7 Best Heavy Duty, Strong, and Escape-Proof Dog Crates

Pet parents that frequently take their furry friends with them for long drives or trips always find it difficult to provide a comfortable place for their pet pals.  A dog crate is the best investment for travelling pet parents. This den-like gadget will not only a sacred spot for the dog where it spends most of the day but is also useful for various other activities like housebreaking and travelling. 

The market is flooded with many variants of dog crates in various designs, sizes, and colors. This article will provide insights into the heavy-duty dog crates and will also review the best heavy-duty, and strong dog crates that are on the trend.

Why are the Heavy-Duty Crates The Best Option?

Travelling is always tedious and stressful. That is why the travelling types of equipment like suitcases, travel bags and roof racks are built to be rough and tough.

A strong crate not only keeps the dog inside it but also protects him or her from the occasional knock, bump and scrape without falling apart during travelling.

On the other hand, not all dogs stay inside the crate for longer time spans. Some of the few different ways the mutts figure out to escape include:

  • A dog with enough bite force and determination will easily set itself free by chewing on the weaker areas of a standard crate.
  • Many dogs find ways to set free by learning techniques to open the latches. The standard barrel latches are very easy for a smart dog to manipulate. Latches are commonly manipulated by smaller dogs.
  • Some pooches are so strong that they break open the crates with the strength they have to escape boredom, combat stress, and overcome separation anxiety.

An ideal heavy-duty crate is seen to hassle freely solve all three of these problems.

What are the features that one needs to look for while zeroing on the right heavy-duty animal cage?

In addition to the normal sizing features that one would look in a crate, the following features need to be pondered while investing in a heavy-duty dog cage.

1.  Overbuilt

The standard ⅛” to ¼” steel bars are what most standard crates are made of. The escape artists love this feature because they can easily bend and pry this crate types. Therefore, one needs to look for crates with stronger steel bars that cannot be bent by the strong fidos.

2. Lock system

Standard crates have simple latches that crafty dogs tend to manipulate from the inside. Hence one needs to select a crate with real locks and other solutions that cannot be easily broken.

3. Wheels

Wheels are a great option for these heavy-duty dog crates as these heavier when compared with the standard crates. Hence the crates with wheels will let one move it around the house without more hassles. But one thing that should be pondered is that these wheels should be removable as they need to be removed during air travel and when the crate needs to be stacked for storage or relocation.

4. Solid crates

Crate with solid walls and ventilation holes are more secure and safer for these escape artists than the wired cages.

5. Ventilation

Dogs require ample airflow to breathe and relax hence one needs to zero on the right heavyweight crates with 360-degree ventilation.

6. Material

Three most common materials used to build heavy-duty crates are steel, aluminum and wood. The steel ones are not only the most durable but are also an excellent option for aggressive escape dogs. The bit lighter aluminum kennels are equally as durable. The wooden ones though look the best but aren’t as secure like the other two crate versions.

7. Resistance to Rust

Another pivotal factor is the resistance to rust. One should invest in a crate model that has a protective layer of special paint that enhances the immunity to rust. 

8. Hassle-free entry and exit

The heavy-duty dog’s kennel should possess a large door that allows the pet to easily enter the crate. The door not only needs to be opened and closed hassle freely but also should hold the pet tight and secure post locking it into the crate.

9. Easiness of Cleaning

Zero on models with removable trays as they are the easiest to clean and simple to maintain.

7 Best Heavy-Duty Crates 

No crate or kennel can be expected to be completely escape-proof, the following seven options are among the best available in the market today.

#1: SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Two-Door Indoor Outdoor Pet Dog Crate Cage – & Animal Kennel with Tray

  • Premium grade steel construction.
  • Hassle-free two-door entry and exit.
  • Wheels with locking technology.
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Easily removable and cleanable pan.

This heavy-duty solid framed pet carrier is built with commercial-quality steel construction to keep for the safety and comforts of the furry friends. 

The durable animal cage features a 3/4-inch frame reinforced with half an inch diameter welded steel tubes from the top to bottom for improved strength and durability.

The two-way door design with top and bottom access is a great option for puppies, growing pets, and all energetic breeds. The front door has two slide-bolt latches and the crate top has one.

The four rolling wheels in the crate makes aids in easier relocation. Locking system in two of the wheels not only prevents accidental movement but also holds the cage securely at a place.

The multi-layer, protective hammer-tone coating on the heavy-duty crate makes it rust, corrosion, and fade-free hence is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The stain and rust-resistant removable bottom pan keep hold of pet odor and the rated design not only allows for any soiling to drop to the lower pan but also doesn’t mess from spilling outside the kennel. The trays have a latch to be held securely in place and can be easily slid out for cleaning.


