7 Best Dog and Pet Bike Trailers – [Review and Buying Guide]

Biking pet owners are always on a stroll whenever they get a short break. Taking a pet along is not feasible unless it is comfortable. This article will provide insights on choosing and buying biking trailers of bigger furry pals that cannot be taken along in bike baskets or carriers.


What are Dog Bike Trailers?

Dog bike trailers are fascinating and stylish dog gadgets that can be attached or mounted on to the bikes for pet transportation in a similar way as a truck trailer attachment. These bike trailers are very handy for old, ill and deceased pet pals.

Why Should One Buy a Pet Bike Trailer?

Using a trailer with a large dog breeds makes biking simpler, convenient, and feasible. It also is seen to dramatically improve the well-being of an ill, injured, or disabled dog, when one takes these furry canines out in the bike trailer to see and smell the world around it.

This way one can not only follow the bed-rest orders given by the vet but can also calm naturally active dogs when they see, hear and smell the world passing them in a safe enclosed bike trailer.

Owning a bike pet trailer has the following benefits

  • Trailers help the senior pooches to enjoy their last golden years around its pet parents.
  • An easy way to bond and have fun with adopted or rescued pets.
  • Convenient for biking parents that want to go on long-distance biking with their loved ones.
  • They are a good option for taking special dogs that can’t tolerate heavy exercise on hikes or strolls.
  • Great method for taking tiny newborn puppies out.
  • Great help for less mobile pets and dogs that are in recovery.

7 Best Dog Bike Trailers for Towing the Furry Friends

The following sections review the top seven pet trailers that are on-trend. Anyone of the reviewed products will be a good choice. But one needs to always zero on the right trailer based on one’s budget and the pet’s preferences.

1. Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer

Key Features

  • Holds dogs that weigh up to 100 lbs.
  • Rear doggy-door with folding brake.
  • Folding frame with quick-release wheels.
  • Internal leash for enhanced pet security.
  • Universal coupler for hassle-free bike attachment. 
  • Air tires for easy refilling.

The Schwinn Rascal Bike pet trailer features a rear doggy-door and folding brake which allows hassle-free access for the furry canine. The sunroof opening enhances the visibility of the pet with safety.

The trailer non-slip, removable and washable surface of the trailer provides a comfortable ride for the pet pal. The adjustable leash length prevents escape artists get out of the trailer. The trailer is well suited for small to large dogs and can hold one pet up to 100 lbs.

The trailer has an addon feature of a kickstand. This is a huge benefit if one has a larger dog that will tend to tilt the lightweight frame as it gets in and out of the trailer.

The unique folding frame and quick-release wheels make it portable and storable when not in use. The 16-inch air-filled tires enhance the riding quality. The trailer features a universal coupler that can be installed easily on almost any bike.


  • Wide-open mesh for better ventilation and visibility.
  • Complete trailer with all the camping requirements.
  • Easy to assemble and store.
  • Air-filled tire for a smoother drive.
  • Super lightweight and stylish.
  • Affordable in price.


  • Not suitable for dogs that like to sit inside the trailer during the stroll.

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2. Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Stroller and Trailer

Key Features

  • Lightweight and water-resistant.
  • Holds up to 66lbs pet weight.
  • Includes three wheels for interconvertible mode.
  • Dual door design for easy pet entry and exit.
  • Reflectors for improved visibility at night.
  • Safety flag for enhanced day time visibility.
  • Hand-lock brake system for confining the trailer when not in use.

The interconvertible trailer and stroller possess a fabric window that serves as a bug-screen to wade off insects. The removable cushion enhances the comfort of the pet during the ride. The hassle-free built-in hand brake system keeps the pet trailer in place. 

A hitch is included to attach the stroller to a bike. The trailer is sturdy and durable with a lightweight steel frame. The water-resistant polyester material protects the pet from the sun and rain.

The trailer is designed with a safety flag and reflectors for pet stroller visibility in traffic and less or dark conditions.


  • Interconvertible as a trailer and stroller.
  • Bargain-priced product.
  • Enhanced safety.
  • Better visibility and ventilation.
  • Water resistant.
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • Steel frame increases the weight.
  • Not suitable for large dogs.

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3. PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer for Dogs

Key Features

  • Suitable for dogs up to 110lbs.
  • Available in steel or aluminum framework.
  • Universal bike hitch.
  • Reflectors for night drives.
  • Removable clear plastic front doors.
  • Great pet visibility.
  • Three exterior storage pouches.
  • Collapsible trailer.
  • Weather-resistant.

