hunter Riggs
Agent Echo Angel
Mercy Mystique Blitz
Rookie Hulk Diesel
Alaska Marsh Thor
Faith Harley Duke
Raven Boss Cooper

30 Best Paw Patrol Husky Names

When it comes to Paw Patrol Husky names, below is a list of some names that you can consider. These names are inspired by the show’s characters and the husky breed’s characteristics.

Blizzard Ghost Crystal
Aurora Sasha Frost
Glacier Kai Val
Glenn North Elsa
Winter Sky Knox
Sky Loki Palmer
Boone Nyx Vanilla
Storm Heath Diamond
Thunder Eve Robin
Flurry Zephyr Orion

30 Best Paw Patrol Dalmatian Name

Below is a compilation of some Paw Patrol Dalmatian name for your cherished canine companion.


Dot Cookie Latch
Spotty Spark Jolly
Patch Zest Domino
Freckles Flash Mischief
Checkers Prince Jive
Polka Jasper Zuzu
Marbles Lucky Rhythm
Smudge Rolly Dazzle
Oreo Horace Nova
Arrow Penny Pixelle



The best name for your pet pal captures the exceptional bond and affectionate feelings you have for your beloved companion. Trust your instincts and select a name that brings you joy. We hope the above list helped you find the perfect name for your furry buddy.


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