Best 230 Hippie Dog Names for Male and Female Dogs

Hippie dog names: “Hippie” came from hipster and was used to describe those members who were associated with the counter cultural movement of the 1960s, who rejected conventional ways of living, and adopted a lifestyle focused on peace and love. If you are a hippie and wish to name your pet after this mindset, then you are on the right page!

Here, we not only assist you in the naming process, but we have also handpicked exclusive list of Hippie dog names.

How to Choose Hippie Dog Names

Selecting hippie dog names involves exploring the spirit of the 1960s counterculture movement, that emphasized peace and love. Here are some basic steps that you will need to consider if you want to choose the perfect “hippie name” for your pooch.

  • Hippie Values: Consider the values of the hippie movement, that include peace, love and harmony. Think about the names that evoke these emotions and align with your pet’s unique personality.
  • Nature, Music and Art: Hippies had a deep connection with nature and were attracted to music and art. Consider names inspired by natural elements, songs, musicians or artisans.
  • Consider unique words or names that radiate positive vibes and are meaningful.
  • Lastly, test the potential name by calling your pet and observe its reaction. If it reacts positively, then you can be sure that you found the right name for your sweetheart.

50 Hippie Dog Names With Meaning

Introducing popular hippie names for your free-spirited dog, along with their corresponding meanings.

Names Meanings
Bojangles Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s song
Caesar During 60s and 70s, Caesar Chavez was a Mexican American labor leader and civil rights activist
Harmony Signifies peace and balance
Marley After Bob Marley, a popular Jamaican singer and musician
Jasper Gemstone that promotes relaxation
Dylan After Bob Dylan is the most famous folk artist
Warhol After Andy Warhol, an artist, who is known for his works during 60s
Sonny Sonny and Cher, popular American pop and entertainment duo in 60s and 70s
Rebel Hippies rebelled against the beliefs of their parents in the 1950s era
Garcia After Jerry Garcia, the guitarist and chief songwriter for the Grateful Dead
Zappa After Frank Zappa, an American musician, composer, and bandleader
Pryor After Richard Pryor, most beloved comedians of the era and an influential activist
Dusk Popular name for boys in the late 1960s
Jack After Jack Kerouac, “Beat” writer who helped usher in the hippies of the 1960s
Nirvana A state of perfect happiness
Phoenix Mythical Egyptian bird
Ringo The drummer’s name for the Beatles
Alchemy Magical
Gypsy A free spirit
Woody After Woody Guthrie, an American singer-songwriter and composer

Unleash a wave of cool vibes with these hippie dog names. Below is a collection of top names that could be a best fit for your beloved furry companion.

Beatle Fonda Sycamore
Juріtеr Holly Verve
Aquarius Chеrrу Mystic
Liberty Alfаlfа Gеm
Pistachio Rio Patches
Sativa Plutо Henna
Daffodil Peanut Brіdgеr
Snoop Citrine Nebula
Ambrosia Enigma Brook
Ansel Nаіа Xavier


30 Hippie Dog Names for Male

Here are some beautiful and unique names for your male furry pal that evoke the hippie feelings of peace and love.

Cedar Fox Sandy
Avalanche Tranquil Seraph
Zephyr Skyler Flow
Wolf Morrison Hope
Hawk Jubliee Cayenne
Zenith Mаrіnа Ember
Rock Lark Saffron
Crosby Bliss Amor
Everest Clover Asher
Benjamin Dreamer Free Spirit

30 Hippie Dog Names for Female 

Below is an ultimate collection of hippie dog names that might suit your female dog.

Willow Spring Breeze
Jane Pecan Angelle
Clеmеntіnе Cliff Dakota
Meadow Tulip Summer
Oak Twila Clarity
Crystal Venus Bluebell
Solstice Sierra Janis
Hоllу Zofie Jade
Swееtреа Violet Topaz
Sienna Nоrth Paradise

30 Hippie Girl Dog Names

Do you own a female pup and are seeking hippie girl dog names? Here are some unique names that you can consider!

Amber Poppy Buttercup
Abbie Parsley Gem
Gaia Maple Joy
Ocean Bluebell Peach
Cher Deja Ivory
Daisy Penny Lilac
Joni Yoko Pearl
Misty Faith Jasmine
Flora Rosa Peony
Ivy Blossom Maya

30 Hippie Boy Dog Names

If you are looking for hippie boy dog names, here are some beautiful and cool options.

Orion Karma Shadow
Lunа Wave Bаxtеr
Thunder Ice Cypress
Rainbow Dusty Indio
Falcon Lennon Candle
Natura Joplin Dharma
Blue Nyx Woody
Mango North Hendrix
Jimi Stevie Xаvіеr
Comet Oakley Dreamcatcher

30 Cute Hippie Dog Names

Are you looking for cute hippie names for your four-legged canine? Here are some beautiful options that you can ponder.

Honey Laurel Sky
Snow Miracle Elm
Autumn Barley Arlo
Fern Mist Peat
Aura Moon Pine
Halo Breezy Aspen
Heart Pepper Spirit
Juniper Jerry Rob
Ginger Quest Stones
Crystle Robin Cherry


30 Boho Hippie Dog Names 

If you are looking for bohemian names for your pups, here are some cool boho and hippie-inspired dog names that you can consider for your furry companion.

Bo Zen Ozzy
Boho Echo Ziggle
Sunshine Apollo Luna
Sage Axl Slash
Love Zorro River
Rumi Blaze Sol
Groovy Eden Flash
Peace Ace Rain
Bodhi Nova Indigo
Jagger Ryder Cosmic



We hope that the list of names provided has helped you select the perfect name for your furry pal. If you have found the ideal name for your pooch, don’t forget to share it with us. Happy Naming!