7 Best Dog Carrier Purse for Every Outing – [Reviews and Buying Guide]

Dog leashes are not the best choices during traveling. They pose many hindrances when traveling in a subway, a plane or even in the car. A pet carrier purse is a perfect solution to overcome all these difficulties. This article provides insights on the tips to not only choose the right pet purses but also reviews the best trending canine purses available in the market.

Dog carrier Purses

What is a dog carrier purse? Which dog breeds do they suit?

Dog carrier purses are small purses that are used to carry furry friends. These are specially manufactured to take along the pet while one takes a jolly stroll or during the visits to the vet. The dog purse carriers are recommended and best suited for teacup pet pals and small dogs that weigh less than 10lbs.

Why should one invest in a pet carrier purse?

One should invest in a pet carrier purse due to the following benefits:

  • Purses are more flexible and portable.
  • Are mostly designed to be carried on the shoulder hence are not bulky.
  • The pets are more in close contact with their parents. Hence the chances of anxiety separation reduce.
  • They work amazingly for short trips.

Where can one purchase a pet carrier purse?

Pet carrier purses are one of the trending pet accessories. Low-quality pet purses without any guarantee are available in most of the local pet stores. Branded as well as unbranded canine carrier purses are available in the big pet brand stores and online also. One can not only choose from a wide range of options, sizes, prices, and types but can also hold on quality products. 

7 Top Trending Dog Carrier Purses

#1. HDP Paw Style Small Pet Carrier

The Paw Style Pet Carrier is built up of cotton/felt over foam walls. It is available in two size variants: small (14″ x 19″ x 9.5″) and medium (16″ x 20″ x 10″) that suits pets up to 13 Lbs.

The carrier purse possesses an opening on each end with two security clips. This aids in carrying one or two small dogs together at once. The carrier top is zippered for easy pooch access.

An add on feature is the presence of a separate pillow for extra comfort. The base is water-resistant, removable and washable.


  • Durable
  • Top zippered for easy access
  • Waterproof base
  • Easy to clean.
  • comfortable


  • Not suitable for use in hot climates.

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#2. Anima Pet Carrier Purse

The Anima Dog Purse has a stylish pattern that is not only available in three color variants but also doesn’t sacrifice the pet’s comfort. It features an imitation leather trim, striking houndstooth pattern, and handles to add more life as well as durability to the bag. The dual zipper top and Velcro closure simplify the accessibility. 

The carrier also features two storage pockets on each side of the purse that is ideal for holding small items. The interior pad is removable and washable. The purse is extra secure and safe do the addon feature of interior leash attachment. 

This purse pet carrier is sized for very small teacup dogs that weigh up to 3lbs and under and measures 13.5″ x 6.5″ x 10.5″.


  • Breathable
  • Removable and washable interior pad.
  • Stylish attractive design.
  • Durable.
  • Interior leash attachment
  • Easy to clean.

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#3. BETOP HOUSE Pet Carrier Tote

The BETOP HOUSE Pet Tote comes in two sizes—large and small. Each size has a unique design. The small size variant fits dogs up to 8.8 pounds and has two mesh ventilation panels. On the other hand, the large size fits dogs up to 12 pounds and possesses only one mesh ventilation panel and three ventilation holes on the opposite side. The large-sized pet tote also features a double layer top closure with a mesh or covered option. 

The rigid structure provides the dog more room and the purse also include a removable bottom for easy maintenance. 

The pet purse is built of fade-resistant faux leather in a stylish check pattern with carrying handles and a removable shoulder strap for handsfree traveling. An interior safety leash adds on to the pet pal’s security and safety. 

 Finally, both sizes feature an exterior multi-storage front snap and a hidden zipper pocket in the back for storage.


  •  Good quality and lightweight.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Great ventilation.
  • Comfortable.
  • Removable shoulder strap.
  • Interior safety leash


  • The flaps covering the mesh may tend to roll up after a certain period.