A light, stylish pet bike trailer that is available in two size variants and holds between 50 to 110lbs weight. Front and side ventilated windows not only protect from the sun but also gives good visibility and ventilation. 

The unique design sits lower for easier entry and exit for the furry pals. A wide wheelbase provides enhanced stability during all ride. The trailer is constructed from rugged 600d polyester with a waterproof floorboard and with the option of steel or aluminum frame.

The trailer also features an interior safety tether that attaches to the pet pal harness for enhanced security and safety. The weather-resistant trailer also has reflectors for improved visibility for night drives.

The universal hitch of the trailer quickly connects to any bike and can be hassle freely disconnected and collapsed when not in use for storage. Three additional exterior storage pockets allow carrying the pet as well as adventure essentials.

The trailer features a removable and washable cushion for easy maintenance. 16” and 20” air-filled tires (medium vs large) is an added feature for hassle-free biking.


  • Great option for older pets and for canines that suffer from joint problems.
  • Durable
  • Waterproof removable and washable floorboard.
  • Quick assembly and collapsible for storage.
  • Great ventilation and pet view.


  • Not suitable for tricycles and bikes that have a Shimano gear set.

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4. Sepnine Pet Dog Bike Trailer

Key features

  • 2-in-1 multi-purpose design.
  • Large internal floor space for canines.
  • Wide base design for enhanced stability.
  • Removable clear plastic covered front door.
  • Mesh zippered front and back door for convenient entry and exit.
  • Large 20″ rear wheels.

A large, firm and stable steel trailer that suits well for medium to large breeds and holds up to 88lbs weight. The trailer is comfortable for joggers as well as cyclists. The trailer also features a removable clear plastic covered front door that protects the furry friend from extreme weather like rain and wind. 

The gadget can easily converse between trailer and jogger without the use of any tools. The mesh zippered front and back door aids in easy pet loading and unloading. Larger rear wheels are well suitable for sidewalk and short grasses too. The trailer is spacious and is available in four colorful variants. 


  • Large, firm and stable steel trailer.
  • Available in four vibrant colors.
  • Interconvertible into a stroller.
  • Toolless assembly.
  • Weatherproof trailer.
  • Mesh zippered doors for easy access and ventilation.


  • Extra bedding needs to be added for more pet comforts.

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5. Aosom Elite Pet Dog Bike Trailer

Key Features

  • Recommended for dogs up to 55 lbs.
  • Dual mesh doors.
  • Clear removable and roll up plastic covered front door.
  • Leash hook for pet security.
  • Safety flag for more visibility during day trips.
  • Universal Hitch.

The Aosom Elite Pet Dog Bike Trailers outer shell is made from a heavy-duty water-resistant polyester steel frame that features several large mesh panels for ample airflow and visibility. This 2-in-1 trailer can be used as jogging as well as a cycling trailer.

The trailer features a sling seat with a five-point safety harness and a removable canopy to protect the pet from rain, sun, and wind. This trailer can also be used to carry groceries of up to 44 lbs.

 It also features a large storage space behind the seat that is perfect for diaper bags, toys, beach gear, or groceries. The trailer can be assembled and disassembled easily without the aid of tools and folds up for storage when not in use. Possess quick-release wheels for enhanced safety.


  • Stylish and comfortable.
  • Heavy duty and durable.
  • Dual entry for hassle-free pet loading.
  • Separate storage area for accessories.
  • Safety equipment that includes a long safety flag and an internal leash hook.
  • Hassle-free assembly.
  • Foldable for storage.


  • Not recommended for pets that claw the mesh.

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6. PetEgo Comfort Wagon Dog Bike Trailer

Key Features

  • Weightless and sturdy.
  • Good suspension for a luxurious ride.
  • Italian design.
  • Interconvertible 
  • Claw proof mesh

The Comfort Wagon pet trailer has a captivating Italian design, has a dynamic suspension for a luxuriously comfortable ride. It also has multiple uses as the comfort wagon can also be converted to a pet house with hassle-free wheel removal.

The high-quality mesh is claw proof and is also seen to offer good ventilation and pet visibility. The sturdy aluminum frame is seen to provide strength without weight. 

The wagon comes with four doors that zip open from below for easy loading and unloading. An additional shade aids to wade off the harsh climate.

The Comfort Wagon only comes as a trailer and can be converted to a stroller configuration only when it is purchased along with the Comfort Wagon Stroller Kit.


