200 Plus Best Hunting Dog Names

200 Plus Best Hunting Dog Names: Canines that hunt with or for humans are known as ‘hunting dogs.’ They are developed for various tasks and purposes. The major categories of hunting dogs include hounds, terriers, dachshunds, hounds, terriers, cur-type, and gun dogs. The hunting dogs come in varied sizes, shapes, and personalities and range from terriers to pointers to lurchers.

If you are one who recently welcomed a hunting puppy or has adopted a hunting breed and is looking to name badass or unique names for them. You are on the right page. This article has enlisted some unique, popular, and badass hunting pooch tags that simplify the name selection process. Read on!!!

How to choose hunting dog names?


This section concentrates on the pros and cons that one should keep in mind while choosing a hunting tag for your four-legged pet.

  • Pick shorter over longer names for better and quicker pet comprehension.
  • Choose tags that start with an unmistakable sharp sound like D, T, or K for easier pet comprehension.
  • Abstain from picking names that are identical or rhyme with the canine commands. The pup will confuse to grasp its name and delay the training process.
  • Avoid changing grown-up dog tags. In unavoidable circumstances, choose a name similar to its previous one.
  • Refrain choosing common mainstream names for the pups.
  • Pick a name that your family and yourself like because this name usage will be constant.
  • The pets breed legacy aids in naming ideas.
  • Observe the personality, appearance, and character of the pup before choosing its name.
  • After selecting a hunting name for the pet, check its comprehension for a few days. If the pets respond well, retain the tag; if not, look for better options.

50 Classic Hunting Dogs Names


Traditional names that signify your four-legged friend is a hunting dog never go out of fashion. Check out the enlisted names that suit your soon-to-be hunting buddy.

Name Meaning
Ace Expert
Blaze Stutter
Chase To hunt
Duke Strong and powerful
Hawk Bird of prey
Ivy Fidelity
Echo Reflected sound
Ranger Forest guardian
Scout French name meaning to listen or occupationally defined as a silent information collector.
Jagger Carter
Kodiak Island
Moose Native American origin meaning largest
Nala African origin meaning queen or lion
Teddy Wealthy protector
Willow Freedom
Yukon Great river
Ziggy Victorious
Aspen Quacking tree
Bolt Middle English name meaning arrow or bar

Other Popular Classic Hunting Dog Names


Artemis Benelli Cedar
Drake Finn Gunnar
Huckleberry Jett Legend
Marlin Orion Rocky
Sage Thunder Walker
Zeus Ares Bella
Cato Desi Eli
Frankie Gamora Hermione
Jesse Link Khalissi
Meadow Xena Seke

Male Hunting dog names


Check the masculine enlisted hunting names if your pooch is a boy.

Ares Brutus Chuck
Diesel Fern Gibson
Homer Jon Snow Kingsley
Micha Oliver Peyton
Ramsey Stallone Thaddeus
Wyatt Champ Dingo
Emerson Kota Levi
Milo Pluto Ryder
Sarge Wilder Troy
Alfred Bullet Coyote

Female Hunting Dog Names


The enlisted feminine sporting names will be great options for the female Hunting pooches.

Athena Bambi Doe 
Eva Georgia Harber
Coco Indiana Lucy
Marley Nyx Olympia
Pearl Rose Scarlett
Victoria Queenie Trudy
Sansa Ripley Poppie
Nellie Lola Beretta
Alma Cerci Dottie
Princess Shiloh Tasha

Fishing Dog Tags


Hunting breeds are water lovers too. If you have a water-resistant coat breed, then opting for a fishing-inspired name will also be a good option.

Algo Brooke Cisco
Gill Maya Ocean
Pike Riptide Sally
Tex Lindy Carolina
Moriarty River Sally
Minnow Murphy River
Angler Skip Croix
Jig Keeper Lunker
Oakley Trout Anchor
Beck Croix Gill

Pheasant Hunting Dog Names


Hunting dogs are good at tracking and finding birds in the field. It can help one locate and retrieve hunted birds. Hence, one can also tailor the dog’s name to a specific hunting skill.

Aleta Brant Condor
Dove Teal Loon
Windy Ava Birdie
Lark Wren Cinnamon
Widgeon Paloma Buzz

Duck Hunting Dog Tags


Duck hunters who have welcomed a hunting breed can choose several unique names inspired by ducks for their pet pals.

Astro Bandit Chaser
Duck Fetch Harbor
Montana Porter Radar
Sailor Archer Brigade
Crash Rocket Schooner

Hunting Dog Names Inspired by Guns and Ammunition


Guns, bullets, shells, projectiles, and so on are critical parts of hunting. Choosing a name inspired by these will be eccentric.

Ammo Pistol Trigger
Shell Colt Gauge
Kimber Musket Nelli
Remmy Shooter Wesson
Glock Magnum Winchester

Bow Hunting dogs


Bowhunting is a version of hunting. If this hunting interests you and you want to name your four-legged pal with unique names inspired by them, read on.

Arrow Bow Cam
Fletch Hoyt Legolas
Mathews Robin Bear
Bull Link Bowe
Arash Houyi Tristan

Dog Names Inspired by Famous Hunters and Shooters


Real-life shooters and hunters are also great inspirations for naming pet pals.

Aldo Boon Davy
Crockett Jesse Roosevelt
Yank Paddy Saxton
William Louis Elmer
Siemel Victor Joe

Hunting Dog Names Inspired By Action Heroes


The action hero or action heroine is a character of an action film or other entertainment which portrays action and adventure. These hero or heroine names are great naming options for hunting dog breeds.

Arnold Blade Clint
Dutch Ford Hulk
Jackie Keanu Logan
Maximus Predator Rambo
Sylvester Thor Wesley
Sigourney Bruce Chuck

Hunting dog inspired by other animals


Other animals that have good hunting skills are also good naming options for the hunting dog breeds. Check out the enlisted names.

Birdy Cougar Doe
Foxy Goose Lynx
Panther Rabbit Tigris
Wolf Jaquar Leopard
Seal Lioness Fawn
Boar Finch Buck

Nature-inspired hunting dog names


Nature-inspired names are also a good option for naming the hunting breeds.

Aurora Stormy Thunder
Birch Cascade Dean
Flora Heron Maple
Marsh Prairie Oak
Solstice Woody Reed
Hazel Linden Ember

Final thoughts

Consider the name suggestions while choosing the ideal moniker for your pet pal. But keep in mind to complete the name search within 14 days of welcoming the pet home.


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