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#4. Travel Pet Carrier Purse by Angel Doggy

This premium quality and heavy-duty travel pet handbag are made of Polyester with PU coating filling with foam and the black polyester inner guarantees top durability. Top ergonomic zipper ensures easy access to the pet pal. The mesh in the center offers optimum ventilation and the elastic neck rest prevents the pet from slipping or escaping out. 

This stylish Angel Doggy pet carrier pouch has an add on feature of an anti-slipping shoulder PC covered top handle. The foldable travel bag is sized for small dogs that weigh up to 2kg/ 4.4lbs.


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Stylish.
  • Heavy-duty premium quality.
  • Durable.
  • Foldable.
  • Anti-slipping shoulder PC covered handle.


  • No extra storage pockets.

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#5. PAW Cozy Pet Travel Soft Sided Pet Carrier 

The stylish PAW Cozy Pet Travel Carrier features two over the shoulder straps for hassle-free carrying. This cozy pet carrying bag allows the furry pal to keep their head out, making them feel safe and unconfined. 

The pet purse is available in two color variant grey/black whose cover is made up of 100% polyester and the filling inside is 100% polyurethane foam. The purse carrier dimensions are length: 17.5 x 10 x 9 inches and the strap length is 33 inches.

The carrier is recommended to be washed by hand only in cold water and air-dried. One should refrain from wringing out and the use of bleach or fabric softener during the cleaning process. The pet purse carrier has two outer pockets for storing treats, small toys, or even one’s phone or wallet and is highly recommended for small pet dogs. 


  • Comfortable and safe.
  • Fits the seat of a shopping cart.
  • Sturdy
  • Washable.


  • Flimsy straps

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#6. Hillwest Dog Tote Bag

The Hillwest Dog Tote Purse carrier is made up of high-quality synthetic leather that is fade and distortion proof. The carrier is available in two vibrant color variants pink and black. The breathable mesh on the top and on one side provides apt ventilation.

The tote has a snap pocket on the front and zipper pocket on the back; The removable base plate not only aids in maintaining the purse structure but also is washable.

The pet purse also features an interior collar hook and an adjustable strap that is sized for dogs under four pounds. The strong and durable metal parts of the stylish bag firmly connect with the belt and are safe for long travels.


  • Breathable and lightweight.
  • Washable and soft.
  • Stylish and secure.
  • Interior collar hook.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Airline approved.

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#7. DJANGO Dog Carry Bag

The Django carrier is designed with organic materials such as cotton, leather and is topped up with water-resistant fabrics. The carry bag offers a Sherpa-enclosed removable and washable footpad and a harness tether to keep the pooch safe.

The soft leather handles make it easier for carrying the pet without any hassles. The four exterior and interior zip pockets offer plenty of room for treats and gears. The bag also possesses a credit card slot in the front zipper pocket.

This carrier is designed for dogs up to 30 lbs and the size is available in three color variants black, blue, and green.


  • High quality
  • Waterproof
  • Removable footpad 
  • Multi-storage pockets
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish.
  • Scoop front
  • Zipped top closure


  • Expensive

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What are the types of pet carrier purses available?

The pet carrier purses are available in variant colors, design and type. One needs to zero on the right pet purse one requires based on their budget as well as pet needs.

The pet carrier purses types include:

Pooch carriers  

The most used pet carrier purses. Pet parents choose this canine purse carrier for short as well as long travel.

Dog carrier bags with wheels 

They are dog carrier purses that are very similar to the pet purses but have an additional feature of rolling wheels. One can pull their pet around in these purses and is a convenient option for heavy or large canine breeds

Dog carrier slings 

These carrier bags wrap around the shoulders and chest and is ideal for carrying smaller pups.

Dog carrier backpacks 

Pet backpacks are ideal gadgets for pet parents that choose to take along the furry friends for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, or cycling.

What are the important traits that one need to look for before investing in a pet carrier purse?


One needs to consider the following factors mentioned below.

