7 Best Motorcycle Dog Carriers – [Reviews and Buying Guide]

Travel passion pet parents always prefer going for a ride whenever they get a short break. Hence leaving behind their beloved pooch is not always on their mind.


Car is the safest mode to travel with pets and family. But some folks prefer going for a drive on their bikes too. This article will provide insights into safe bike pet carriers and their benefits that will ease bike travelling for pet parents.

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Types of Motorcycle Dog Carriers

One of the pivotal points that one needs to ponder while zeroing on the right bike pet carrier is the preferred style of the carrier. Carriers typically are categorized into the following types

Wearable carriers

  • Backpack style carriers: In this carrier type, the pets are attached to a harness and rest at the back. This aids in no disturbance while driving but on the other hand one cannot keep a close look of the pet. This carrier type is recommended for dogs that calm dogs that love travelling or are trained to stay in a bike carrier.
  • Front carriers: These carriers are very similar to a baby carrier wherein the pet is held against the one’s stomach and chest. One can have a close look at the pet’s behaviour during the travel. These carriers are suitable for small or tiny dog breeds. But are not recommended for large dog breeds as they are found causes disturbances during the drive. 

Crate style or enclosed carriers

While the front and back type carriers are the best choices for hiking and biking. These enclosed carriers are best suited for long journeys as here the pets are not attached to the body but are attached to the motorbike itself.

Top 7 Best Motorcycle Pet Carriers

This section discusses and reviews the trending bike pet carriers of the market.

1.  Outward Hound Pooch Pouch Front Carrier for Dogs


Key Features
  • Lightweight patented portable pocket design.
  • Variant sizes to suit small and some medium-sized breeds.
  • Maintains the coolness for the pet on the move.
  • Extra accessory storing pouch.
  • Internal harness for extra pet safety.

Outward Hound Pooch Pouch Front Carrier gets the pets to sit in the comfortable patented little pocket that is ideal for carrying small (up to 10 lbs.) to select medium (up to 20 lbs.) sized dogs. The lightweight water-resistant nylon is seen to withstand a sudden drizzle during the road trip. The pooch is also seen to get ample ventilation and good visibility with the multiple vents mesh panels.

The built-in safety harness that only needs to be clipped on aids in keeping the pet secure during the rides. One can keep a close eye on the pet as the carrier is worn on the front of the body. 

    • Water-resistant nylon fabric.
    • Hassle-free maintenance.
    • Both front and back style wearable carrier.
    • Well-padded back and front straps for add on comforts.
    • Safety harness for extra safety.
    •  Patented design.
    • Mesh for good airflow and visibility.
    • Multiple storage pockets
  • Best suited for pets in sitting position.
  • Not a great choice for long trips.

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2. Blitzwolf Pet Portable Carrier Space Capsule Backpack

Key Features
  • Adjustable comfortable padded back.
  • Shoulder straps for better spinal health.
  • Built-in elastic security locks.
  • Two hook and loop on both sides of the interior for escape artists.
  • Water resistant.
  • Double-end zipper.

Stylish innovative transparent window designed space capsule that eases the tiny furry pal’s anxiety and allow them to enjoy the outdoor scenery without being left alone. Suitable for tiny pals that weigh less than 8 lbs

Constructed of eco-friendly polycarbonate and durable oxford cloth provides a comfortable and breathable environment for the canines.

The carrier also features an adjustable and comfortable padded back with “S” shoulder straps that are seen to relieve the pressure of the cervical and lumbar spine.

The pet bag outer surface is covered with a thin protective film and this prevents the outer shell from being scratched during long-distance journeys

The carrier also has an inbuilt elastic security lock that prevents curious pet to escape during anxious periods or when the pooch leans its head out the knapsack.

Two hooks and loops are present on both the sides in the interior, this prevents the pack opening angle too big and enhances the pet’s safety. The waterproof backpack also possesses a double end zipper and extra pockets for more convenience. Also features a multi-functional bag that keeps things inside un-squeezed.

  • Eco-friendly and durable material.
  • Water resistant and scratch protection.
  • Built-in elastic locks for security.
  • Double-end zipper and two loops and hooks in the interior for extra security.
  • Adjustable straps and a comfortable padded back.
  • Multi-functional un-squeezable DIY bag.
  • Cannot be attached to the motorcycle.

