320 + Classic Old Fashioned Names for Your Male & Female Dogs

Classic dog names: Are you a classic or vintage enthusiast and wish to name your pooch with a timeless and old-fashioned name? Well, you are at the right place.

How to Choose Classical Dog Names

Classic names are charming. They have stood the test of time and continue to remain evergreen. Here are some important steps that you need to follow to choose a perfect name for your beloved pooch. https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/

  • Apart from considering your cherished pooch’s personality traits, appearance and behavior, which are important in the naming process, do research on classic or vintage names from mythology, literature, popular personalities and historical figures. Choose the name that reflects your dog’s unique personality.
  • Opt for a name that is timeless and easy to pronounce.
  • Use the name that is timeless and easy to pronounce.
  • Also, avoid using any derogatory or abusive terms.
  • Lastly, check if the name that you have chosen for your pet fits him or her by calling. Observe your dog’s reaction- if it responds positively, you have the ideal name for him or her.


50 Best Classic Dog Names 

Here are some of the best classic dog names with their corresponding meanings.


Names Meaning
Sophie Wisdom
Zoe Life
Banji Son of my right hand
Zeus God of the sky and thunder
Coco Coconut
Bandit Mask markings
Lola Often associated with loyalty and intelligence
Bailey Irish cream-based liquor
Jake One who takes over
Luna Moon
Lily Flower
Irving Green water or river
Falstaff From the Shakespeare plays
Wallace Welsh or Welshman
Nala Successful
Rosie Rose
Jackson Son of John
Phillip Fond of horses
Sadie Princess
Leah Delicate


Presenting some of top picks from classic dog names that are popular and might suit your furry companion.

Nero Patch Ranger
Pepper Dinah Benny
Edgar James Birdie
Bingo Scott Eugene
Felix Henry Oscar
Dorian Star Edith
Argos Hector Arthur
Honey Zack Mavis
Magnus Gabriel Ronald
Joy Major Booker


30 Classic Girl Dog Names

Do you have a girl puppy and want to give it a classic name? Here are some classic old-fashioned names for your pooch.

Maggie Molly Sasha
Mabel Bella Elaine
Lucy Anna Sugar
Ethel Princess Clara
Penny Claire Daisy
Minnie Beth Dora
Nellie Sparky Coral
Missy Ava Mia
Toto Stella Ella
Paisley Camille Gracie


30 Classic Boy Dog Names 

Here are some unique old-fashioned dog names for your four-legged companion.


Duke Dexter Harvey
Teddy Boomer Spencer
Hunter Elmer Walt
Brock Rosco Jasper
King Fletcher Gabe
Lucky Maxwell Marvin
Champ Freddie Clancy
Ollie Orson Mason
Clemens Harper Prince
Bruno Spot Maverick


30 Old Fashioned Dog Names Female

Are you looking out for cool old-fashioned names for your female furry companion? Here are some options.

Angel Grace Dixie
Flo June Cordelia
Marilyn Pickles Doris
Blanca Maisy Isadora
Etta Bertha Maxine
Dolly Irene Dorothy
Ezra Beth Opal
Elza Julia Audrey
Nellie Lorraine Emma
Flora Darlene Velma

30 Old Fashioned Male Dog Names

Presenting below are some old-fashioned dog names for your male furry pal.

Angus Billy Leo
Carl Cooper Martin
Rex Murray Johnny
Barney Francis Percy
Max Milo Owen
Chester Gerald Jimmy
Charlie Buster Otto
Milo Edward Nelson
Bernard Brownie Larry
Rufus Hubert Ronnie

30 Classic Whippet Names

Whippet refers to a specific breed of dog characterized by its sleek appearance, gentle nature and speed. These dogs are of small to medium size and are often used for racing and agility. They are cherished as loyal companion animal.

If you are looking out for some classic names for your Whippet, here are a few beautiful options.

Archie Maisie Sunny
Phoebe Toby Cleo
Rusty Cora Oliver
Murphy Asher Sam
Finn Logan Charlotte
Barny Parker Winston
Gus Spirit Teddy
Scout Cosmo Frodo
Axel Samson Hank
Dax Harley Amber

30 Classic Rock Dog Names

If you are interested in classic rock music and are looking out for names that draw inspiration from these genres, here are some cool suggestions to consider.


Rocky Floyd Sabbath
Billie Joe Eddie Beatle
Roger Lennon Halen
Richards Morrison Marshall
Stanley Vedder Richie
Lizzy Florence Eagle
Bowie Jovi Grohl
Cash Gibson Linda
Joan Crue Velvet
McCartney Stone Jethro

30 Classic Dog Names from Movies

If you are searching for a name inspired by characters from classic movies that elicits a sense of nostalgia or timelessness, here are some options to ponder.

Pluto Sirius Dug
Scooby-Doo Tramp Jessie
Atticus Lady Bruiser
Shadow Snowy Lassie
Samantha Marley Bolt
Clifford Benji Shiloh
Stitch Tin Tin Buddy
Arwen Simba Mufasa
Gandalf Baxter Pongo
Dobby Chance Hooch

30 Classic Old Fashioned Dog Names 

Presenting a collection of classic old-fashioned dog names that might perfectly suit your beloved furry pal.


Perry Ginger Harold
Biddy Alton Augustus
Vernon Agatha Ira
Bud Goldie Beatrice
Victor Alfred Jesse
Chantilly Alvin Barton
Wesley Fifi Leroy
Fluffy Frederick Maurice
Theo Amelie Juno
Fido Haku Chucky

30 Classic Dog Names From Literature 

Are you a literature enthusiast and looking to give your pooch a name after characters from these literary works? Here are some adorable options that might suit your furry companion.


Sherlock Rhett Bathsheba
Fern Cathy Bob
Romeo Tess Cassius
Gatsby Matilda Darcy
Adela Nancy Cyrano
Jane Buck Edna
Nana Pip Wendy
Althea Vita Zora
Kitty Winnie White Fang
Moby Huckleberry Hana



We hope that the collection of names mentioned above helped you in naming your cherished pet pal. If yes, do let us know what you named your buddy!


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