290 + Best American Patriotic Dog Names that will Make America Proud

Are you a patriotic citizen and wish to pay tribute to your country? One way to do this is by bestowing your furry companion with a name that reflects patriotism. If you are finding it difficult to choose the perfect name, rest assured that we have your back. Here, we not only assist you in the naming journey but will also provide curated collection of patriotic names that consist of meaningful, fun, cool and clever names. It also includes names that commemorate America’s Independence Day, the Fourth of July!

How to Choose Patriotic Dog Names

The important criteria to keep in mind while naming your cherished furry companion are its unique ‘personality traits, behavior and appearance’. Here are some other important things that you need to consider while choosing the right patriotic dog name for your furry companion. https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/

  • Consider your country’s history, values, symbols, historical events and figures to name your pet pal.
  • You can draw inspiration from states, major cities, the military and even the names of presidents and their dogs’ names to find a patriotic dog name for your furry companion.
  • To avoid any confusion, choose a simple and meaningful name that is easy to remember.
  • Call your pet by its potential name and observe its reaction. If it reacts positively, then you can be sure that you have the right name for your furry pal.

50 Best Patriotic Dog Names With Meaning

Here are our top picks for patriotic dog names.


Chevy After Chevrolet, a popular American car manufacturer
Sawyer After Tom Sawyer, the American literary character
Kentucky An Eastern state in America
Oscar The word used in military communication to represent the letter “O.”
Kilo The word used in military communication to signify the letter “K.”
Rin Tin Tin Famous World War I rescue dog and film star
Chips Famous World War II German Shepherd-Collie-Husky mix war dog
Brooklyn After a well-known borough of New York City
Andrew After Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States
Irving After Washington Irving, an American writer.
Polk After James Polk, the 11th president of the United States
Trapper Honors the trappers of the Wild West
Jimmy After Jimmy Carter, the 39th president of the United States
Whiskey The word used in military communication to represent the letter “W.”
Getty Short for the Battle of Gettysburg and the Gettysburg Address
Sacagawea Native American guide to Lewis and Clark
Phillis After Phillis Wheatley, a slave who became one of the first African-American to publish a book of poetry
Navajo Tribute to the Navajo Native American tribe
Bunyan After Paul Bunyan, a classic American folktale figure
Foxtrot The word used in military communication to represent the letter “F.”
Delta The word used in military communication to represent the letter “D.”


Here are some more popular patriotic dog names that might suit your cherished furry companion.

Melania Veto Sonnie
Firecracker Garfield Emblem
Pitcher Satan Yuki
Mike Absalom Legacy
Noble Patrick Buddy
Pat Clipper Hampton
Hayes Braxton Skip
Governor Rob Roy Pete
Kennedy Betsy Ronald
Senator Roosevelt Rex


30 Best Patriotic Female Dog Names

If you have a female dog and you’re looking for patriotic names, here are a few beautiful options to ponder.

Lady Jackie Sybil
Eleanor Joplin Zulu
Georgia Mamie Margaret
Harriet Keller Scarlett
Brandy Martha Letitia
Bliss Helen Whitney
Dandy Shiloh Lady Bird
Virginia Oakley Rosie
Jazz Sierra Lydia
Cheyenne Philly Mayflower


30 Patriotic Male Dog Names

Do you have a male canine and wish to give him a patriotic dog name? Below is a list of names that might suit your beloved pet.


Bullet Banner Arlington
Sergeant Millard Pierce
Cadet Revere Clark
Tank Nixon Taylor
Captain Dodge Edison
McKinley JFK Truman
Colonel Chevy Grover
Jackson Chief Woodrow
Gunner Lincoln Jefferson
Warren Spangle Lewis

30 Patriotic Dog Names for Girls

Below are a few adorable patriotic dog names for your girl pups!

Old Glory Dolley Edith
Bee Barbara Cloe
Apple Mercy Eliza
Sweet Tea Elizabeth Mary
Alaska Molly Ellen
Betty Lucy Heidi
Carolina Nancy Emily
Anna Bessie Sarah
Clara Thelma Julia
Claudia Calamity Jane Juno

30 Patriotic Dog Names for Boys

If you wish to give your furry boy a patriotic name, here are some cute options.

Alpha Chips Bravo
Thomas Bush Teddy
Nemo Pie Twain
Ace Carter Adams
Trooper Cowboy Abe
Aim Chester Dwight
Charlie Blaze Rushmore
Ulysses Duke Alamo
Ford Blue Echo
Van Buren Hoover Boone

30 Fourth Of July Dog Names

Do you wish to name your furry pal to commemorate the Fourth of July, America’s National Independence Day? Or was your furry companion born on the 4th of July or did you get your pet home on this significant day? Here are some names that pay tribute to the Fourth of July and America’s history and can be the best choice for your pooch.


July Star Brave
Malia Atlas Thomas
Abigail Benjamin Calvin
America Bunker Apollo
Sparkler Rocket Francis
Belle Benji Reagan
Sam Valley Kovic
Dixie Hope Quincy
Justice Paul Patriot
Bandit Lincon Madison

30 Patriotic Puppy Names

Here are some cute and cool options for your pups.

Red Ruby Michelle
Striker John Ida
Milky White Navy
Private Chester Arthur
Blanc Pride Cerise
Soldier Tyler Wilson
Wine Apple Ginger
Remmy Zachary Trump
Azure Hillary Cobalt
Romeo Lyndon Taft

30 Clever Patriotic Names for Dogs

Are you looking for out-of-the-box names? Names that hold both patriotic significance and a creative and clever twist! Here are some simple names and also some names that blend significant patriotism with creative wordplay.


Loyal Star Spark Vision Patriot Scout
Bullet Colt Resolute
Noble Nomad Spark Glory
Hero Anthem General
Patriot Lark Radiance Theo
Indy Virtue Triumph
Knox Captain Aegis Major
Bold Hero Tango Victory
Bell Ranger Patriot
Faithful Grace Trusty Tracer Peace


30 Dog Names That Mean Freedom

If you are looking for dog names that mean freedom, here are a few options that you can consider. These names contain elements that are linked to the concept of freedom, and they might be the right choice for your furry companion.

Freedom Falcon Aira
Liberty Nomad Frisco
Eagle Aviator Hiker
Maverick Vega Karo
Rebel Freefall Voyager
Braveheart Paco Libera
Valor Gypsy Rambler
Spirit Amadi Azad
Rover Adventure Falcon
Freebie Horizon Aquila



Did the above-mentioned list help you name your furry canine? If yes, don’t forget to share the name with us.


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