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3. Mogoko Comfortable Dog Carrier Backpack

Key Features
  • Ventilated stylish head out design.
  • Elastic window and durable material.
  • Adjustable strap and padded floor.
  • Interior hook collar.
  • Waistband design.

The Mogoko Comfortable Dog Carrier has a stylish design and comes in cute colour variants. The mesh and polyester blend offer the pet a comfortable space during the outdoor journey. The durable lightweight material keeps the pet snugly inside with minimal or nil risk of escaping on the road.

The drawstring encloses the pup inside the spacious carrier and the adjustable straps with the extra waist strap will is seen to keep the pet carrier backpack strapped securely around one’s body.

Easy to clean and maintain as the bottom cover is washable. The top peep-hole features aid the dog to come up for a breath of fresh air. Recommended for pets that are up to 7.0 lbs in weight and 10 to 13inches in back length. Mesh side and front pockets help to stores pet as well as human accessories.

  • Compact design with multiple vents and colours.
  • Lightweight, sturdy and durable.
  • Drawstring neck hole.
  • Secure and adjustable waist straps for enhanced security.
  • Peep hole for ventilation.
  • Cannot be hitched on to the bike.

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4. Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack

Key Features
  • Innovative semi-sphere window design.
  • Durable fabric with mesh and ventilation holes.
  • Machine washable pads.
  • Built-in security leash.

Texsens Innovative Traveler backpack boasts of a rigid PU leather construction with a bubble-like dome at the center. It is available in eight cute and vibrant colors. The transparent dome, that is made of heavy-duty plastic, allows the dog to a peep through at his surroundings during the road strolls.

This bubble backpack has two abrasion-resistant PVC net mesh windows that ensure continuous airflow throughout the trip. 

The furry pal can easily exit and enter the carrier as it possesses multiple entries or exit points. The chances of the pet escaping are very thin on this one. The backpack also has a feature where one can attach the dog’s leash onto the carrier.

This bubble backpack also has wide, well-padded shoulder straps that protect the shoulders from the strain. Likewise, one can also adjust the straps according to their height. The carrier also features a top handle that is convenient for carrying or transporting the pet inside a vehicle. 

This pet carrier is only available in one size and is ideal for toy breeds or small breeds weighing not more than 10 pounds. 

  • Heavy-duty and durable PU leather construction.
  • Clear bubble-like dome for better visibility.
  • Bubble dome can also be replaced with an abrasion-resistant mesh window.
  • Multiple entries and exit ways.
  • Escape-proof and well-ventilated.
  • Soft-padded and customisable shoulder straps.
  •  Non-collapsible base pad.
  • Comes in only one single dimension.
  • Cannot be hitched on to the bike.

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5. Kuryakyn Black Grand Pet Palace Motorcycle Pet Carrier

Key Features
  • UV-rated weather-resistant textile material construction with removable rain cover.
  • Multiple D-rings and adjustable straps.
  • Cleanable and removable cushion.
  • Top window opening.
  • Four mesh windows for better ventilation and pet view.

Kuryakyn Black Grand Pet Palace motorcycle carrier is built up of a UV-resistant 1200 denier textile that is highly resistant to heat, water, and abrasion. The carrier also has a removable rain cover. 

This dog carrier also features a rigid internal frame for enhanced reliable structural support that not only holds the furry pals secure inside but also assures that the carrier holds its shape for a long period.

The carrier offers several mounting options and is also seen to come with a sissy bar strap and multiple adjustable straps and D-rings. One can also find a handle for each side and a removable carrying strap for portability.

The base has of the carrier is seen to support the weight of a 15-pound canine and has a resting pad to keep the canine pal comfortable also. The cushion is removable and machine washable.

One has the option to open the top panel for the beloved pet to pop its head out. The carrier also possesses four scratch-resistant mesh windows that not only aid the pet to have a good view but also helps it to get a constant supply of fresh air even without putting its head out.

