200 + Best Female Character Inspired Dog Names


Dogs are human’s best pal for life. There is no superior sex in dogs or puppies. Female dogs are more responsive to training, less distracted, and are often less prone to wandering off. They are more friendly with children as they have the instinct of protecting their young ones. Generally, female dogs are a little more independent than male dogs and do not demand attention. They love being cuddled but tend to take themselves away when they want some me time.

Naming a female dog is a confusing and tedious procedure as one has immense naming options. This article will provide naming suggestions for Disney movie buffs searching for unique female tags. If you are hunting female character name tags for your furry pal, then you are on the right page. Read on!!!

How to Choose Best Female Character Names?


This section will provide pivotal pointers that will ease the name selection process.

  • Pick a name that one appreciates because this tag is going to be used constantly. So, one should like the sound of it.
  • Choose a shorter name over a longer one for easy pet comprehension.
  • Try selecting dog tags with more vowels.
  • Prefer dog labels beginning with letters having a sharp unmistakable sound like D, T, or K.
  • Refrain from choosing names that sound similar to the training commands like sit, no, down, and so on for enhanced pet training.
  • Stay away from mainstream names till the puppy gets connected to a specific tag, as this will confuse the dog in public places like the Vets office or parks.
  • Abstain from changing grown-up names. In unavoidable situations, choose a tag similar to the previous one.
  • Evaluate the selected names for a couple of days to check the dog’s perseverance.
  • The female dog breed legacy can motivate naming options.
  • The personality, character, and appearance are great ideas for choosing a name for furry pals.
  • Lastly, complete the name selection process within 14 days of the dog’s entry into its new home.

Popular Female Characters Dog Names


This section will enlist unique and trending female dog character tags with meanings. Check out the enlisted names to see if they suit or match your furry girl.

Name Meaning
Abby Hebrew name meaning “one who gives joy”
Bella Italian name meaning “beautiful”
Chloe Greek origin meaning “young green root” that symbolizes a refreshing start
Deliah Hebrew name meaning “delicate”
Ellie Hebrew name meaning “God or light”
Farrah Arabic name meaning “joy”
Gracie English name meaning “graceful”
Isabella Spanish and Italian variation meaning “god is my oath”
Lacey Cute name with no historic origin meaning “braid”
Maisey Scottish origin meaning “pearl”
Phoebe Greek origin meaning “radiant”
Rue Greek origin meaning “regret”
Stella Latin origin meaning “star”
Xena Greek name meaning “hospitality”
Zoe Greek origin meaning “life”
Ava Latin name meaning “life”
Bailey “Law enforcer” in German
Daisy Flower
Ginger English spice
Lyla Arabic name meaning “night”


Other Female Dog Character Names

Serenity Ruby Princess
Melody Lily Foxy
Gracie Sadie Millie
Lola Diamond Luna
Penny Mocha Gigi
Angel Piper Coco


Disney Female Dog Names 

Dog Names Inspired from Disney Animated Movies and Shows


Many classic Disney movie and show names and their characters are perfect options for naming the furry girls. Read on!

Annette Merida Tiana Danielle
Fifi Georgette Lady Nani
Otis Percy Rita Sylvia
Helen Zero Moana Elsa
Jasmine Anna Esmerlada Mulan


101 Dalmatian Disney Dog Names


The 101 Dalmatian Disney movie is also a source of many female dog names. The section enlists the female puppies shown in the movie.

Penny Jewel Two-tone Oddball
Perdita Cadpig Roly Poly Gay
Jolly Whitie Blackie Inky
Smokey Lipdip Furball Pickle
Puddles Nosey Spark Swifty


Live-Action Disney Dog Names


Some of the Disney action movies have female characters that also suit well on female pet pals.

Bielle Chance Danke Heidi
Maya Nana Papi Rosa
Duchess Shadow Turk White Fang
Rosebud Molly Nikki Yeller
Demon Missy Riley Dolly


Disney Princess Dog Names


The Princesses of many Disney movies are also great naming options.

Ariel Briar Rose Cinderella Raya
Elena Megara Pocahontas Rapunzel
Aurora Snow White Anna Belle


Other Disney Character Dog Names


This section enlists other Disney characters or Disney-related tags that are great options to name female dogs.

Ares Beasty Chip Cleo
Cruella Daisy Dewey Flora
Lilo Merlin Minnie Sisu
Ursula Willow Winnie Roo
Tigger Fantasia Bagheera Sow


Pixar Female Dog Names


Pixar female cast is also a unique option for dog names.

Celia Jessie Voyd Colette
Violet Holley Atta Elinor
Barbie Squibbles Evelyn Darla


Female Superhero inspired dog labels


Superheroines in comic books, television, film, and other media are also great naming suggestions.

Witchblade Jane Foster Faith Wasp
Rocket Vixen Jean Kitty
Monica Kamala Canary Wonder woman
Scalet Cat woman Harley Storm
Bad girl She-Hulk Raven Pryde


Best lady and the tramp names of dogs


This American romance cinema also has immense options for naming our female furry pals.

Auntie Barbara Luddy Trilby
Fluffy Trusty Scooter Lovey
Verna Woolie Sarah Greeney
Reggie Joe Peggu Mary
Si Darling Ruffy Sparky


Best cartoon female dog names


Female cartoon characters have made our childhood beautiful and are bold naming options for our furry girls.

Sandy Velma She-Ra Elastigirl
Leela Marge Alice Lois
Wilma Katara Meg Daphne
Lisa Azula Betty Kane
Tina Penelope Nala Helga


Final thoughts

Female characters in cinema, shows, comics, and so on are strong and bold characters that need to be commemorated. Giving our loved ones their names will make them immortal. Share your favorite female character tags that you liked from the enlisted above. Happy Parenting!!!

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