The Best Dog Crates for Puppies

Adding a pet to a family is a joyful event filled with challenges and extra chores. One needs to preplan and research the various items a puppy would require in the initial days of its stay. The pivotal gadgets that a puppy requires include puppy food, pee pad, crate, bed, loads of love and affection, and so on. This article will not only provide a thorough insight into the dog crates for the tiny pet pals, its buying guide but will also review the best dog cages that are trending.

Why should one invest in a dog cage for young puppies?

A dog kennel is a boon for new pet parents as it simplifies the caring process of puppies. The section below lists some of the critical reasons for the need for a dog cage for puppies.

Hassle-free house training of puppies: The biggest challenge that pet owners face is to house train the pets. Buying a crate simplifies this training process. Crate training involves keeping the puppy in its dog crate for more portion of the time and only releasing it during the loo trips. This procedure helps reinforce bathroom behavior and teaches the pup the rules as dogs do not like to soil their sleeping area.

One only needs to observe the puppy in the initial days for signs of potty that include lifting a leg or squatting. Make sure to praise it whenever it poops or pees in the designated place for potty. A puppy tends to get trained faster with positive reinforcement.

Home decor damage: Puppies have the habit of nibbling on things during the teething stage or due to separation anxiety and boredom. Crates help to protect the home furniture, wooden flooring, shoes, clothes, and so on from pooch damage. When we tend to leave the pup home alone, crates are the best option to place them in with many toys and nibbles for it to pass its time.

Den-like environment: Most of the pet pals get spooked or nervous from time to time. Some of the tiny and timid breeds suffer from anxiety attacks.

One of the best options to soothe nervous pooches is to provide them with a den-like structure like a crate for recreation purposes.

Not all crates provide a den-like environment, so one needs to create an environment by covering the dog cage with crate covers. Placing the dog crate against a wall ( two walls), or putting it under a table, bed, or another piece of furniture adds on to the den-like environment.

Note: Experts recommend investing in specifically designed dog cages for highly anxious puppies or pet pals.

Post-operative care: Most of the vets recommend restriction of its movement or activity post neutering, spaying, or any surgery for the stitches of the operation to heel. One of the best ways to keep the pet relaxed is allowing him to take rest in his crate and let him out only for his eating or loo or stretching trips for the restricted time suggested by the vet.

Other dog management challenges: A pooch cage helps in controlling dogs that are over-enthusiastic and jump on visitors. Crates are also helpful for preventing the dog from bolting out the door while one leaves the entry door of the home open for hauling things from outside. They also are great options to keep pets away while working on some critical assignments or taking office calls. A crate is also likely to come in handy during medication administration, bathing time, and trimming of the nails that are disliked by many pet pals. Many pet owners prefer to feed the pet inside the crate to refrain from messing up places, food guarding, or aggression when more than one pet is present.

7 Best Dog Cages for Puppies

#1. MidWest Homes for Pets Puppy Playpen with Floor Grid

Key Features

  • Adjustable floor grid
  • Two-door access
  • Foldable
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Available in three sizes and two styles
  • Removable litter pan


This puppy playpen comes with a vinyl-coated floor grid that can be adjusted to not only keep the puppy elevated but also improve its durability. The easy-to-clean slide out litter pans makes the maintenance simpler. 

Multiple slide-bolt latching door systems (openings on the side and the top) enhance pet security and safety. The dog cage folds down flat for hassle-free transportation and storage. MidWest Homes Puppy Playpen is available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. One can also choose between half an inch or an inch floor grid.

  • Durable and secure
  • Easy to maintain
  • Space saver 
  • Spacious
  • Affordable
  • Slightly heavier

Buying link:

#2. ecoFlex Pet Crate

Key Features

  • Multifunctional
  • Stylish design
  • Nontoxic and eco-friendly
  • A stainless-steel latching system
  • Removable tabletop
  • Available in four sizes
  • Sized for all dog life stages


This ecoFLEX dog crate has dual usage as home decor and pet crate. The puppy crate has an ecoFLEX material construction that incorporates reclaimed wood and plastic in it. Hence they are environment friendly. The product carries an unprecedented one- year manufacturer warranty. The color of the crate can be changed to coordinate with the home furnishings. 

