420 + Best Labrador Dog names With Meaning

Best Labrador dog names With Meaning: Labradors are known for their intelligence, loyalty, agility and friendly nature. This breed comes in variety of coat colors from black, chocolate to yellow and silver. If you are struggling to find the perfect name, we have your back! 

Here, we have compiled a list of names tailored to each color variant, each name has its own charm.

How to Choose Labrador Dog Names 

Before we list the names, we need to understand the naming process. Here are some simple yet important steps that you might have to consider while naming your pet pal. https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/

  • First and foremost, you need to consider your pet’s personality traits, behavior and appearance for naming. Choose a name that reflects your dog’s unique characteristics.
  • The Labrador breed dates back to the 1830s and boasts a rich history, so do research on your pet’s breed origin and think about the name that pays tribute to its lineage.
  • You can also consider your pet’s coat color as a source of inspiration for naming your furry companion.
  • Opt for unique and meaningful name that is easy to pronounce and avoid confusion. Avoid using common commands or offensive words.
  • Lastly, test the potential name by calling your pet and seeing its reaction.

30 Labrador Dog Names with Meanings 

Are you looking for a unique and meaningful Labrador dog name for your beloved furry companion? Here are some of the popular options that you might consider.


Names Meanings
Solomon Very wise
Cupcake Small and colorful cake
Evangenline Good news
Vanta Inspired by Vantablack, meaning “to want”
Licorice Like the dark candy
Anika Grace
Chara Joy 
Ziv For a radiant pup
Jello Jelly-like or sweet
Tango A dancing style
Kabir Great
Otis Wealth, son of Otto
Tahiti An island’s name
Yonder Refers to the far distance
Buzz Village in the woods
Shea A dry fruit
Sai Divine
Akira Bright and intelligent
Sepia A constellation
Jezebel This name is suitable for naughty doggie
Fiona White or fair
Harry Home ruler
Dakota Great and unbeatable fighter
Ethan Strong
Sharpie Cunning and sly
Voyager Adventurer
Moana Disney princess
Candace Queen mother
Amee Beloved 
Noir Black

30 female Labrador Dog Names With Meanings

Here are some of the popular and beautiful female Labrador dog names, along with their meanings.

Names Meanings
Bertha Bright 
Cleo Short for Cleopatra
Bindi little girl
Ella All or completely
Bubbles Lively
Sophie Based on a Greek baby name
Indigo Deep blue dye
Lacey Made of or resembling lace
Jess Short for Jessica
Zest Great enthusiasm and energy
Stella Star
Ginger Means pep or liveliness
Windy State of strong winds
Jaya Victory 
Taffy Loved one
Fudgey Soft and sweet
River Flowing body of water
Lola Short form of the Spanish name Dolores, which means “sorrows”
Queenie Royal lady
Khaleesi A character from Game of Thrones
Flint Cold-hearted
Peony A vibrant and colorful flower name
Cassie Purity
Pebble Small rocks
Willow Slender and graceful
Funky Cool
Kahlua Coffee-flavored liqueur
Brienne High or noble
Arya Noble 
Juno After the Roman goddess

30 Male Lab Dog Names with Meanings

Do you own a male Labrador and are struggling to find the perfect and meaningful name? Here are some of the great names, one of which might perfectly fit your furry pal.

Names Meanings
Bruno Brown
Barney Strong as a bear
Atwood An old surname
Kai Fire
Kenny Handsome 
Kwan Strong
Bowie After legendary singer David Bowie
Dylan A Welsh name
Benedict Blessed 
Hamish Supplanter 
Hugo Smart
Simba Symbolizes bravery and leadership
Ralph Wolf-counsel 
Juniper An evergreen shrub or tree
Atlas Named after the Titan
Hero Brave
Jake A friendly and versatile name
Beau Beautiful 
Cody Helpful person
Arlo Strong
Axel Father of Peace
Luke A name for a fair-furred dog
Cooper For a loving dog
Arjun Honor
Rocky Rowdy
Bentley Symbolizes sophistication, meaning “Meadow with coarse grass”
Eagle Possessing keen senses
Bear Cuddle buddy
Ghost Suits a light-furred dog
Finnegan Fair or white

30 Chocolate Lab Dog Names 

Does your furry companion have a chocolate-colored coat? Here are some of the strong and cool names that can fit your pet.


Mocha Brandy Sierra
Oak Pecan choco
Snickers Cinnamon Chewbecca
Jacobs Chanel Espresso
Maple Caramel Fudge
Hershey Jordan Godiva
Rolo Tawny Clay
Tyson Muffin Hickory
Russet Wispa Tammie
Tootsie Naomi Java


30 Yellow Lab Dog Names

Yellow lab dogs are the cutest one! Agree with us? Here are some adorable names for your furry pal.

