Scriptural Canines: 290 Powerful Biblical Dog Names for Your Furry Friend

Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? Are you looking for a biblical name for your fur baby? If so, you are at the right place!

It’s worth noting that dogs are mentioned in various instances throughout the Bible, primarily as working animals or cherished companions. Their qualities of loyalty, watchfulness and protective instincts have been highly regarded. Opting for a biblical name for your pet allows you to forge a deep and significant connection, as it draws upon the rich spiritual heritage found within the scriptures. It also serves as a tribute to the unique and cherished bond that you share with your beloved canine companion.

How to Choose Biblical Dog Names

Selecting an ideal name that resonates with you and your pet is a personal and meaningful process. The main thing that you need to consider while naming the pet is your own preferences and the unique personality traits and behaviors of your pet. Here are a few other tips that can help you in the naming process.

  1. Become acquainted with biblical references: Explore stories, characters and places in the Bible, as well as the meanings behind biblical names. This can provide valuable inspiration and guide you in finding a meaningful name for your dog.
  2. Symbolism and significance associated with biblical names: Delve into the symbolism and stories associated with biblical names. Consider how these meanings align with your dog’s personality, traits or the values you cherish.
  3. Easy and short name: To ensure effective communication and avoid confusion, it is recommended to choose a name that is easy to pronounce. Opt for a short and straightforward name that can be easily recognized and spoken by you, your family or anyone who interacts with your pet.
  4. Test the name by calling your pet: Finally, call your pet by the name that you have shortlisted. If it shows a positive reaction, then you can be sure that you have found a perfect name for your pooch.

50 Best Biblical Dog Names

Here are a few best biblical dog names, along with their corresponding meanings. Some of these names have strong connections to the concept of God in the Bible, making them meaningful choices for your furry companion.

Names Meaning
Cephas Rock
Zipporah Bird
Abijah A king in the Bible
Susanna Lily
Japheth Enlarge
Jethro Excellence or overflowing
Job Persecuted or hated
Leviathan Twisted or coiled
Jesse Gift
Appoline Dedicated to Apollo
Matthew Gift of God
Bezalel In the shadow of God
Atara A crown
Dionysius Devoted to Dionysus
Zacharias Yahweh remembers
Epaphroditus Belonging to Aphrodite
Emmanuel God is with us
Eutychus Fortunate
Jonathan Yahweh has given
Ebenezer A monument made of stone that was built by Samuel


Take a look a few more popular and unique biblical dog names that you can consider for your pooch.

Junia Nevis Heaven
Kenan Shem Azriel
Paul Glenda cain
Persis Nico Parousia
Thomas Inez Lupe
Santo Santa Corinthia
Abner Dorcus Preacher
Olga Rabbi Keila
Bilhah Jaeger Sunday
Bethany Azubah Acacia


30 Biblical Female Dog Names

If you’re searching for some cool and beautiful biblical female dog names, here are several options that may suit your dog’s unique characteristics and personality.

Ashira Laban Liora
Beulah Jael Tamar
Tabitha Becca Keziah
Azalia Orpah Drusilla
Abra Zilla Hadassah
Beata Sheba Bernice
Adah Tovah Candace
Benoni Machi Bathsheba
Amaris Shiphrah Athaliah
Esau Micajah Dorcas


30 Biblical Male Dog Names

Here is the list of names that encompass a range of unique, beautiful, and strong biblical male dog names.

Enoch Zachary Eleazar
Lucas Eliab Mordecai
James Ozias Phinehas
Silas Kaleb Reuben
Pharaoh Nahshon Nahor
Goliath Hosea Barabbas
Boaz Philemon Hadad
Reuel Othniel Jared
Seth Oren Amos
Hiram Zebedee Nahum


30 Religious Dog Names

If you are seeking names that are inspired by religious concepts, virtues, and symbols found in the Bible, here are some options that might be ideal for your furry pal.

Mercy Fisher Shalom
Miracle Seraph Cana
Praise Hanna Redemption
Francis Trinity Hymn
Spirit Elizabeth Cherub
Theos Peace Dove
Glory Joy Gospel
Creed Messiah Diana
Peace Vesper Solace
Aquila Hosanna Devine


30 Biblical Girl Dog Names

Here are some biblical girl dog names that may be a good fit for your female puppy.

Ruth Eunice Angel
Talitha Hagar Tirzah
Miriam Rebecca Phoebe
Elisha Hope Lois
Magdalene Anna Leah
olive Sapphira Tamah
Priscilla Mara Sarah
Chloe Martha Jezebel
Huldah Vashti Rachel
Jewel Lydia Liz


30 Dog Names Inspired by Old Testament Characters

Here are some wonderful names that are inspired by characters from the Old Testament that might perfectly suit your pooch. Each name carries its own significance and history from biblical narratives.

Abraham Eve Dinah
Solomon Levi Micah
Samson Moses Delilah
Noah Jeremiah Gideon
David Cyrus Malachi
Daniel Tobias Jonah
Joseph Abel Esther
Jacob Saul Elijah
Isaiah Abigail Dothan
Adam Uriah Samuel


30 Dog Names Inspired by New Testament Characters

If you are looking out for cute and strong dog names inspired by New Testament characters, here are some options that you can consider. Each name has its own unique charm and can suit different types of dogs with diverse personalities.

Luke Nicopolis Puteoli
Aphek Philippi Timothy
Mary Smyrna Ptolemais
Lystra Easter Lazarus
Mathew Stephen Corinth
Cauda John Herod
Apphia Nathanael Assos
Gerasa Lydda Matthias
Mark Judas Barnabas
Cyrene Myra Cornelius


30 Biblical Puppy Names Inspired by Hebrew & Latin Languages

Below mentioned list contains a few unique and beautiful names that draw inspiration from the Hebrew and Latin languages that you can consider for your puppy. These names are inspired by the profound legacy of the scriptures, providing a wide array of choices for you to consider.

Aaron Ariel Yona
Ezekiel Dodi Nes
Ethan Asa Barak
Ezra Gala Felix
Caleb Deborah Maximus
Asher Isaac Remus
Grace Nissa Titus
Tobiah Omar Valerius
Naomi Sam Benedict
Abiel Calah Julius


30 Inspired by Important Biblical Places & Events

Here are some names inspired by significant biblical places and events that you can consider for your furry companion.

Eden Babylon Joppa
Shiloh Cana Ai
Hebron Capernaum Damascus
Nirvana Zion Megiddo
Sinai Philippi Carmel
Jordan Samaria Almon
Ephrath Jericho Assyria
Nineveh Emmaus Beth
Nebo Bethlehem Ekron
Sodom Caesarea Jaffo



Ultimately, the choice of the ideal dog’s name depends on your personal preferences, the unique characteristics of your pet and the special bond you share with them. We hope that our list of names has provided you with a variety of options and inspiration to find the ideal name for your beloved furry companion. If you have found a name from the list for your beloved pet, we would be delighted to hear your choice. Please feel free to share with us the name that you have found to be the perfect fit.

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