The dog crate can be maintained and cleaned without any hassles because of the removable tabletop. This crate is immensely safe and secure due to the presence of a break-proof front door latch. The spindles of the crate have stainless steel tubing. Available in four sizes and are suitable for dogs between 20 to 100 lbs. 

  • Stylish safe and secure
  • Hassle-free no-tool assembly
  • Pet safe and friendly
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable only for puppies that crate trained and are less destructive

Shop from:

#3. Ovation Folding Dog Crate by Midwest Homes

Key Features

    • Slide and stow overhead door
    • Safety catch system
    • Foldable and portable
    • Available in two styles and five sizes
    • Leak-proof plastic pan
    • Inclusive divider panel 
    • Rubber feet floor protector
  • Durable carrying handle


The Ovation single door folding metal dog crate has a convenient garage-style door. The pet crate includes a free divider panel, leak-proof plastic pan, carrying handle, and a rubber feet floor protector.

The Safety Catch protects the paws and feet and is also seen to allow the door to rest safely above a fully closed position. The safety catch release allows the door to close.

The metal dog crate is a space saver as it folds flat for convenient storage, travel, and portability. The dog crate comes in two styles: single- and double door and five different sizes (24, 30, 36, 42, and 48 inches) to choose.

  • Strong and sturdy design
  • Safe locking system
  • Hassle-free transportation
  • Space saver
  • Poorly designed doors

Shop from: 

#4. Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty plastic sheltered crate
  • Great ventilation
  • Secure latching design
  • Airline friendly
  • Raised interiors
  • Available in two colors and four sizes


Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel is a comfortable travel kennel that satisfies the natural den instinct of pets. All-round ventilation provides fresh air and increased visibility. The wire vents, tie-down holes, and raised interior make it suitable for traveling by land or air. 

The kennel is seen to offer heavy-duty protection with its durable plastic shell, metal screws, and secure latched door. The dog cage assembly is hassle-free and tool-free. One just needs metal screws to assemble it. The eco-friendly plastic material construction is easy to clean. 

The kennel is available in four different sizes (28, 32, 36, and 40 inches) and two different colors (Taupe and black) and are suitable for pets ranging from 25-90 pounds. 

  • Ecofriendly heavy-duty design
  • Portable and airline friendly
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Less floor-space

Shop from:

#5. Carlson Pet Single Door Metal Crate

Key Features

  • Sturdy all-metal crate 
  • Removable litter pan
  • Multiple point locking system
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy installation
  • Available in six different sizes
  • Sized for small to large dogs


The Carlson all-metal crate has a single access point for easy entry and exit with multiple locking points for enhanced pet safety. The pet crate also includes a black removable and washable litter pan. The metal crate can be hassle-freely setup without the use of any tools. The Compact dog kennel can also be folded flat during relocation or for storage. 

This Compact Crate is available in six different sizes: small, medium, medium premium, large, intermediate, and extra-large.

  • Dog-tough
  • Durable and secure
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Travel friendly
  • Reviews suggest the presence of multiple sharp edges inside the crate

Shop from:

#6. AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog

Key Features

  • Long-lasting metal construction
  • Versatile divider panel
  • Easy installation
  • Portable
  • Single or double access points
  • Removable litter pan
  • Foldable
  • Available in two styles and six sizes


The AmazonBasics metal dog crate features a single- or double swing-open door. The presence of two slide-bolt latching system on each ensure safe and secure containment.

The crate features a long-lasting metal-wire construction for strength. It also has apt ventilation and visibility. The rounded corners not only help protect pets but also promote safety.