  1. Size

The size of the dog plays a pivotal role in choosing the right carrier purse. As dog breeds are of various sizes. Toy breeds like pugs, chihuahua, and poodles need smaller carrier purses when compared to a bulldog. On the other hand, some dogs, like the Great Dane do not fit into any carrier purses. One should zero on such carrier purses that are slightly bigger vertically as well as horizontally by a few inches than the actual size of the dog. This will provide the pet with enough room to turn around or stretch while inside the purse.

  1. Weight

All pet purse carriers are accompanied by the manufacturer’s instructions that give details about the weight the carrier can withstand. Read this instruction carefully to check if the purse one selects suits their pets.

  1. Design and material

The market is flooded with varied colors and designed pet purses. One needs to choose one that suits the taste and needs of the pooch as well as its parent.

The purses are also made of different materials. Choose one that keeps the pet warm and cozy and is easy to clean. These factors determine the quality and durability of the purse. 

  1. Purpose of use

The type of carrier purse one needs to choose depends on the mode of use. A simple carrier purse will be well enough for one who is looking for a carrier to place it in the car. A detailed purse needs to be zeroed on if one wants to carry the dog with them where-ever they go. For frequent air travelers, one needs to select airlines approved purses or get their carrier purses approved before the travel date.

  1. Ventilation

Ventilation plays a pivotal factor in carrier purses. The pets need to not only get enough air while inside it but should also not feel very hot especially when the dog doesn’t have the option of popping its head outside the purse all the time. Some purses have both mesh tops and windows while others have only either of the two or the normal carriers without one.

  1. Easy to maintain

All dog purses mostly have soft reusable padded interiors for comfort and easy maintenance. But some do not come with paddings, in such cases, one needs to place a soft towel or a small pillow inside the carrier purse to make the purse pet comfortable.

  1. Price

The pet purses available in the market are price variedly. One needs to invest in one that suits their budget as well as covers the requirements of the pet. The purse carriers with the right features are available in the medium to the high price range.

  1. Multi-storage pockets

One can also look for additional accessory storage pockets that help in storing dog treats, poop bags, and other essential items. These eliminate the tension of carrying an extra accessory bag. 

  1. Interior leash attachment

Zero on pet purse carrier with collar hoops. This enhances safety as it will confine the pooch to the purse.

  1. Food and water access

This feature can be ignored for those pets that travel in pet purse for a short period and distance. But if one loves to take along their pet pals for long trips on a train, plane or by car, then this feature or tip is pivotal.

The best purses in trend have side panels that can be used for hassle free feeding of the dogs, without the necessity of having them come out.

  1. Sturdy handles 

The handles of the carrier purse are pivotal, if they are not sturdy enough, accidents tend to occur. Always look for carrier purse handles that are composed of durable materials and are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the furry friend. 

How To Train The Canine to Ride in a Pet Carrier Purse?

One can train the pup to ride in the purse carrier by three methods that include adapt and reward; capture and reinforce; and lure and reward technique. The section below explains each method in detail.

Adapt and reward method

Blanket introduction: A small soft blanket needs to be given to the pooch to sleep on so that gets accustomed to the smell and feel of the blanket. Pet the dog and cuddle it with the blanket wrapped around.

Purse and blanket association (entry and exit): Place the blanket in the wide-open carrier and sit on a comfortable chair or couch with the carrier on one’s lap still the pooch gets habituated to the purse. 

Encourage the dog to climb into the carrier by climbing onto one’s lap with the purse and blanket. Treat it for its good behavior for positive reinforcement.

Lifting the pet purse carrier: Once the dog is comfortable with entering the purse when placed on one’s lap. Next place the purse and blanket wide open on the floor and train it to step into the bag. Lift the carrier and place it on one’s lap and reward the pooch with affection, treats, and praise. Practice this step until the pet perfectly performs it and reward and praise the pooch only when it does the right training.