  • Suitable for large dog breeds up to 70 lbs.
  • The canvas shell is very durable. 
  • Solid wheels for extra safety.
  • Ingenious design suits well for dogs with long legs too.
  • Additional shade provides a cooler environment.


  • Slightly expensive.
  • Multi usable only with additional kit purchase.

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7. Ibiyaya 2-in-1 Pet Strollers/Bicycle Trailer

Key Features

  • Two-in-one stroller and biker.
  • PVC all-weather covered shell with great ventilation.
  • Front and rear opening.
  • Foldable design.
  • Three adjustable safety leashes.
  • Suitable for small to medium dog breeds that weigh up to 50 pounds.
  • Reflectors for night journeys.
  •  Large storage pockets.

Ibiyaya 2-in-1 Pet stroller trailer is a compact, lightweight heavy-duty bike pet trailer that not only fits right through doorways but also holds pets that weigh up to 50 lbs. Two access points for easy pet entry and exit.

This pet stroller/jogger provides strong floor support, three adjustable safety leashes, a completely enclosed cabin and a rear brake system for enhanced pet security. The features of the reflective plates and the flag on the side also elevates the safety to the highest grade.

This pet jogger is ready to use and is equipped with quick-release air-filled tires that can be pumped manually without any hassles. It can also be folded down for storage without the aid of any tools.

This tail wagon also comes with an additional feature of a rain cover that covers the entire carrier, protecting the pet from undesirable weather. The pet rover detachable pad and cabin fabric are machine washable.


  • Three safety tethers.
  • Removable and washable pad.
  • Complete carriage coverable rain cover.
  • Versatile coupler for easy bike attachment.
  • No assembly ready to use trailers.
  • Tool-free foldable for storage.
  • Easy front and rear access.


  • Customer reviews suggest that the height of the handlebars is too short for pushing the stroller comfortably.

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What Are The Factors That One Needs to Consider While Choosing a Bike Pet Trailer?

The market is flooded with many bike trailers brands and the difference between a great and an under-rated trailer that will give off is wide. To invest in a good pet bike trailer, the following factors or traits need to be pondered and passed.

Handling: Traveling with a pet beside on a bike is a new experience that takes time to adjust. A few things that one needs to ponder are

  • Select one with wide corners.
  • Cruising down a hill or slope is like towing in a parachute.
  • Pedaling uphill is very similar to towing a trailer.

Hence the pet weight and trailer type affect the handling. So, zero on the right trailer based on use.

Size: The trailer is of no use if the pet pal cannot fit into it comfortably. Hence one should be sure to take the measurements of the dog’s length and compare it with the interior dimensions of the trailer that one intends to buy. 

Capacity: One should check out the weight limit that a trailer can hold. This is a pivotal pointer particularly if the dog weighs above 30 pounds.

Connection hardware: One needs to also concentrate on the attachment system or hardware of the trailer to the bike. Make sure that zero on a model that is simple and quick to hook on. Additionally, one can choose the models that feature a secondary attachment point as this prevents the trailer from rolling away if the primary connection hardware dysfunctions.

Portability and care: A well-designed dog bike trailer will not only be hassle-free to use but will also keep one and its pup safer during the usage. One never knows when one will bump on a pothole, car or another obstacle. Well-engineered bike trailer models are seen to provide much better handling and maneuverability over their economy models do.

Composition: Well-built pet bike trailers are not only safer to use but tend to last longer and hold up more wear and tear over the cheaply made ones. One should check for traits like robust, air-filled wheels, a strong frame, and high-quality connectors and fasteners in the choosing stage.

Material: Many pet bike trailers are built of mesh panels for ventilation while others are made of a solid fabric. Mesh trailers are not safe for scratchers and escape artists.

The material of the frame can be aluminum or steel based on individual choice. Though the former is lighter but is less durable than the latter.

Steel trailers though are heavier than the aluminum but are seen to be easily welded back together during breakage. The steel additionally is seen to handle more weight a pivotal factor for the large dog trailer selection. 

Refrain choosing plastic frame trailers as they tend to easily break.

Suspension: Pet parents that cycle over gravel roads needs to choose dog bike trailers that come with suspension. This can be overseen if one sticks traveling on roads and paved bike paths. Many bike trailers tend to handle minimal bumpy terrain even without suspension.

Suspension softens the impact of riding on rough or bumpy paths. Trailers with suspension aid more safety and comfort for the pets during the rides.

Repository: One should look for the space a trailer occupies when not in use. Most of the trailers need to be stored as such but some foldable trailers are also available. 

Design and style:Choose a trailer that not only has the factors that your pets require but also appeals to one.

