240 Funny Dog Names That Perfect for Your Goofy Puppies

Best dog names for goofy dogs: Are you looking for a name that carries significance for your beloved furry pal? Well, we have your back. Here, we will not only help you with the naming process, but we will also offer you the finest name choices for your cherished four-legged canine.

How to Choose Goofy Dog Names

Before listing the names, it is important to understand the naming process. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Consider your dog’s personality traits, behavior and appearance, and choose a name that suits your dog’s unique characteristics.
  • Movies, TV shows, cartoons, novels or famous comedians can also serve as sources of inspiration for naming your dog.
  • Be creative, play with word or think out-of-the-box to name your pet.
  • Do not use abusive words and avoid common commands.
  • Lastly, test the potential name by calling your dog and observe its reaction.

50 Dog Names For Goofy Dogs With Meaning

Here are some of the popular dog names, along with their meaning. We are sure that one of them might definitely fit your furry pal.


Names Meanings
Goofy Silly
Silly This name suits a playful and goofy dog
Rambo Fighting for a chew toy
Whimsy Playfully quaint or humor
Santa Paws For the jolly Holiday pup
Bubbles This name suits a dog with a bubbly and lively nature
Mary Puppins A spoonful of fun
Zigzag For the dog who’s all over the place
Bobo A happy winner
Mittens Even big paws get cold sometimes
Banjo After a song ‘Banjo on My Knee’
Chara A star in a constellation; this star represents hunting dogs
Oysten The Norwegian name means happiness
Brutus Pet sitter needs to watch her back
Oron Happy
Felix Happy and energetic
Peanut Nothing’s nuttier than this
Dusty Miller A song
Cayo A Spanish name meaning lively
Pumba Comedic sidekick dog


Listed below are some of the best names that also include names from pop culture, particularly television shows, which might be a perfect fit for your pooch.


Angus Brutus Thelma
Vito Magnum Scooby-Doo
Stewie Byte Woody
Furdinand Buzz Sansa
Juno Dozer Moana
Pugsley Wednesday Veronica Mars
Salvador Dogi Lucy Spark Pug
Toto Gumdrop Astro
Alf Conan Jimmy Chew
Boss Kanye Westie Fifi

50 Goofy Puppy Names

Do you own a goofy puppy and are looking out for cute and funny names? Here are some of the excellent and unique names that you can ponder.


Blacky Chiku Brain Suki Kelso
Samito Epona Pam Boots Coco Chanel
Molson Sneakers Fisher Winnie Spud
Cerali Moxie Jayzi Jerome Puppaccino
Mister Jamila Flippy Nico Jawa
Pitufo Pudding Cecil Buster Nigel
Babushka The Dude Noodle Murphy Blaze
Mozart Hera Cujo Clive Tater Tot
Slinky Apollo Pancakes Ringo Nessie
Gaja Yoko Pipsi Olga Tinker Bell

50 Funny Goofy Dog Names

Here are some funny goofy dog names, which also include some that are based on TV characters.

Brisket Chester Tyson Fuzzy Gia
Monet Frodo Buttler Urkel Tootie
Hiccup Homer Saria Pikachu Maude
Bambi Bombastic Yogi Ricky Sugar
Fabio Dylan Speedy Hashtag Wotan
Pogo Duplo Fonzie Toby Lieke
Timbit Cassiopeia Chip Rusty Buffy
Dobby Red Társila Zhenya Big Ben
Cody Bullet Chamán Trixie Artoo Dogtoo
Bitsy Flash Gordo Duce Shelby

30 Goofy Male Dog Names

Are you looking for male goofy dog names? Here are some of the best options that you can consider.

Bacon Hooch Meatball
Clyde Kramer Gucci
Chewie Bucky Carl Spackler
Dave Oscar Mayer Taco
Waldo Eddie Haskell Yoda
Oreo Cheeto Hoss
Einstein McGruff Chewbacca
Screech Mugsy Max
Woofer Pickle Butter Face
Elmo Nacho Charlie Brown

30 Goofy Female Dog Names

Do you own a female dog and are looking for goofy names for your sweetheart? Here are some of the funny names, one of which might perfectly suit your furry companion.


Honey Lexy Polly
Dana Jayzi Canela
Jenna Eloise Waffles
Dagda Haribo Cletus
Bingo Lady Rover Elna
Laika Clara Barkley
Grazie Corina Ava
Sushi Maila Cinder Ella
Peggy Angel Foxy
Inanna Pup Tart Idun

30 Big Goofy Dog Names

Are you in search of a supersized funny name because your dog is humorous as well as strong in nature? Here are some amazing names for your big goofy dog.


Bubba Chuck Norris Pee Wee
Buck Caesar Rex
Atom Boomer Giggles
Big Red Marshmallow Fluffy
Wiggles Prince Queen Bey
Captain Chaos Wobble Kitty
Bruiser Mac Daddy Bumble
Fred Major Tiny
Bullwinkle Napoleon Hobbit
Wolf Chief Ditka



Did you find the perfect name for your goofy dog from the list mentioned above? If yes, do not forget to share the name with us.


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