200+ Arabic Dog Names: Our Top Picks for Your Dog (With Meanings)

The term “Arabic dog” does not refer to a specific breed, but rather encompasses a range of dog breeds commonly found in Arab countries. There are several dog breeds that are popular in Arab countries.

Well, if you own a dog from an Arab country or have a fondness for the Arab world and want to choose a name that reflects that connection, we are here to assist you find the ideal name.

How to Choose Arabic Dog Name 


Choosing an Arabic dog name can be an exciting process. Here are some tips that you can consider to select a perfect name for your pooch! https://allabout-pets.com/how-to-name-your-dog/

  1. Arabic culture: By exploring the rich heritage, history and traditions of Arab countries, you gain valuable insight into the names and meanings associated with Arabic culture, which can inspire you in selecting an Arabic dog name.
  2. Arabic words and phrases: You can look for Arabic words or phrases that reflect desirable qualities or traits of your furry companion.
  3. Arabic places or symbols: You can also consider famous landmarks, cities, symbols or historical figures associated with Arab countries while naming your furry buddy.
  4. Observe your pet’s response: Finally, it is crucial to test the potential name by calling it out to your pet. Observe your pet’s response when you use the name and if it reacts positively, then you can consider it a successful choice.

50 Best Arabic Dog Names with Meanings

The following is a list of strong Arabic names along with their meanings. It also includes a selection of popular Palestinian and Syrian-inspired names, along with their respective meanings.


Names Meaning
Zara (Arabic) Flower
Noura Light or Illumination
Amir Prince
Malik King
Yasmin Jasmine
Aya Miracle or Sign
Hamza Strong or Steadfast
Sahar (Arabic-Palestinian) Dawn
Karam Kindness or Generosity
Jamal Beauty
Ziad Gift or Generosity
Sana Brilliance or Radiance
Layth (Syrian) Lion
Nadim Companion or Friend
Rasha Young Gazelle
Amira Princess
Noor Light
Yazan Old and Wise
Cyrus Founder of Persian empire
Darius Ancient Persian King


Here are some cool and unique Arabic names that you may consider for your furry companions.


Sultan Selim Jazzy
Wasim Cairo Qaseem
Simba Anhad Bella
Zahir Habibi Tara
Mahir Essa Zayd
Farah Arzu Zoltan
Riyad Aziza Hani
Zia Amro Khaled
Ajej Maya Saif
Zain Ali Sami


30 Middle Eastern Male Dog Names

Below mentioned are some of the cute middle eastern names for your male pets, which offer a diverse range of options for your beloved dog, each with its own special charm and cultural significance.

Faris Rami Hobb
Bibi Kelbi Majid
Hassan Mazen Amro
Omar Deba Lutfi
Kabeer (Founder of Persian empire) Darius (Ancient Persian King)
Karim Hani Jed
Shokran Rustom Waleed
Faisal Karam Zay
Doobie Alvir Sameer
Adel Ajan Zafir


30 Middle Eastern Women Dog Names

If you are seeking names for your female furry companions, here is a comprehensive list of Middle Eastern women dog names to consider. The list includes a variety of options, such as Arabian princess names, cute Arabic nicknames, city-inspired names, and even some funny Arabic names, providing a wide range of choices to suit your preferences and add a touch of Middle Eastern charm to your furry friend’s identity.



Aisha Bambi Baku
Layla Gulnar Amman
Samira Zuzu Pita
Mimi Nadia Shnoodle
Zahra Medina Tahini
Habibi Sheba Aazz
Lulu Persia Dibi
Gigi Mukha Yalla
Haya Cairo Val
Yasoo Gaza Ruth


30 Muslim Dog Names

Here are some Muslim dog names inspired by Islamic culture and can be used to give your pet companion a beautiful, meaningful and unique name.

Wasil Javed Hajar
Emir Tarik Jabir
Anhad Zaki Huda
Fuad Jama Musa
Kadin Badr Idris
Jamy Sadiq Mustafa
Anwar Faris Basim
Elijah Tali Saeed
Omid Hussein Khalil
Arif Zoltan Ghalib

30 Middle Eastern Girl Names

Here is the list of Middle Eastern Girl Names for your beloved four-legged companion, exuding beauty and elegance in their essence.

Aya Anisa Tamara
Minsha Rania Inaya
Keya Ashira Musa
Dina Safiya Mona
Verda Zala Najma
Lina Rima Hessa
Isa Zeena Jessenia
Salma Shadia Yara
Fadila Malak Rubina
Hana Hala Nada

30 Arabic Dog Names For Cute Puppies

Here is a compiled list of unique Arabic dog names that will give your cute puppies a special and unique identity.


Aarzu Persia Jidda
Mocha Roxy Haja
Rozi Sher Soraya
Maha Rabab Haley
Ahan Uns Jawad
Asma Najya Amani
Diya Kirshi Zeina
Khora Rabi Aida
Roya Niaz Rayan
Bari Sophia Azia


Whether you opt for Arabic, Islamic, Palestinian, Syrian or Middle Eastern names for your Arabian Shepherd dog or any other breed, the important factor is to choose a name that aligns with your dog’s personality and unique traits. We hope that the aforementioned list helped you find the ideal Arabic name for your furry pal. Do not forget to share with us your favorite name from the above list.


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