Points of entry and exit:Different bike trailers have different entry points (top, front or side). Experts recommend zeroing on trailers that allow the pooch to enter from the front or sides especially for a large dog breed. The apt trailer features multiple doors for extra flexibility.

Multipurpose usage: Many bike trailers are interconvertible. Some trailers can be disconnected and converted into a stroller or can also be used to carry other items as well.

Partitions: Good bike pet trailers have an additional feature of internal dividers. This allows one to bring two small dogs along for a ride or also allow the dog to ride on one and use it for storage on the other side. 

Flooring: The floor of the trailer is pivotal. It needs to stay in place and not scrunch up. A trailer with a dog blanket will cover up any discomfort, but this is a disadvantage in a collapsible trailer.

Kickstand: A good trailer should have a kickstand of sorts to support the front portion of the trailer during the trailer’s disconnection from the bike. This feature not only provides more comfort to the furry pal but will also result in minimal hitch wear and tear.

Exterior multi usage pockets: Exterior pockets are multifunctional as they aid in carrying not only the pet needs but also other necessities. Make sure to zero on those trailers that can be securely zipped or shut, to refrain the belongings from bouncing out during the ride.

Warranty: Experts highly recommend buying a trailer with a warranty when one is unsure of their pet’s ability to handle the trailer or in cases of getting messy or dusty while storing. Having extra protection is always advantageous.

Safety Flag: A safety flag aids in safer riding in urban settings or on busy roads. It is not a necessary feature but enhances the trailer’s features.

Brake System: Many trailers have a hand brake option that comes handy when one halts on a hill and wants to reduce the pressure off the load.

Rain Covers: Protects the trailer from getting drenched during rainfall.

Visibility: Bright colors are easier to see on the road hence aid in alerting drivers of the special cargo or zero on a trailer that has a spot to snap on a red blinking light during night or dark rides.

How to Train The Dog To Use a Bike Dog Trailer?

Not every dog is comfortable and enjoys driving in a pet bike trailer. Hence one needs to train the dog to ride on it. This section will provide insights into training the dog to use a bike dog trailer.

Following the step by step guide mentioned below will aid in successfully training the pet (https://www.icebike.org/how-to-choose-a-dog-carrier-or-dog-trailer-for-your-bike/).

Introduce the dog to the trailer

  1. Bring the dog near the bike trailer with the aid of treats as food is what every dog love. Use delicious treats that the dog loves and is not offered normally. Suggestions for treats that most of the dog breeds love to binge on include:
      • Small pieces of cheese cubes
      • Sliced up hot dogs
      • Roasted chicken
      • Dried beef liver treats
      • Dried smelly fish treat
      • Moist, soft meat dog treats.
      • Deli meat.
  1. Avoid dragging or forcing the pet to come close to the trailer. One just needs to simply stand near the trailer and offer them the treats.
  2. Encourage and lure them to get closer to the trailer without much effort and reward this behavior with food each time it does it. 
  3. Practice and encourage the natural sniffing activity known as desensitization training. This works as it teaches the pooch slowly that each time it goes near the trailer it is rewarded with delicious food.
  4. To speed up the training, one can also feed the dog all its meals very close to the bike trailer’s proximity as they are willing to go. This further brings a positive connection of food with the trailer.
  5. Practice this many times and often as one canuntil one can get the canine to willingly sit in the stationary trailer that is zipped up.
  6. One needs to stabilize the trailer under some bricks or some sturdy material during the initial training process.
  7. Continue the training until the dog comes to the point where it remains calm in a zipped bike trailer. Note: “This works best by initiating with zipping it up only while it eats dinner inside it at first and then unzipping it and allowing them to leave post it.”
  8. Eventually, with constant practice with treats one can get to the point where the dog will enter the trailer willingly and stay in there without trying to escape. Once this stage is attained it’s time for the next part ‘moving the trailer.

Slow Bike Movement With the Trailer Attached

  1. Once the dog sits or lays in the trailer willingly while it is zipped up, next, one needs to start walking the bike around slowly while towing the pet pal in the trailer. 
  2. Firstly, simply remove the stabilizers and get the four-legged canine accustomed to the tipping motion of the trailer using the methods the treats and praise method as discussed above.
  3. Once the dog starts tolerating the tipping of the trailer when it is attached to the bike, one can start walking slowly forward giving the dog verbal praise the whole time for maintaining its decorum. 
  4. Stop walking after every 10 seconds and treat the dog. Continue this process by slowly extending the walking time until one can walk for 5 to 10 straight minutes with the dog remaining calm. 
  5. Once this stage is attained, it is time for the final stage ‘riding the bike with the trailer attached.