The included divider panel aids in reducing the size of the crate as needed for growing puppies. The pet crate installation is simple without the use of any tools and can be folded flat for storage or relocation. These pet-friendly crates are available in two styles (single- and double-door) and six sizes.

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Rounded corners
  • Easy cleaning and assembly
  • Adjustable divider panel
  • Removable composite pan
  • The welding of the doors possesses sharp edges

Shop from:

#7. Pet Gear 4 Door Steel Crate

Key Features

  • Four-door entry and exit
  • Insulated base
  • Rounded corners
  • Inclusive comfort pad
  • Steel latches
  • Built-in handle and wheels
  • Foldable


The Pet Gear steel crate features a heavy-duty blow-molded plastic design with inbuilt handle and wheels. The dog cage has rounded corners with no sharp edges hence eliminate the damage to the home decor or car.

The crate comes with four doors (top, two sides door, and a garage-style front door) fitted with steel latches for enhanced safety. This crate is available in three varied sizes (27, 36, and 42 inches) and colors (sage, chocolate, and tan). The dog crate is portable and a space saver as it folds flat when not in use. The kennel also comes with a fleece plush pad for extra comfort and can be assembled without any tools.

  • Portable with multiple access point
  • Durable and safe
  • Space saver
  • Well ventilated
  • The plastic hooks clasps are flimsy

Shop from:

What are the Pooch Cage Material Types Used to Construct a Cage for Puppies?

The various materials used to construct a pooch kennel for puppies include plastic, metal wire, fabric, and wood. The table below provides complete insight into them.

Plastic dog kennels

Plastic kennels are the most feasible and best options of the crate type for small and well-behaved puppy breeds. They usually are constructed from rigid and durable thin and lightweight plastic. The other features included in this crate include metal-wire doors and holed sidewalls for sufficient ventilation. These kennel types are suited for air travel or short relocations if the pet is inside them and can be used indoors for during the nights.


  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Portable
  • Escape proof
  • Long-lasting
  • Hassle-free cleaning and maintenance
  • Secure for anxiety attacks and nervous pooches


  • Not collapsible
  • Occupies a lot of space for storage
  • Additions like divider or litter pans are absent

Metal wire pooch crate

Another popular and trending puppy crate type. They usually are made from heavy-gauge metal wire. Some also utilize plastic-coated versions to enhance comfort and safety. Metal wire crates usually resemble a “cage,” and are well suited for escape artists. These are easy to store when not in use as is collapsible. Besides, they also have additional features like a litter tray and dividers.


  • Space saver
  • Presence of litter tray and dividers 
  • Durable and pet safe
  • Portable
  • Easy maintenance


  • Do not provide a completely enclosed environment 

Fabric and wood crate types

These crate types are a build-up of fabric or wood. But are not well suited for young puppies that require crate training. For more insights about these dog kennels, please refer to

How to pick the right size crate for the tiny pooches?

Sizing plays a critical role in the puppy cage selection. Zeroing on crates that are too small for the pet pal is very cruel. On the other hand, large-sized dog crates provide the puppy with too much room and usually hinder the crate training.

A properly sized crate will not only allow the tiny pooch to stand comfortably but will also aid it to turn around and stretch out when laying down. One needs to measure the pet accurately to invest in the right crate size. One primarily needs to concentrate on the length and height of the crate.

Measuring the puppy: Start measuring the pet pal from its nose to the base of its tail. Add in 2 to 4 extra inches to this figure to determine the right crate length. 

The correct crate height can be arrived by measuring the puppy’s paw-to-head height and by adding 2 to 4 extra inches to it. Note: For puppies that keep the ear upright, take the height measurement in this position.

This procedure helps to determine the crate size at that moment. Once the puppy ages, a different dog crate size will be needed. Some pet owners intend to buy a new crate once their puppy outgrows the current one. On the other hand, some pet parents tend to invest in bigger kennels and use dividers to restrict the space available for the pooch use.

How long can one leave the puppy in its crate?