Zipped bag training: Once the pet learns to get in and out of the bag comfortably, start zipping the bag closed for a few minutes at a time. Gradually increase the dog’s stay time in the bag and start to close the bag up all the way. Place a dog toy or chew toy to use while zipped in the bag. 

Short trips within the home: Pick up the bag, with the dog zipped in and take short strolls inside the home.

Short outside trips : Take the pooch in its purse carrier outside during the time of the day when few noises and distractions. Continue to praise and reward them for good behavior during the first short outdoor outing

Increase the number of outdoor trips : Gradually increase the number of long trips and expose it to different places, with different sights and sounds until it gets well accustomed to all environments.

Capture and reinforce method: 

Note: This method is only effective on pets that are clicker trained.

Purse introduction: Hold a treat in one hand and a clicker on the other. Place the purse carrier open on the floor in front and click the clicker. Once the pet listens the clicker sound it will understand that something is up and start figuring out its action to obtain the treat. 

Positive association creation: Once the dog begins to investigate the purse post-listening to the clicker sound treat or praise it. Reinforce the step-in process whenever the pup steps on the purse with one paw, click and treat. 

Reinforce still the pet places all the paws inside: Practice the click and treat method still the pooch comfortably places all the four legs inside the purse carrier. 

Practice confining the pet to the purse carrier: When the dog is comfortable stepping in the purse with all its paws ask it to sit, click and treat when the rule is obeyed. 

Zipped the pet carrier purse partway up: Zip the purse completely and hold it for a few seconds. Click and open the purse to treat the pooch. 

Short walks with the pet in zipped pet purse: Place a chew toy and zip up the purse and carry it around the house initially later-on to the neighborhood. 

Increase trips: Make trips longer and to different places. Occasional treats and a chew toy will keep it happy and reinforce the positive attachment.

Lure and reward method 

Setup temptation inside the carrier: Put an open dog purse on the floor and place a high-value treat, like a hot dog or cheese inside it. 

Reward in carrier: Allow the pooch to grab the treat from the purse. When it steps to get the treat, praise it and give another treat. Repeat this until the pooch understands that there are great treats in the carrier. 

Reward and carry with the pet inside the carrier: Continue to treat the pup as one closes and lift the carrier with the furry dog in it. Carry the dog with its head out of the carrier around the house and provide treats for good behavior.

Note: Eliminate or be cautious of escape artists.

Tempt in and out: Leave the carrier open around the home the pet’s favorite toys, blankets and chew toys in the carrier. This will tempt the pet to visit the pet purse frequently to get its desired objects. 

Zip the purse gradually: Start closing the carrier and carry the pet pal around the home for short periods. 

Increase the zipped duration: Extend the period of the dog zipped in its carrier and start taking it outdoors on longer and bigger trips. Periodically reward it with treats or provide a chew toy while its zipped in its pet purse.  

Refrain rewards: Once the furry pal gets accustomed and comfortable being in the carrier and travelling, one can stop using tempts and rewards frequently.

All pets are unique, hence not all can be trained the same way. So, one can choose any one of the above-mentioned training techniques that they find suitable and comfortable for their pet and start practicing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can one take a dog carrier purse on a plane?
Yes, one can take a dog carrier purse on a plane if it is airline approved. If the pet purse is not FAA or airline-approved one needs to check with the airlines prior to the travel date for its acceptability.

What should one do when their dog pees in the pet purse?
Most of the pet purse bases are water-resistant. If the pet tote is not waterproof one is recommended to place a pee absorber pad at the base to avoid mishaps.

Where can one carry the dog in a carrier purse?
One can take a dog carrier purse anywhere one is permitted to carry it to. The most common places the pet carrier purse is carried include hiking, to the beach, on a plane, out to dinner and so on.

Bottom Line

This article is first-hand information for new pet parents as well other owners who are looking to invest in pet carrier purses. The carrier purses one zeros on should make the pet feel comfortable, safe and secure. All the pet purses mentioned above will make sure of that.  Happy traveling!!!!

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