Buttercup Sol Marigold
Fairfax Bee Nugget
Lemondrop Sunflower Champ
Sherlock Cabby Noodle
Honey Sunny Cheddar
Avery Chiquita Tapioca
Ray Dandelion Leo
Blondie Maizey Tequila
Pumpkin Glow Merry
Pancake Goldie Waffles


30 Black Lab Dog Names 

Are you looking for the perfect name for your black lab? Here are some great options that you can consider.

Dash Diana Bond
Ninja Pepper Phantom
Night Ebony Cash
Oreo Puma Ash
Kieran Lylah Chip
Cookie Tux Smudge
T’Challa Raven Dre
Jet Pepsi Cosmos
Vader Nova Ember
Jack Sooty Bean

30 Silver Lab Dog Names 

Here are some funny, cute and unique silver lab dog names, one of which might perfectly suit your doggy.


Sparkle Mischief Bling
Echo Glimmer Dewey
Glitter Dazzle Foil
Nimbus Asher Naja
Chrome Glitz Shiny
Opal Knight Marble
Nickel Zippy Moonbeam
Star Birch Bianca
Tinny Flashy Tinsel
Frost Sylvia Azure

30 Girl Dog Names for Labs

Presenting some of the most adorable girl dog names that might fit your sweetheart.

Yogi Kaya Abby
Gigi Maisy Amarillo
Zulu Aqua Addie
Gizmo Violet Alaska
Zoe Cinder Betsy
Gracie Trudy Enya
Pixie Delta Chica
Lucy Roxy Trixie
Skye Kara Dottie
Petunia Poppy Sydney

30 Brown Lab Names

Are you searching for unique and strong brown labrador names? Here are some of the names, one of which might fit your pooch perfectly.

Thunder Diesel Rebel
Orion Morpheus Hercules
Maverick Magnum Venom
Nero Xena Stone
Jagger Mr Brown Onyx
Blaze Gator Husk
Fang Grizzly Dagger
Panther Rogue Bandit
Storm Goose Koda
Apollo Shadow Diablo

30 Golden Labrador Names

Golden Labrador retrievers have joyful personalities and are cute, which makes them one of the most popular breeds in the world. Are you looking for a cute name for your cherished furry companion? Here are some of the good names you can consider.


Charlie Bailey Sandy
Buddy Coco Darcy
Milo Murphy Benny
Bella Loki Molly
Ellie Phoebe Brady
Leia Oliver Penny
Daisy Maggie Blu
Lexi Riley Mandy
Rosie Oakley Rex
Max Winnie Georgia

30 Fox Red Lab Names

Fox Red Labradors have a beautiful reddish coat and are popular and fashionable dogs. If you happen to own one and are in search of an ideal name for your pooch, here are some cool and stylish options to ponder.

Rusty Jasper Tiger
Archie Ruby Rojo
Crimson Red Foxy
Peaches Burgundy Sangria
Scarlet Autumn Annie
Blossom Copper Venus
Cherry Mars Vixen
Foxy Merlot Shiraz
Lava Phoenix Ariel
Rose Valentine Robin

30 White Pitbull Lab Mix

If you are looking for white Pitbull lab mix names for your furry companion, here are some cool and great options.


Winter Misty Blizzard
Chalky Cotton Snowy
Casper Albus Popcorn
Crystal Pearl Luna
Angel Ivory Talc
Polar Sugar Swan
Ingloo Aspen Marshmallow
Frosty Heron Yeti
Twinkle Vanilla Glacier
Beluga Dove Frost

30 Hunting Lab Names

The Labrador breed is known for its intelligence and high energy levels. It is enthusiastic and loyal. These characteristics make it a top pick among hunting enthusiasts. Are you looking for a name for your dog that has all these characteristics? Well, here are the best options for your hunting lab dogs!

Hunter Rader Trapper
Ace Camo Arrow
Huntress Ranger Boone
Ammo Bullseye Wyatt
Artemis Ruger Crockett
Chase Rigger Trigger
Buck Archer Gunner
Sarge Tank King
Bullet Scout Winchester
Hawk Fawn Colt

30 Southern Chocolate Lab Names

Are you looking for Southern-inspired names for your chocolate Labrador? Here are some beautiful options that you can consider.


Byron Finch Neville
Atticus Sweet Tea Tessa
Magnolia Dixon Kiki
Clint Tucker Clifford
Dixie Delta Spud
Duke Lars Hank
Scarlett Allie Colton
Mason Nathan Delilah
Rhett Junebug Patsy
Hazel Robert Finn


We hope the above list helped you find the perfect name for your furry companion. If it did, and you have found the name for your sweetheart from the list mentioned above, do not forget to share it with us.


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