Dog crates are great options for puppy management purposes. Puppies bladder are tiny. Hence they cannot control their natures call for a long time. They also require leg stretching often. So, experts recommend to not leave a puppy for more than three hours in its dog crate on a stretch. The table below provides the time a puppy crate needs to be open for its pee breaks. One can adjust the timing based on their puppies.

Puppy age Break or crate hold time
8 to 10 weeks One hour
Three months Two hours
Four months Four hours
Six months Six or more hours

What are the various features that make up a basic perfect puppy crate?

This section lists some of the basic features that one needs to look for in a puppy cage before investing in the right one.

Safety Latches: Some puppies tend to escape from their crates when locked in. Experts recommend selecting pooch crates with secure doors and latches to overcome this problem.

Removable litter tray: Occasionally house-trained pooches also have accidents or spill their water dish making their crates messy. Investing in dog cages with that features a removable litter pan.These removable trays are usually outside the crates. Cleaning is hassle-free as one just needs to pull out the pan, wash, and replace it.

The metal wire dog cages have the removable pans underneath the wire grid, but some dog kennels also come with the removable litter pans on top of the wire grid. This option is difficult to remove and clean but improves the bottom base comforts for the pooch to rest.

Hassle-free cleaning and maintenance: One needs to select a crate with a non-porous surface that not only refrains absorbing liquids but can hassle freely be washed and cleaned with pet-friendly cleaners. 

Note: Refrain crates that feature any fabric sections that cannot be machine-washed.

Dividers: Dividers are commonly used to keep two dogs in a single crate or are also helpful for reducing the size of one puppy’s cage. Here one can invest in a large crate that will suit its pet once it’s fully grown, while still enjoying the benefits that a small dog crate will provide. 

Experts recommend investing in snug crates as this generally helps dogs feel more secure as it gives them a natural feeling of a den or burrows like environment. Housebreaking is quite easier in snuggled crates because pet pals do not soil the place of resting.

Note: One can refrain investing in puppy crates with dividers for tea-cup or small dog breeds since the difference between a puppy and adult crate is minute. 

Durability: Puppy crates come with varying levels of durableness. Some are lightweight or tank-like. Mesh walls, plastic, or panel crates are best suited for small or well-behaved dog breeds. But destructive, chewable, or escape artists will need crates made from metal or durable plastics for security as well as safety.

Portable: Most crates available in the market are foldable or collapsible for easy transportation. These crate types are best suited for pet parents that like to travel with their pet pals. These crate types are also space savers as can easily be folded and stored when not in use.

Wheeled crates: Wheeled crates are a good option for pet parents who frequently change the location of the dog cage within the home. Experts recommend looking for wheeled pooch crates with locks. These aid in refraining the slipping of the dog kennel.

Multiple doors: Two-door crates with a front or side door arrangement provide more placement flexibility. One can refill the water or food bowl without taking the pet out. Loading or unloading small dogs is hassle-free in top opening door crates.

What are the other things that enhance the comforts of a puppy crate?

One needs to consider adding the following interiors before the puppy crate is in use regularly. The list below includes some interiors one can add for the extra comfort of the puppy.

  • A comfortable well fitted dog crate bed. 
  • Interactive puzzle toys like Kong to engage the dog from boredom.
  • A soft blanket with the pet parent smell for snuggling.
  • Long-lasting chew toys to overcome anxiety disorders.
  • Clip-on food or water bowls.

One does not need to add all the items mentioned above to the interiors. They just need to zero on what is necessary for the comfort and the well-being of the puppy growth and development.

Final thoughts

Many puppies begin whining and crying when placed in their crates. Some begin vocalizing immediately, while others tend to wait for a while before starting up, and few stays quite still there is some human around them and vocalize when they exit. This behavior will disappear when the pup comes to know that vocalization is not going to give it freedom. 

Crate training is a fruitful process in the long run. This article has provided all insights suitable for pet owners that are seeking information into the best crate for puppies. Invest in a suitable one and enjoy its benefits. Happy parenting!!! 

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