200 + Popular Blue Heeler Names For Your Australian Cattle Dog

Blue Heelers, commonly referred to as Australian Cattle Dogs, are intelligent canines that are characterised by their boundless energy, loyalty and hard work.

If you are thinking of adopting a Blue Heeler dog or already have one and are searching for the perfect name, you have come to the right place! Here, we will not only help you choose an ideal name for your furry companion, but will also make the naming process an enjoyable and engaging experience.

How to Choose Blue Heeler Dog Name

Choosing the perfect name for your Blue Heeler dog is an exciting process and a fun task. Take a look at a few tips that will help you choose a cool and beautiful name for your furry pals. https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/

  1. Consider your pet’s personality traits, behavior and appearance choosing a name. You can select a name that matches its unique personality or appearance. Take into account their distinctive coat color and markings.
  2. Select a unique name, which is easy to pronounce.
  3. Avoid names that bear resemblance to commonly used commands. Do not use offensive names.
  4. Select a name that will remain fitting as your Blue Heeler grows older. Opt for a name that ages gracefully and won’t sound out of place as they mature.
  5. Another option is to consider using place names, which can be evocative and beautiful for your Blue Heeler dog.
  6. Lastly, test the potential name by calling your furry companion and observing their response. A positive reaction indicates a good fit.


50 Best Blue Heeler Dog Names with Meanings

Here is a compilation of popular Blue Heeler dog names, each with its meaning, that might be a good fit for your pooch.

Names Meaning
Ace One who excels
Max Short for maximum or greatness
Drake Dragon
Cooper Refers to a barrel maker
Jake Supplanter
Tucker Cloth fuller
Kiah The beautiful place
Loki God of mischief, trickery and deception, according to Norse mythology
Oscar Divine spear
Milo Soldier or merciful
Coco Refers to chocolate or a brown color
Rusty Refers to reddish-brown color
Hazel Associated with hazelnut or brown color
Scout Lookout or explorer
Charlie Free man or strong
Banjo An instrument
Penny Weaver
Ginger Spicy root
Ruby Precious gemstone
Aster Flower

Take a look at some famous dog names to choose that will fit your Blue Heeler dog.


Joey Misty Bean
Peri Simba Clare
Apollo Clover Orion
Buck Wade Bryn
Camo Cody Electra
Wren Hero Eli
Titan Matt Tiger
Mocha Sparky Bishop
Dash Emma Robin
Peanut Leo Boo

30 Male Blue Heeler dog names

If you have a male Blue Heeler dog and are searching for cute and cool names, here are some suggestions for you.


Otto Cleo Tyler
Clark Zeus Kairo
Baz Ember Carter
Dan Cherry Zorro
Gus Arya Spike
Duke Finn Casper
Zach Zuri Jo
Muffin Simon Zola
Zane Bandit Neo
Draco Watson Waffles


30 Best Cattle Dog Names

Here are some options for cattle dog names for your Blue Heeler dog. These names capture the rugged and adventurous spirit of Blue Heelers, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your furry friend.


Zane Angus Gizmo
Levi Chester Rustler
Rio Steel Oliver
Tex Jasper Gus
Wyatt Pepper Millie
Blaze Wrangler Archie
Dusty Jagger Phoenix
Kyro Rob Kilo
Rocky Kai Blitz
Dash Ted Troy


30 Australian cattle dog names

As previously mentioned, Blue Heeler dogs are commonly referred to as Australian Cattle Dogs or vice-versa. Here is a compilation of names for Australian Cattle Dogs- While some names are unique, others draw inspiration from Australian town or city names.


Sydney Isa Thistle
Ballarat Sunshine Jax
Albany Hobart Jey
Darwin Queenie Zeke
Franklin Hunter Georgia
Alice Victoria Diesel
Foster Bondi Nova
Broome Benalla Atlas
Seymour Melton Xena
Perth Dubbo Nyx


30 Blue Heeler girls dog names

Following is the list of girl dog names that would suit your Blue Heeler perfectly.


Sage Quinn Juliette
Stella Blossom Ollie
Echo Mia Evie
Venus Cherry Ava
Birdie Jess Maggie
Grace Princess Lilly
Tara Tess Flora
Zoe Winnie Chloe
Angel Paige Lola
Kiki Rylee Lucy


30 Blue Heeler Dog Names Based on Color

If you are looking out for color-based names, here is a list of Blue Heeler dog names inspired by different colors.



Blue Ivory Steel
Blush Honey Cerulean
Teal Arctic Royal
Ash Rose Flame
Cyan Azula Sapphire
Snow Ruby Sky
Ice Plum Zaffre
Pearl Aqua Tulip
Jade Cobalt Indigo
Poppy Storm Maple
Knight Penny Amber



It has to be noted that Blue Heeler Dogs are also known as ACD (Australian Cattle Dog), Cattle Dog, Queensland Heeler or Red Heeler. The above-mentioned list offers a wide variety of options, including names inspired by colors, behaviors, countries and more, to help you select the perfect name for your Blue Heeler pet. It also incorporates popular names that are well-liked. Feel free to share which name from the list is your favorite and suits your furry friend the best.


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