140 + Barbie-Inspired Dog Names For Your Beloved Pooch

Barbie dolls are adored by kids, particularly girls, as their favorite toys because of their cuteness. Alongside this, an animated film that grabbed attention way back in 2015 was “Barbie & Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure”. The movie revolved around Barbie and her three sisters – Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea – along with their charming puppies- Taffy, DJ and Honey, respectively.

Recently, Barbie has been making waves in the headlines, all thanks to the latest movie “Barbie”, starring Margot Robbie (as Barbie) and Ryan Gosling (as Ken).

Well, if you are someone who keeps up with the latest trends and this news about the “Barbie” movie has caught your eye, and you happen to be a devoted “Barbie fan” with the idea of naming your furry companion after Barbie, then you have definitely come to the right place!


How to Choose a Barbie-inspired Dog Name?

Are you having trouble choosing the perfect Barbie-inspired dog name for your pet pal? Here are some tips to guide you in the process. https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/

  • Personality traits and appearance: The first and foremost thing to consider while naming is your furry companion’s personality traits and physical features. You can choose a name that reflects your pet’s unique personality and appearance.
  • Favorite Barbie character: Take inspiration from your favorite Barbie characters, whether they are from the 2015 movie or the recent one. Choose the name that holds a special connection to a character you love.
  • Short, unique and meaningful: Always choose a short, unique and meaningful name to avoid confusion and ensure easy recognition.
  • Test it out: Lastly, test the potential name by calling your pet. If it shows a positive response, then you have found the ideal name for your furry companion.


50 Best Barbie-Inspired Dog Names

Apart from choosing names from the series or movie for your funny companion, you can also add fun and imaginative twist by thinking out-of-the-box. Here are some cute and unique suggestions for Barbie-inspired dog names and their meanings!


Names Meanings
Twinkle To shine brightly
Star Celestial body. Sparkling/bright.
April Name taken from the month of the same name. Meaning “to open”
Rosie A playful name for a lively dog
Cupcake Cute and sweet (Barbie’s favorite treat)
Gigi Short name for “Glamorous Girl”
Pearl Lustrous and precious
March The month Barbie began (in 1959)
Magic After the “Color Magic” Barbie
Zara Chic and stylish name.
Venus Inspired by Barbie’s fascination with outer space
Gem Precious stone
Gemma Gemstone
Daisy Mythical flower
Sparkle For the “Pink Sparkle” Barbie
Snowflake For a pup with a pure and unique personality
Skye Symbolizing the vast and limitless sky
Peaches Fruit. Sweet and soft
Rainbow Colorful
Bubbles For a bubbly and happy pup

Here are a few best Barbie-inspired dog names that might perfectly suit your canine companion’s unique personality and appearance.

Glitter Fifi Goldie
Amber Poppy Princess
Cocoa Taffy Satin
Diamond Roman Angel
Penny Ginger Dolly
Velvet Mel Muffin
Sugar Sandy Lily
Honey Astro Cuddles
Coral Dash Jazz
Lulu Prince Cupid


30 Taffy-Inspired Dog Names

Taffy is a character in the movie “Barbie & Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure”. She is one of Tiffany’s puppies and belongs to Barbie. This yellow golden retriever exudes cuteness, with a fluffy and fun-loving nature. She shares a unique bond with Barbie. If your puppy shares similar qualities to Taffy and you are searching for adorable and beautiful names, which also include some names inspired by the movie cast.


Caramel Crystal Malibu
Toffee Cookie Glitz
Mocha Sassy Jewel
Marshmallow Pudding Ivy
Fleur Trixie Ariana
Fudge Jellybean Peony
Sasha Bella Ballerina
Snickers Flossie Lucky
Roxie Melody Lucy
Marzipan Helen Riley

30 DJ-Inspired Dog Names

Unlike the playful and fun-loving Taffy, Barbie’s sister Skipper has a delightful puppy named DJ, which is calm, composed and responsible while maintaining a laid-back and easy-going nature. He shares a strong bond with Skipper. The breed of DJ is not specified in the movie. If your puppy shares similar qualities to DJ and is in search of an ideal name for your puppy, below are some DJ-inspired Barbie dog names, which also include some names inspired by the movie cast.

Blithe Will Jolly
Charlie Coolio Derek
Zen Ryan Peppy
Max Simu George
Arthur Mellow Bouncy
Rookie Kingsley Jamie
John Happy Sparky
Murphy Hari P.J.
Micheal Smiley Steven
Bailey Wiggles Scout

30 Barbie-Inspired Puppy Names

Presenting some cute and cool Barbie puppy names, including a selection of names from Barbie’s family/characters, perfect for your adorable furry friend.

Agnes Chase Archie
Tia Waltz Cody
Becky Jasper Zoey
Diva Presley Chloe
Bobby Oscar Ken
Dia Elvis Todd
Tracy Toby Jazzie
Spike Kenny Chelsea
Margot Milo Stacie
Gizmo Margaret Chelsea



The Barbie universe is vast and the abundance of names can be overwhelming. We hope that the tips and names mentioned above have helped you discover the perfect name for your beloved furry companion. If you have indeed found a favorite from the list or have chosen a name inspired by Barbie, don’t forget to share it with us!


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