Riding the Bike with the Hitched Trailer

1.This final step really works best if external assistance is sought during the training sessions because it’s very irritating to get on and off the bike every 10 or 30 seconds, initially to reward the dog while one is trying to bike with the pet in the trailer.

2.The step becomes easier if one rides in a big circle and stops frequently and has an external helper else give the food treats to the dog while one continues to verbally praise the pooch during the act.

  1. Increase the pace slowly with the pet towed in the trailer until one can tow it for 10 to15 minutes continuously without any hassles.

One can slowly wade off the treating habit by environment and behavior positive reinforcement as time moves on. Taking time to train the dog properly in the initial stages will aid in building a stronger bond not only with the dog but will also aid in making the furry friend jumps into the trailer, ready and eager to go on rides (https://wagwalking.com/training/ride-in-a-bike-trailer).

What are the Safety Precautions One Needs To Adopt When Using Canine Bike Trailers?

The following pointers will guide a first-time or all canine trailer user to make use of their trailers safely (https://wagwalking.com/training/ride-in-a-bike-trailer).

  • Stopping distance:Bike trailers aren’t heavy, but when combined with the weight of the dog, the overall mass you are piloting down the bike path tends to increase. This means that one should give more distance for stopping. Refrain from trying to halt too suddenly either, as this is seen to make one lose control.
  • Reduced turning speed:Even though a trailer gives one a wide base, the chances of tipping and skidding down the pavement exist if one tries to corner at a faster pace. Hence one needs to put brakes to the speed and corner like how one’s granddad drives a minivan.
  • Slow and short first ride:The first biking travel needs to be short as it will be ones the first experience with a loaded pet trailer hitched on. This will exhaust one mentally as well as physically. Hence refrain from going miles away from home.
  • Stick to Smooth Surfaces: The bike trailer is generally designed to be used on smooth, flat surfaces even though one owns a mountain rider bike. Hence one needs to always stick on to smooth surfaces like sidewalks and bike paths by also abiding the always local laws and regulations. 
  •  Buckle the pet up:One should ensure that the dog is securely attached to its trailer. This will not only help keep it safe as much as possible during unseen accidents but will also aid in balancing the pup’s weight in the middle of the trailer, making it easier for one to balance during the drive.
  • Wear safety traveling gadgets: Experts recommend wearing a helmet and knee or elbow pads for extra safety and security. One can also invest in a helmet for its canine too.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can one attach a dog trailer to his or her bike?

The dog trailers come with the same attaching mechanism as that of an attaching trailer or second unit to a bike. The pet trailers have inbuilt tow bars or arms, all one needs is a universal coupler that can be hitched right on to the axle of the bike.

How to categorize the size of the pet while choosing a bike pet trailer?

A dog is categorized as a miniature (3 to 12 pounds), small (2 to 22 pounds), medium (24 to 57 pounds), large (59 to 99 pounds), and extra-large (more than 100 pounds) based on its weight. Zero on the right trailer based on the manufacturer’s specifications for the weight of the pet.

What type of roads or terrain will be suitable for pet bike trailers?

Pet trailers are mostly recommended to be used on smooth road surfaces, pavements, and short-grass surfaces for safety purposes. For mountain and adventurous zero on the right trailers that are recommended for these.

How much weight can dog trailers handle?

The weight that a bike dog trailer can withstand is based on the specifications mentioned by the trailer manufacturer. The sturdier the trailer construction the more weight capacity it will withstand. Plastic frame trailers are best recommended for dog breeds that weigh up to 20 pounds. For dogs that weigh 50 plus pounds an aluminum frame construction is the best. 

How does one clean a dog bike trailer?

Cleaning a pet bike trailer is very simple as all trailers come with removable and machine washable canopies or panels. The fabric materials that it is built of is also machine washable. The only parts that need to be manually cleaned are the hub, rim and the spokes of the wheels. This can be cleaned with the aid of a clean soft rag.

How to keep a dog calm inside its trailer?

Not all dogs love the idea of traveling in a bike trailer. One needs to train a pet to stay calm in the trailer. In instances of anxious periods, it is always a wise choice to include toys and treats to overcome the period. But treats and toys are not the sole choices to calm a dog in a trailer training is a major practice.

Final Thoughts

This article provides all the insights an avid biker will look for when they are also dog lovers who don’t like to leave their pals behind when traveling. Bon joy and happy parenting!!!!


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