280 + Best Catchy and Unique Celtic Dog Names Suggested for Your Pup

Irish Dog Names: The term “Celtic” refers to the languages and cultures of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, the Isle of Man and Brittany- which are also referred to as Celtic nations. Their cultural heritage is known for its unique art styles, rich mythology and strong connections to both nature and spirituality.

Do you have an Irish setter, Welsh corgi, Brittany terrier or any other breed that hails from this part of the world? Or are you fascinated with Celtic history, culture or language and wish to name your pet based on these aspects? Well, you have come to the perfect place!

How to Choose Celtic Dog Names

If you are thinking of naming your dog, there are a few factors that you need to consider. Firstly, you might have to consider a dog’s breed, personality traits, behavior and appearance. Here are a few other important things that you will need to follow to find the perfect Celtic name for your furry companion. https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/

  1. Exploring Celtic mythology, history and symbols can help you choose the name that resonates with the unique qualities of your pet pal.
  2. As we mentioned earlier, Celtic culture is known for its deep-rooted mythology and deep connections to nature and spirituality. You can draw inspiration from these elements when naming your pet.
  3. Also, researching historical Celtic figures and leaders offers another option for naming your furry companion.
  4. You can also add a modern twist to Celtic words or sounds to the names.
  5. Choose a simple and meaningful name that is easy to pronounce.
  6. Lastly, test by calling your pet by its potential name and observe its reaction. If your pet reacts positively, voila! You have found the perfect name.


50 Best Celtic Dog Names With Meanings

Here are some popular Celtic dog names with their corresponding meanings.

(P.S: pronunciation in brackets)


Names Meanings
Darcy Dark
Dilis Loyal animal
Caoimhe (kee-va) Gentleness, beauty and grace
Árdghal (Ardal) High valor
Ferris Rock
Dearbháil (Dearmid) True and desire
Kerry County
Blaine yellow
Nuala (noo-la) Fair-shouldered
MacCool Surname of Fionn- a giant from Ireland
Boru Surname of Brian- Greatest Irish Kings
Floyd Grey
Eibhlín (Eileen) Sunlight
Arleen Oath
Eimear (ee-mur) Swift
Cai Lord
Niall (Nile) Noble knight or champion
Senan (sennin) Little wise person
Fiadh (fee-a) Wild
Pádrick (Paah-rick) Name of the National Apostle of Ireland

Presenting below are some of the top Celtic dog names that could fit your pet.

Ailbe Carey Breck
Quinn Nessa (ness-a) Oscar
Ailia Dara Tyrus
Attie Blair Keon
Keegan Grainne (gra-nyuh) Orna
Aoife (ee-fuh) Duff Banba (ban-ba)
Barra Séamus (shay-mus) Cace
Sadhbh (soy-iv) Adara Erin (air-in)
Miles Tara Síofra (shee-fra)
Brocaire Turi Orla (or-la)

20 Celtic Female Dog Names and Meanings

Presented below are some of the best and popular Celtic female dog names along with their corresponding meanings.

Names Meanings
Aina Joy
Siobhan (shev-awn) God is gracious
Jenny White wave
Nareen Contented
Bevin Fair lady
Keeva Gentle and precious
Cinnie Beauty
Aleen Fair
Deva Divine
Berta Splendid
Edna Fire
Gitta Strong and exalted
Bridgette Strong
Myrna Beloved and tender
Selma Beautiful view
Cara Friend
Oriana Blond
Gwenneth Blessed
Winnie White or fair
Iona From the King’s island

30 Celtic Dog Names for Males

Do you have a male dog and are you considering giving it a Celtic-inspired name? Here are a few fantastic options!


Neil Mac Ferris
Alan Bryce Sugun
Kane Merlyn Nyle
Barden Winsor Cormac
Arden Sawyer Macklin
Maddox Calum Edan
Dylan Boyd Kelvin
Bevan Adra Eghan
Anann Egan Fergus
Lincoln Cullen Olwen

30 Gaelic Dog Names

Gaelic is a Celtic language that is spoken in the highlands and islands of western Scotland. If you are looking for Gaelic dog names, here are a few good options.


Sìne (Sheena) Donnan Finlay
Alba Mairi Ciaran
Ailpein (alpine) Lios liadh (les-lee) Logan
Ruadh Rhona Aisling (Ashleen)
Róidh (roy) Rory Lona
Cairstine Teagan Kenna
Oighrig Dughal (du-gall) Eòin (Ewan)
Brandubh (bran-duff) Niamh Madra
Ealair Conall Seonaid
Dubh (duff) Sorcha (sur-ka) Murdina

30 Irish Mythology Dog Names

If you wish to name your pet after Irish mythology, here are a few names that are inspired by Irish folklore.

Darragh Danu Oisín (Osh-een)
Lir Weylin Moira
Áine Kenyon Agrona
Merlin Fionnuala Failinis
Deirdre Keith Rinnal
Balor Torin Aveta
Aillen Nemain Grania
Conand Bowen Abnoba
Gelert Kelvan Sceólang
Bríghid (Brigid) Nera Suils

30 Celtic God names for dogs

Here is a list of names that are inspired by Celtic deities and mythology.

Lugh Aengus Belisama
Gilda Ritona Neit
Verbeia Nuada Clota
Aiden Manannan Gwydion
Ogma Boann Epona
Arawn Cernunnos Goibniu
Lenus Belenus Herne
Andraste Arvernus Taranis
Abellio Llyr Amaethon
Dagda Icaunus Ankou

30 Celtic Warrior Dog Names

If your dog is strong and you are looking for names that resonate with your dog’s spirit and qualities, here are some Celtic warrior-themed dog names that you can ponder.

Duncan Meabh (Maeve) Ferghus
Murphy Conn Ciar
Conmhaol (con-vel) Donnacha (done-acka) Morrigan
Cú Chullain Fiachra Fionn
Finn Conan Cailte
Eochaidh (yoch-ee) Rónán Magnus
Eoghan (Oh-an) Artair (Arthur) Cian
Aife Ailbhe Padrig (Patrick)
Aodh Bálor Taran
Caedmon Bran Daithi

30 Celtic Puppy Names

Listed below are some cute and unique Celtic names that might suit your puppy.


Maidrin Rian Druce
Ailean (al-an) Mungan Elara
Cailean Ronan Nola
Ewyn Rowan Kerwyn
Cona Luag (lu-ag) Lir
Colm Aidan Oisin
Tiernan Brody Odhran (Orin)
Milish Latharn Enya
Darren Declan Collin
Olcan Conry Eamon

30 Scottish Celtic Dog Names

Below are some popular Scottish Celtic-inspired dog names that might suit your furry pal.

Elliot Davis Maisie
Watson Hamish Rhona
Ailein Fiona Lachy
Ness Walmond Aleck
Erroll Kai Edina
Eileen Isla Angus
Cadha Forba Gordon
Mòrag Fletcher Alastair
Lìam Catriona Lachlan
Baen Paton Kenzy



We hope that the above-mentioned list of Celtic dog names helped you name your cherished furry companion. If you have found the ideal name from the list, do not forget to share it with us.



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