  • Heavy-duty UV-resistant abrasion-free textile construction.
  • Inflexible and durable.
  • The stable base holds up to 15 lbs.
  • Four scratch-resistant mesh panels for ventilation and viewing.
  • Side handles for quick and easy portability.
  • A removable and washable padded base.
  • Ample of tie-on straps, pockets, and connections.
  • Includes pet accessories such as stash pouch, adjustable leash, food, and water bowls.
  • Can also be used as a cargo bag.
  • Instructions for strap attachment to various racks is not clear.

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6. GEEPET Front-Facing Carrier

Key Features
  • Front or back carrier.
  • Heads out design.
  • Wide adjustable straps with comfort pads.
  • Hand-free pet carrier.
  • Multifunctional

The GEEPET Front-Facing Carrier features a clever design that is suitable for furry friends that simply love to have their legs extended and exposed. This front-facing carrier also has a head out design which aids pets to peep out and enjoy the outside world.

The pet carrier also comes with wide-padded straps that are seen to help reduce the strain on the shoulders while during the motorcycle rides. The carrier possesses two side zippers which ease the pet entry and exit and is perfect for bike rides, walking and outdoor activities.

This product is also available in four variant sizes and five cute styles that suits pets up to 22 pounds.

  • Head and leg out unique design.
  • Wide shoulder straps.
  • Available in five cute styles and four sizes.
  • Refrain from using for long trips

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7. Saddlemen Pet Voyager

Key Features
  • Multiple vents and access flaps.
  • Removable and washable bottom tray.
  • Include accessories like food and water trays.
  • Two mounting systems.
  • Easy detachment from the bike.

The Saddlemen Pet Voyager is not only one of the best pet carriers to carry small pet on the motorcycle in comfort but can also be used as an effective cargo bag. 

Multiple vents and access flaps Not only provide easy access to the pet but also provides good ventilation. The spacious pet compartment includes a removable and washable bottom tray, resting pad for the pet’s comfort and food and water trays that have own compartment. 

The carrier comes with two mounting systems: a seat harness or adjustable sissy bar strap system that easily attaches the bag to the bikes seat, luggage rack or sissy bar. The bag can be easily disconnected from the bike due to the quick-disconnect mounting straps and sissy bar sleeve. Also includes a plush backrest pad for the rider’s comfort. 

A convenient liner bag with carrying handles lets one store clothes or pet accessories for the journey. The sturdy grip helps in easy transportation and the backpack straps included also allow one to carry the bag on their back with ease. 

Sliding leash mount provides the pet with freedom to securely move. The carrier is waterproof and is seen to also come with a short internal leash and a long walking leash too. Is recommended for pet pals up to 15lbs.

  • Interconvertible as a cargo bag.
  • Good ventilation and access points.
  •  Food and water trays with respective compartments.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Two mounting systems with quick disconnections.
  • Non-bendable base.
  • Not waterproof.

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Benefits of a Motorcycle Pet Carrier

This section provides the benefits of owning and using a bike pet carrier.

1.No need to miss the furry pals: The pet pals will accompany you where=ever u go with a motorcycle bike carrier. One can stress freely spend their night outs or travel all day along for short trips.

2. Pets enjoy the great outdoors: Pets are social animals that love to spend their maximum time with their favourite people. This will help a dog to overcome stress and negativity.

3.  Vital Equipment for daily use: A motorcycle dog carrier is a pivotal gadget for casual vet trips for folks who do not own a car. This is the easiest way of transporting small and extra-small breeds.

Dog motorcycle carrier buying guide

Here are the factors you should consider when choosing your first motorcycle dog carrier.

1.Type: Choose a carrier type wearable (front or back) or crate style or enclosed type as discussed in the section above based on the pets need and the money one invests.

2. Safety: Choose a carrier that possesses all safety features to keep the pet pal snug and secure during the bike travel.

When choosing a wearable carrier, be sure to find the right size that will keep the furry pal comfortable. Likewise, a carrier should not cause injury to the dog and should also be sturdy to refrain the pet from losing its footing.

On the other hand, crate-style carriers need to securely mount onto one’s bike. It should also have reliable locks and latches that will refrain the pet falling off the bike.

3. Comfort: Comfort is always a priority as most canine buddies refuse to ride with an individual if it is not comfortable.

Too much free room is discouraged for wearable carriers, but one should make sure not to make the pooch to feel too confined. The carrier needs to be constructed with comfortable materials and check for chafing carrier components also.

