250 + Selection of Old-Man Dog Names That Are Perfect For Your New Puppy

Best Old-Man Dog Names: Does your pet remind you of an old man? Does your dog have certain qualities that remind you of Grandpa? Are you in search of old-man dog names for your pet? Well, then you are at the right place.

How to Choose Old-Man Dog Names

When choosing the ideal name for your furry companion, here are a few factors that you need to consider. https://allabout-pets.com/about-us/

  1. Consider a name that is based on your pet’s personality, appearance, breed and behavior. 
  2. Do research on old names that have a classic and timeless touch and suit your pet’s personality.
  3. Choose a name that’s unique, meaningful and simple. You can even ask your friends or family members opinions. But opt for the name that you and your dog are comfortable with. Consider whether the chosen name will fit your dog as it ages.
  4. Do not use confusing words or commands.
  5. Lastly, test the potential name by calling your pet and observe its reaction. If it reacts positively, then you have the perfect name for him.

50 Best Old-Man Dog Names with Meaning

Presenting the best old-man dog names, along with their corresponding meanings.


Names Meanings
Oscar Represents strength and integrity
Alfred Derived from the Old English word for “elf counsel”
Franklin Evoking an aura of sophistication, intelligence and a charismatic personality
Arthur Bear 
Theodore Signifies wisdom, strength and a dignified presence
John Gift of God
Chester A name that exudes warmth, charm and an old-world elegance
Bernard Strong and brave bear
Franklin Free man
Reginald Reflecting a refined and noble character
Dexter Right-handed or skilful
Joseph Jehovah shall add
Percival A name that exudes a sense of chivalry, honor and timeless grace
Clifford Cliff-side ford
Walter Reflecting a grouchy yet lovable personality
Douglas Dark stream
Alvin Precious friend
Wrinkles A name that highlights the adorable and humorous aspects of aging
Norman Northerner or man from the north
Benny Son of my right hand


Are you searching for tough, popular and unique names for your furry companion? Here are our top picks!


Graham Hugh Martin
Sarge Riley Tristan
Jordan Hulk Duke
Carter James Max
Gunner Axel Mack
Devon Jeff Eric
Maverick Thor Otis
Robin Charlie Lucas
Blaze Leo Leon
Henry Sam Murphy


30 Best Grumpy Old-man Names for Dogs

Does your dog have a cranky attitude or has grumpy appearance? Here are some of the best and coolest options that you can consider.


Melvin Waldorf Leroy
Rupert Nelson Frasier
Felix Rodney Grouchy
Ebenezer Mortimor Grover
Tim Mike Cranky
Grumpus Beauregard Miffy
Scrooge Kurt Victor
Earl Sigmund Rumble
Nick Lyle Sulky
Statler Angus Fletcher

30 Best Old Human Names for Dogs

Here are some of the best and most awesome old human names for your furry companion.

Martin Lester Luther
Amos Harold Ben
Raymond Toby Clyde
Orville  Theo William
Elwood Gertrude Irving
Louis Morris Oliver
George Odell Edgar
Homer Elmer Alex
Jack Samuel Ralph
Gretchen Thurman Stanley


30 Best old-man names for dogs UK

It’s a known fact that Britain is a nation for dog lovers. So are you looking for the cutest and most popular old name in the UK for your furry companion? Here are some adorable options that you can ponder.

Aston Maddox Baxter
Albert Jasper Atticus
Bruiser Tigger Winston
Cecil Malcolm Ozzy
Chucky Yoda Vincent
Douglas Oswald Sydney
Einstein Zeus Django
Desmond Roland Wilfred
Homer Gatsby Dalston
Bushwick Terence Wilbur


30 Best Funny Old-Man Dog Names

Are you looking for funny names for your furry companion? Here are some of the funniest and coolest names that might suit your old man!


Vito Mr Miyagi Snickers
Gandalf Floyd Gary
Gramps Biscuit Wallace
Santa Mortimer Hagrid
Silly Billy Obi-Wan Horace
Dudley Vernon Ike
Cletus Bill Tucker
Fogy Bud Murray
Dumbledore Pappy Milton
Elmer Zebedee Wobbles

30 Best Old-Man Puppy Names

Here are some of the best old-man puppy names that you can consider for your cherished furry companion. The collection has both adorable and unique names.


Barnaby Phil Tony
Ted Enoch Charles
Hector Ray Troy
Lloyd Bernie Frederick
Paul Benny Luke
Simon Dash Kingsley
Byron Ross Lee
Pablo Julian Quentin
Perry Pete Will
Levi Darcy Blake



We have curated a range of the best old-man dog names that cover the entire spectrum, from popular and best to grumpy, funny, strong and cute names. We are sure that one of the names on the list will definitely fit your furry companion. 

Have you found the perfect name for your pooch yet? If yes, do not forget to share it with us!


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