350 + Popular Labrador Puppy Dog Names That Suit Your New Lab Puppies

Best Labrador Puppy Dog Names : The Labrador is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They have amazing personalities and are known for their loyalty, playfulness, and happiness. They come in a range of coat colors, from chocolate and black to red and silver. If you are looking for the perfect name for your lab puppies, we have compiled a selection of the finest options for each of these color variations.

How to Choose Labrador Puppy Dog Names

When choosing the right name for your furry companion, we have to consider various factors. Taking into account your pet’s unique personality traits, behaviors and appearances, like their coat color and size, can help in the naming process. https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/

Apart from these, you have to select a meaningful, unique, yet simple name so that it is easy to pronounce. Avoid any commands or abusive words.

Also, test the potential name by calling your pet multiple times and seeing its reaction. If it reacts positively, you can be sure that you have the perfect name for your furry companion.


50 Best Lab Puppy Names with Meaning 

Below are some of the best labrador puppy dog names, along with their meanings.

Names Meanings
Luna Moon
Barney Strong as a bear
Molly Bitter
Milo Soldier or merciful
Atlas Strong and enduring
Jaya Victory
Kenny Handsome
Cleo Short for Cleopatra, meaning
Sydney A city in Australia. It also means “wide meadow”
Buddy Friend
Finn Fair or white
Cassie Purity
Ella Short for Eleanor, means “light” and “shining”
Nala Beloved
Grace Elegance or charm
Belle Beautiful
Charlie Short for Charles, meaning “free”
Murphy Sea warrior
Lola Short for Dolores, which means “sorrows”
Bowie After singer David Bowie

Are you looking for a unique dog name for your lab puppy? Here are some of the popular and cool names that you can consider.

Riley Xander Hunter
Uma Kofi Otis
Yara Lucy Ivy
Quincy Winston Toby
Duke Aria Chara
Zircon Tucker Buzz
Sadie Zara Joy
Axel Maggie Oakley
Theo Muffin Akira
Josie Violet Tango

30 Labrador Puppy Names for Male

Do you own a male labrador puppy and are looking for a cute name? Here are some of the good options that you can consider.


Hamish Plum Hugo
Aiden Avenger Buck
Ezra Athos Leia
Ralph Summer Bono
Alpha Benjie Zeus
Bucky Oscar Dinah
Merlin Moon Draco
Bravo Bruce Magnus
Archer Plato Jude
Hero Leo Camo

30 Labrador Puppy Names for Female

Are you in search of a beautiful labrador puppy name for your female furry companion? Here are a few beautiful options that you can ponder.


Aurora Dolly Gigi
Trixie Joan Viola
Betsy Kira Emma
Zoey Dottie Jupiter
Arya Peanut Alaska
Bonnie Amara Nina
Angie Emo Mimi
Louise Lulu Calista
Clara Gizmo Noha
Dasha Maya Polly

30 Black Lab Puppy Names

Do you have a black lab puppy and are you looking for a unique name? Here are some of the best options for you.


Diesel Blackjack Chase
Jet Phantom Bolt
Storm Rush Domino
Onyx Ebony Cruise
Coal Spade Sonic
Magic Flip Pepper
Soot Midnight Dash
Ninja Ace Stormy
Ashes Thunder Flash
Espresso Cola Gunnar


30 Chocolate Lab Puppy Names

Are you looking for the best chocolate lab names? Well, here are some adorable and fun names, one of which might suit your sweetheart!


Beth Daisy Eric
Piper Candy Sweetpie
Pudding Cookie Wispa
Cadbury Melia Whisky
Bailey Max Charles
Eclair Cocoa Mousse
Moose Caramel Bruno
Kat Bob Mocha
Ginger Brownie Marley
Bagel Oreo Blondie


30 Best Red-Heeler Lab Mix Puppy

Below is a list of red-heeler lab mix puppy names, each of which has its own special charm and uniqueness. This curated list includes a wide range of qualities, from colors to personalities and attributes.

Rusty Cooper Roxy
Azura Vega Juno
Scarlet Sangria Cardinal
Blaze Maverick Jasper
Apollo Willow Koda
Burgundy Indigo Copper
Ruby Poppy Coral
Cassia Dakota Rosie
Rowan Tango Ember
Penny Sienna Cody

30 Female Hunting Dog Names for Labs

Presenting some of the best and bold female hunting dog names for your labs. Which one is your pick?

Trudy Stella Bonita
Huntress Durga Raven
Olympia Terra Echo
Ziggy Tasha Liberty
Duchess Foxy Sparta
Nyx Remi Freya
Dixie Natasha Arrow
Spear Grizzly Ripley
Olive Nova Juniper
Payton Dottie Ash

30 Yellow Lab Puppy Names for Boy

When you think of a yellow lab puppy, their cute, furry creamy-golden coat comes to mind first. Based on the coat color, here are some name suggestions that you can try for your furry companion.


Ray Sunny Sugar
Honey Dario Popcorn
Buttercup Sandy Saffron
Sunshine Lucky Graham
Baxter Nugget Snowy
Pumpkin Glow Custard
Butterscotch Crackers Goldie
Fudge Dijon Flaxy
Opal Sol Barley
Colt Mango Nacho

30 Silver Lab Puppy Names

Silver labs belong to a truly unique category, and naming silver lab puppies can be a great way to compliment your labrador’s unusual coat color. Here is a list of some great names for your silver lab puppies.



Smoky Heather Ash
Sparkle Ariana Gina
Cloud Shadow Phoebe
Athena Pebbles Cinder
Smudge Cosmos Mason
Sylvia Crystal Chrome
Misty Astra Granite
Callisto Floyd Bubbles
Sterling Sully Bianca
Fizza Eve Slater

30 White Lab Puppy Names

Below is a list of some of the cute and cool white lab puppy names that might suit your furry companion.


Fiona Blizzard Dove
Snow Waffles Tofu
Casper Star Magnolia
Ivory Aspen Coconut
Vanilla Calla Milky
Winter Snowball Jasmine
Frost Marshmallow Cotton
Opal Celeste Nimbus
Angel Lacey Sasha
Swan Breeze Glacier

30 Red Lab Puppy Names

Here is a list of a few beautiful names, one of which might suit your red lab puppy!


Flame Merlot Flann
Red Finch Rufus
Peaches Phoenix Scarlett
Rose Autumn Orion
Cayenne Maroon Garnet
Tiger Rua Maple
Cinnamon Ginger Amber
Auburn Crimson Elmo
Cherry Derry Kamala
Bandit Clifford Brick



The above list included names ranging from colors to personalities and unique attributes that could be fitting for your pet. We hope that the compilation provided above helped you select the best and most unique name for your labrador puppy. If yes, do not forget to share the name with us.


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