On the other hand, crate carriers need to be bigger. Zero on a size that will allow the pooch to sit up, turn around, or lay outstretched. Avoid the pet to do other things inside the carrier to avoid distraction. The crate should have a padded interior for enhanced comforts.

4. Installation: Choose a carrier that is easy to assemble and disassemble. Search for detachable models if one opts for a crate-style carrier. as it can easily be separated from the bike carrier for cleaning, maintenance, and at periods when one decides to leave their dog at home. Lastly, search for models with the feature of adjustment points as this aid in customisation.

5. Weather-proof feature: Choose a water-resistant bike carrier as rain gods can bless us at any time.

6. Durability: Zero on a model that features sturdy and durable construction for long-lasting use.

7. Style and design: Choose one that is stylish and compact based on an individual taste and needs.

8. Ventilation: Airflow is super important for enhanced comforts as the pet will spend maximum time in the carrier during the bike rides. Good ventilation will not only aid in a comfortable ride but will also avoid the carrier from being overheated.

9. Accessory storage: Having a carrier with plenty of pockets to store treats, food, plastic bags, toys, and other dog essentials is an added advantage as it not only aids to keep the dog occupied during the travel but also helps in avoiding to carry a piece of extra luggage.

Riding in with the furry buddy is an extremely fun activity if done safely. Zero on the right bike carrier that not only suits the needs of the pet but also makes them comfortable to enjoy the breeze.

Training a dog to ride in a bike carrier

Most pet pals especially large ones are horrified by the idea of being carried. Hence one needs to teach their loved ones to ride on the bike. Firstly, they need to be tuned to make them feel safe to avoid escaping from the bike and later needs to be familiarized with the new situation with ample practice and short trips. The process looks tedious but it’s not a difficult task.

Maintenance of a bike pet carrier

Taking utmost care of the bike pet carrier is pivotal as it is directly linked to the safety of one’s beloved pooch. One needs to maintain the pooch carrier they invest in based on the manufacturer’s maintenance manual. As each style and model of the carrier needs to be maintained and cleaned in a different procedure.

The section below provides some general pointers for carrier cleaning and maintenance

  • Only machine washable carriers need to be washed in the washing machine. Avoid frequent exposure to high temperatures of the machine as the chances of wearing off increases.
  • Inspect the condition of the carrier weekly or daily for the stitches, fasteners and pet comfort adjustment before using them.
  • Store the carrier in cool places when not in use as overexposure to sunlight will damage the fabrics life.
  • Do not use a damaged or outgrown pet carrier as the pet can be injured seriously. Refrain from taking the risk.

Frequently asked Bike pet carrier questions

Q. Do dogs prefer motorbike rides?

A. Most of the toy breeds, such as the likes of the pompous Pomeranian and the sassy Chihuahua are not only accustomed to being held above so they are seen to feel more comfortable in a bike pet carrier and also fit easily into smaller spaces and it’s quite easy to carry them too. Nevertheless, medium to large dogs also enjoys bike rides with training.

Q. What pet breeds can ride in a motorcycle?

A. All toy, small and some medium-sized dog breeds that weigh up to 20 pounds with the right equipment enjoy their bike rides. For larger dog breeds experts recommend using a trailer, modified seat or sidecar. One needs to check the manufacturer’s specifications to zero on the right bike pet carrier while investing in one to refrain overloading of the pet carrier.

Q. Are bike pet carriers safe to use?

A. Bike rides are one of the riskiest modes of travel. But if one rides with precautions and zeros on the right secure and safe pet carrier for the pet. These rides can also be safe.

The following pointers help to enhance the security of the pet during the bike journeys

  • Select the right carrier based on the size and weight of the pet.
  • Train the pet to ride in the carrier especially with the harness style ones.
  • Consider investing in other safety gadgets for the pet that include helmets boots, goggles, warm clothes, and so on.
  • It’s a good practice to carry pet accessories like food and water bowl, favourite pet toys and first aid kit for emergencies during long journeys.
  • Have breaks in between long travel for the pets to stretch up.

Final thoughts

Having your pet pal along for a bike ride is an adventure worth having. Hence zero on the right bike carrier, load up the furry pal in its carrier and enjoy the ride. Happy riding!!!!!!



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