  • Strong and sturdy suitable for all dog breeds and sizes.
  • Removable trays and casters are added additions.
  • Bottom crate is rust and corrosion free for improved durability.
  • Two-door accesses with safety latches for extra security and safety.


  • The dissatisfaction of customer care from product reviews

#2. ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

  • Designed particularly for powerful escape artists that have clawed or chewed their way out of other crates.
  • The crate has a long-lasting, high-grade hammerstone finish with four 4-inch-tall removable casters with two-wheel locking system.
  • Features a removable tray that can be cleaned easily during accidents and spill outs.

One of the world’s strongest and most escape-proof kennels. Composed of thick steel tube construction, strong and durable welds, and paired door latches. 

The ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is seen to be an indestructible crate that can withstand any abuse of the dog and pooches can never dish out.

The crate boasts of 20-gauge steel and reinforced 0.5″ diameter steel tubes, as well as removable casters that can not only be attached for rolling the crate to other spots around the house but can also be taken off for increased stability.

The grated floor and tray tend to catch any unmentionables that fall through. The removable tray can be cleaned without any hassles.


  • One of the best-rated heavy-duty kennels according to the customer review.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Compact design


  • Some reviews show that a minimal percentage of dogs could escape out of the crate.

#3. ecoFlex Pet Crate/End Table

  • Composed of a non-toxic recycled plastic-wood polymer material that never warps, cracks or splits.
  • Stainless steel latches for extra security.
  • Hassle-free no-tool assembly
  • Dual usage as crate and home decor.
  • This ecoFLEX heavy-duty crate not only functions as a crate but can also double into a piece of the home décor as an end table, an occasional table or a nightstand. 

    The stainless-steel latch (one for small and medium crates and two for large and higher model crates) aids in securing the pet inside its confined safe space. 

    The crate is made of non-toxic eco-friendly ecoFLEX material that is a combination of reclaimed wood and plastic. The spindles are composed of stainless-steel tubing. 

    Available in four sizes: Small for dogs up to 20lbs; Medium for dogs up to 50lbs; Large For dogs up to 80lbs and X-large for dogs up to 100 lbs.

    The care instructions are very simple one only needs to wipe it with a damp cloth.


    • Ecofriendly long-lasting heavy-duty crate.
    • The crate can be painted to suit the home decor.
    • Easy maintenance.
    • Can be used as a piece of furniture too.


    • Not recommended for doggies with chewing habit.

    #4. Goplus Metal Wire Dog Crate

  • The wheels come with a locking system to keep the crate from wandering on the floor.
  • Dual-door design not only keeps the pooch secure but also provides pet parents with easy access to the interior.
  • The square steel tube and steel-wire design provides stronger support and good ventilation.
  • The removable tray comes with a spinning tab to keep it in its place.
  • This escape-proof crate is composed of high-quality steel wire to not only keep the dog contained to its own safe space but also provides the owners with several convenient features.

    The heavy-duty crate is made from non-toxic steel wire that is 3/3.5mm thick and square metal tubing that is 16x16mm that is seen to enhance the strong structure. 

    The crate bottom contains a removable composite plastic tray that can be cleaned up without any hassles.

    The crate design has two doors – one has a lock, while the other uses a slide bolt latch and is provided with sliding wheels for easier transportation between rooms. The two-wheel locking systems increases the furry pal’s security at times when it’s very fierce.


    • Sturdy and durable.
    • Hassle-free maintenance.
    • Dual door for easy entry and exit.
    • Ideal for large to extra dogs


    • Tedious assembling.
    • Not recommended for small furry friends as they are seen to escape easily from between the tubes.

    #5. Homey XL Metal Crate

    • Feeding doors ease the feeding process.
    • Pullout tray is easy for cleaning.
    • Lockable heavy-duty wheels ease the kennel relocation.
    • Double chain lock and all-metal design enhance security and durability.
    • Plastic floor grid with small holes comforts and protects the pet pal’s feet.
    • Nontoxic finished surface possesses the anti-rust ability.

    The Homey XL Metal Crate is specifically designed to hold canines up to 150 lbs. The crate has a lower front feeding door that allows one to not easily place food inside the kennel.  

    The structure’s floor has a plastic grid with small holes that are seen to enhance the comforts for the pooch’s feet.

    This XL heavy-duty crate has a double chain lock for improved security and the metal unit has a rust-free non-toxic finish on the surface. No slipping out is possible as the bars are spaced at 1.44 inch.


    • Ultradurable to protect extra-large escape artists.
    • Heavy-duty locks improve security.
    • Plastic grate protects the paws effectively.


    • Not suitable for frequent relocators as each time the kennel needs to be disassembled and assembled which is quite tedious.

