290 + Best Coffee-Inspired Dog Names For True Coffee Lovers

Best coffee-inspired dog names: Coffee is the most-loved beverage worldwide. If you are a coffee lover and are seeking coffee-inspired names for your four-legged friend, then you are at the right place! Here, we provide you with a curated list of coffee-themed names inspired by coffee beans, drinks, ingredients and even Starbucks-inspired names that fit both male and female dogs, including gender-neutral options.

How to Choose Coffee-Themed Dog Names

Here are a few important things that you should consider while choosing the perfect coffee-themed name for your fur baby.

  • It’s important to consider your dog’s personality, behavior and appearance while selecting a name. Opt for the name that perfectly suits your pooch’s unique characteristics.
  • Coffee terms like type of coffee, brand, beans, beverages and ingredients can be considered sources of inspiration to name your cherished furry pal.
  • Choose a unique yet simple name that consists of two-syllables or fewer to avoid any confusion. Also, choose a name that you feel comfortable calling out in public.
  • Lastly, test the potential name by calling your pet a few times and observe its reaction.

50 Best Coffee-Inspired Dog Names

Presenting the list of popular coffee-inspired names, along with their meanings.


Names Meanings
Coffee Great name for a dark brown doggie
Kahlua A coffee liqueur
Cafe French word for coffee
Kavy Ukrainian word for coffee
Kopi Indonesian word for coffee
Bunna Ethiopian word for coffee
Kōhī Japanese word for coffee
Kava Czech word for coffee
Kahvi Finnish word for coffee
Latte A type coffee made with espresso and steamed milk
Joe A popular nickname for coffee
Kona Coffee from the big Island of Hawaii
Aero Inspired by the aeropress
Donut A popular sweet often eaten with coffee
Leche Inspired by cafe’ con leche; meaning “coffee with milk” in Spanish
Moka A stove top coffee pot
Cuppa “Cup of”
Ristretto Highly concentrated espresso in a short shot
Roaster For the roasting of the green coffee beans into coffee


Here are some top options if you are considering coffee-themed dog names.


Brewtus Pecan Medici
Marshmallow Buzz Devocion
Mojo Cointreau Onyx
Fudge Merit Maquina
Dulce Breville Sfogliatella
Roselius Mel Mostra
Bodie Carajillo Whip
Creamy Aroma Barraquito
Burry Con Panna Glasse
Demerara Grinder Pharisee

30 Best Coffee-Themed Dog Names

Are you looking for the best Coffee-Themed Dog Names? Here are some great options that you can ponder.

Kahawa Kalita Roast
Honey Jebena Typica
Peet Espresso Bean Scone
Bustelo Mug Swiss Mocha
Praline Caribou Krups
Muffin Stumpy Galao
Jura Peppermint Mocha Nespresso
Sanka Scoop Raspberry Mocha
DeLonghi Pumpkin Spice Peetie
Capresso Bonavita Coconut Mocha

30 Coffee-Inspired Names for Female Dogs

Here are some unique and cool coffee-inspired names for your sweetheart.

Scarlet Gesha Cascara
Blonde Bloom Mochaberry
Cannellini Arista Linea
Mochalicious Cherry Mochalatte
Sugar Blossom Illy
Steamer Arusha Caramel Bliss
Palazzo Star Melitta
Cremina Cacao Snowflake
Puck Peaberry Spice Latte
Tia Maria Mousse Espressino

30 Coffee-Inspired Names for Male Dogs

Are you looking for a coffee-inspired name for your male furry pal? Here are some of the beautiful options that you can consider.


Azuki Bodum Barrister
Dunkin Sheridan Bunn
Red Harvest Torani
Brewster AeroPress Yirgacheffe
Black Turkish Pressley
Sumatra Tryer Milled
Kaldi Chemex Maillard
Columbian Decaf French Roast
Cupper Horton Demitasse
Frothy Barley Mazagran

30 Coffee Ingredient Dog Names

Coffee has a wide range of unique ingredients, which can serve as excellent sources of inspiration when it comes to naming your beloved canine. Here are some of the unique and best options that you can consider for your pet.

Caramel Bailey Nilla
Nutmeg Amaretto Sprinkle
Cinnamon Pudding Mocha Chip
Almond Chocolate Pepper
Irish Biscotti Cinnamon Roll
Milky Butterscotch Spice
Cardamom Hazel Vanilla Bean
Dolce Anise Toffee
Frappe Chocolate Chip Almond Joy
Freddo Mint Ginger

30 Coffee Drink Dog Names

Below are some of the popular coffee drink names that you might consider for your doggy.

Redeye Cortadito Cappi
Zorro Mazargan Matcha
Bon Bon Borgia Bicerin
Cubano Cream Hazelnut
Panna Lavazza Roberto
Vienna Marochino Froth
Schiumato Lait Vanilla
Marocchino Maxwell Romano
Dalgona Corretto Brewer
Macchinetta Keurig Tiramisu

30 Coffee Bean Names for Dogs

Coffee bean names can be considered a source of inspiration for pet names. This can be a unique idea to name your dog, as they are known for their distinct flavors and rich history. Here are some of the best options for you to consider.

Robusta Caturra Jember
Arabica Garbanzo Adzuki
Bean Yellow Eye Liberica
Lima Excelsa Mung
Bourbon Soy Cranberry
Butter Geisha Maracatu
Catimor Kidney Lentil
Pinto Icatu Fava
Catuai Black-eyed Mocca
Navy Timor Coffea

30 Starbucks-Inspired Dog Names

Starbucks, which originated in Seattle in 1971 as a coffee bean store, is one of the largest coffee chains in the world. There are many fans of this brand. Are you a Starbucks enthusiast and looking out for names inspired by this brand for your pooch? Here are some great options to explore.


Starbuck Clover Willow
Frappuccino Sumatra Java Chip
Brulée Buck Melya
Chai Cino Zebra
Demi Sunrise Pike Place
Pike Valencia Veranda
Skinny Nescafé Folger
Misto Trenta Puppuccino
Brulee Via Venti
Starbos Grande Red Eye

30 Coffee-Inspired Puppy Names

If you are searching for coffee-inspired names for your cute puppies, here are some of the adorable and cool options that you can consider.


Cappuccino Breve Frappé
Affogato Barista Puppa
Dollop Crema Guillermo
Hario Café au lait Bonbon
Americano Nutty Javaccino
Mocha Jitter Verona
Cortado Doppio Lungo
Bica Flash Perky
Babycinno Pepper Macchiato
Nitro Espresso Cocoa


Did you find the perfect name for your pooch from the list mentioned above? If yes, do not forget to share it with us.


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