300+ Popular Female Puppy Names

Puppies are one of the best human stressbusters. They are full of life and keep us on our toes. Female puppies are extra special because of their cuteness, attitude, and loving nature. Choosing a name for these girls requires a little thinking and plenty of inspiration; if you are a female puppy new parent and looking for tags to call them.


Read on! This article will provide insights into naming your furry girls inspired by varied inspirations like breed type, fur type, eyes, traits, color, and so on.

How to Choose a Girl Puppy Name?


This section provides some pointers that will simplify the name-searching process for your furry pals.

  • Pick a shorter name over a longer one. Longer tags make it difficult for pet comprehension.
  • Choose a name that begins with a syllable that has a sharp, unmistakable sound. A label that starts with a D, T, or K will be simple for your pet pal to get. 
  • Stay away from names that sound similar to the training commands like sit, no, come, down, and so on. These names will confuse the puppy while training and hinder the pet training process.
  • When puppies hear their name, they know that whatever comes after that is for them. Hence use her name frequently in a positive context.
  • Refrain from naming your puppies with names similar to the family members, leading to confusion.
  • The puppy’s look, behavior, and breed type are great naming idea inspirations. Hence, observe them for a couple of days before choosing a name.
  • Until the furry girl connects herself to a particular name, refrain from the mainstream names till then.
  • Choose a puppy name with many vowels in them for quicker pet grasping.
  • Abstain changing grown-up dog names. In unavoidable cases, choose a name similar to their previous labels.
  • Select a name that is loved and appreciated by all the members around the puppy. As this name will be in constant use for the next many years.
  • Evaluate the chosen name for a couple of days to see how the furry girl responds. In most cases, the puppies get adjusted to their new labels or look for a different tag.
  • Try to complete the name searching process within 14 days of the female puppy’s welcoming into the home.

Why Do So Many Girl Dog Names End in a ‘y,’ or ‘ie?’

Commonly many paw-fect names ending in a ‘y’ or ‘ie’ is popular and never out of trend because of their sweet and easy-to-pronounce sound. 

Popular Female Puppy Names


This section lists the current and never out of trend popular furry girl’s names with meanings. 

Name Meaning
Agatha Greek name meaning great
Bella Italian name meaning beautiful
Carly Free and pleasant
Diva A recognized female artist
Ellie Light or candle
Fleur or Flora Flower
Ginny Maiden
Honey Sweet 
Imani Faith in Swahili
Jennifer Light colored
Kali Fierce
Layla Night in Arabic
Mae More
Nikki Victory
Olive A fruit-bearing tree
Pandora A box full of surprises
Remy Straight hair
Vasha Ruler
Xia Glow of daylight
Yoko Child


Other Popular Female Puppy Names

Abby Bianca Candy
Demi Eden Faye
Gia Hathie Iris
Jenna Karla Leia
Maggi Nova Odessa
Portia Regina Stella
Thea Ulani Vivi
Wren Xena Yoshi
Zazu Ada Casey
Foxy Jewel Queenie


Best Female Hunting Dogs


The names enlisted in this section suits well the hunting breed’s personality. Check out.

Arya Dakota Ivy
Moxie Nala Williow
Ziggy Marlie Rogue
Sadie Trudy Payton
Gamora Ace Jet
Gus Boone Connor
Feather Dink Quiver
Neith Pinga Blixen
Ishi Magnum Gunner
Bendis Devana Maya


Best Female Labels for Pitbull


Pitbull’s are a unique dog breed with special features. The list below has the popular, stylish, and uncommon female names.

Betsy Clara Dinah
Edith Freya Kiki
Lola May Olivia
Penny Rachael Sally
Tessa Violet Wanda
Zara Abbie Betsy
Cassie Darla Eva
Frankie Katie Maisy
Nora Poppy Anna
Mary Florence Maddie


Best Female Korean Puppy Names


Female Korean dog tags are beautiful and meaningful. Most of the time, the short Korean names have Buddhism and South Korean culture influences.

Ae-Cha Bada Chin
Dubu Goo Hayan
Iseul Kyung Mi Sun
Nun-i Ogboon Soo
Taebaek Ye-jin Bong-Cha
Chun-Hei Dasom Hye
In-Na Min Bae
Danbi Eui Ji-a
Mee Sung Yu-na
Cho Myung Hee


Popular Golden Retriever Female Puppy Names


The section below enlists cute furry girl names that will make one smile each time when you call them.

Lucy Gracy Molly
Winnie Ruby Sandy
Dixie June Riley
Piper Ollie Bingo
Boomer Pepper Fluffy
Amor Chloe Button
Summer Bowe Cosmo
Arya Taco Cookie
Jelly Gary Poker
Luke Speedy Beau


Best Brown Puppy Names Female


The names enlisted in this section are best matches for chocolate-colored female pals of all sizes and breeds.

Cinnamon Nutmeg Maple
Tawny Sable Hazel
Canela Tea Auburn
Sienna Henna Mahogany
Heather Millie Brandy
Reese Carmella Amber
Goldie Barna Donn
Brun  Café Rudas
Nâu Bruin Coklat
Pecan Rusty Bunaa


Popular Black Puppy Female Labels


One of the most popular colors in dog breeds is black. This section lists various, black-inspired names that are great suggestions for female furry pals.

Grit Roast Burnt
Cinder Soot Onyx
Mica Lava Stone
Dice Pawn Spade
Mist Dusk Nocturne
Enigma Shine Angst
Noir Svart Musta
Pango Beltza Kuro
Preta Morticia Ninja
Styx Groucho Voodoo


Best Female Shih Tzu Names


This section enlists adorable fluffy Chinese dog names for new female Shih Tzu breeds.

Camilia Fergus Puffin
Blake Gabby Edwin
Shrimpy Hamilton Allison
Peppermint Joyful Winsome
Natalia Bradley Edmond
Bennett Morsel Elvira
Julius Remmy Octavia
Gizmo Allure Darling
Bouncy Tricia Christie
Stella Pepa Ernie


Best Female Japanese Dog Names


Japan and its culture-inspired names are good naming options for female dogs. Check out the unique name list to see if it suits your pet pals.

Hana Yumi Shinju
Aika Himari Bashira
Yuri Aika Makoto
Danuja Haia Kiyo
Yamato Eiji Kimi
Taeko Kento Yuuma
Dango Soba Yuzu
Matcha Senbei Momo
Mochi Kurumi Pōkupan
Chibi Aoi Kirei


Best German Female Dog Tags


German food, culture, and heritage are good naming options for female dogs and a great way to honor German breeds.

Brezel Kuchen Strudel
Waffel Alpina Britta
Esther Gisela Hessia
Ingrid Marta Petra
Anka Brezel Suzie
Hilda Marta Sofie
Zelda Rhine Hefe
Klum Milka Haribo
Gummi Mosel Sekt
Lena Durar Ada


Final Thoughts

Naming a dog is a tedious and thought-provoking process. The different naming options mentioned above will simplify the name selection process for new furry girl parents. Do let comment your name selection. Happy parenting!! 


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