    #6. Merry Products Cage

    • Can be used as a piece of furniture as the panels cover the main components of the crate.
    • Removable plastic tray can be pulled out for hassle-free cleaning.
    • Powder-coated black steel cage design that is sturdy with increased longevity
    • A detachable steel crate divider partitions the interior space hence can be used to potty train tiny breeds.

    Style and functionality come together in this crate set. The crate comes with a fully functional free-standing steel crate coated with black powder and the solid wood cover is designed with a Mahogany brown wood. 

    The pet crate has a dual purpose as a crate and a home decor. The metal crate also has a removable plastic tray at the bottom of the crate for hassle-free cleaning. 

    For successful crate training of the puppies, a removable stainless-steel crate divider is included for the partitioning of the interior space. 

    Available in three variant sizes to accommodate most dog breeds. This patented design is easy to assemble and disassemble without the use of any hardware.


    • Hassle-free assembly and disassembly.
    • Removable plastic tray for easy cleaning.
    • The cage is fully functional even without the wood parts for easy relocation.


    • Not recommended for chewing breeds

    #7. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate Strong Metal

    • Anti-escape lock for enhanced security.
    • Special Y-pattern design gives the crate a beautiful and bite-proof shape to effectively prevent the dog’s mouth from sticking out. 
    • Heavy-duty and nontoxic
    • Easy installation and maintenance.
    • 360 degree moving wheels with a locking system for easier relocation.

    This heavy-duty crate is made of high-grade steel with a large door and two locks. The removable plastic trays are easy to clean and remove.

    Sturdy metal frame provides excellent ventilation and visibility for the canine and the drainage is located on the underneath.

    The metal frame of this crate is made from thick steel with multi-layer hammer-tone coating that is scratch, corrosion, and scuffs free. 

    The crate is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Safe and nonhazardous for the dog, when they lick and bite it.

    Reinforced steel built to prevent the most aggressive dogs from escaping.  Recommended for medium and large dogs with a large space inside. 


    • Large space.
    • Nontoxic.
    • Hassle-free cleaning.
    • Thick steel pipes


    • The plastic trays are seen to break easily.

    Frequently Asked Heavy-Duty Dog Crates Questions

    Q. Are the presence of wheels mandatory for all heavy-duty kennels?

    A. Most of the heavy-duty crates or kennels are made of thick steel or wood or a combination of both and are large enough to be dismantled each time for relocation into the home or outside. Hence the presence of wheels simplifies this process of moving it without any hassles within the home.

    Q. How long can one leave a dog in its crate?

    A. The time period one leaves a dog in the crate depends on the breed and age of the furry pal. Small dogs have small urine holding bags hence they need to be let out for elimination break every three to four hours. Medium and above dogs will not need to eliminate but will get bored and the chances of destructiveness are high. Hence the recommended time to leave the dog in the crate is a maximum of 6 to 8 hours without human intervention and eight hours with a pet sitter at home.

    Q. Can one invest in a soft heavy-duty dog crate?

    A: A heavy-duty dog crate should ideally be built from solid, robust material that will not only confine escape-artist but is also chew resistant. Hence, soft materials are not suitable for this type of crates.

    Q. How can one stop a dog from chewing through its crate?

    A:  If one has a dog with a strong bite force that is enough to chew through a standard dog crate, they should opt for a stronger, heavy-duty one. Confirmed chewers are seen to easily chew their way through wooden, wire, fabric, and plastic crates. So, to keep them canine one will need to invest in a heavy-duty crate with thick-gauge steel bars.

    Q. Are heavy-duty crates mandatory for extra-large dogs?

    A: For pet parents of big dog breeds like Great Dane, mastiff, or pit bull terrier, one should consider buying an XXL crate that will be a good fit for the pet. We necessarily need not invest in a heavy-duty crate unless the pups are chewing or escape artists. However, some large heavy pups have the habit of resting up against the side of their crates this may cause the sides to sag and buckle over time. for such instances, a heavy-duty cage would be the best bet with security and durability in mind.

    Final thoughts

    Indestructible heavy-duty dog crates are the best option for pet pals that are escape artists and have chewing habits. One needs to zero on a heavy-duty dog crate with these prominent features like robust construction, secure locks and hassle-free portability. 

    For heavy-duty dog crate for air travel, one needs to not only choose airline compliant crates but also needs to de attach the wheels. For outdoor crates, be sure to choose a kennel that’s made from solid steel and has been treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust protection products. 

    Position an indoor crate in a quiet location that’s free from direct sunlight and any form of heat sources. Outdoors refrain from positioning the kennels underneath trees as the chances of fallen branches could present a safety hazard for the pet.

    The insights provided in this article will not only help new pet parents but will also provide wider knowledge for existing pet owners facing problems with escape artists, chewy pets and destructive furry pals.

    Happy Parenting!!!!!


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