400 + Best Popular and Unique Bernese Mountain Dog Names

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large, powerful large dog breed that is strikingly beautiful and affectionate. This breed strives well in cold pastures of the world and is a perfect kid-friendly family dog. 

Adding this large pet pal to the family not only adds on the responsibility to groom and feed it, but one also needs to search and name it. The name selection process is always tedious.

This article has provided insights into the popular and unique names that are perfect for the Bernese Mountain dogs. This sizeable list includes names based on size, color, history and so much more!

Pointers to choose Bernese Mountain dog tags

Once you zero on or think the name selected is right for your beloved pet. Browse through the tips below to check if the name is the apt one for your doggy.

  • Avoid choosing long names for the furry friend.
  • Choose a tag that ends with a vowel.
  • Avoid zeroing names that rhyme with the dog training commands.
  • Choose unique and unpopular pet labels.
  • Perform a naming test to check the reach or acceptance of the selected tag.
  • Avoid changing the names of adopted adult dogs. In unavoidable, circumstances pick tags that are close to their previous one.
  • Zero on the name based on the dog breeds nature and personality.
  • Choose and settle on a name that is accepted by the family and yourself.
  • The breeds legacy can also motivate in name selection.

Trending and Unique Bernese Mountain Dog Names with Meanings


The list below records the 50 best popular and unique names that are widely popular around the globe.

Name Meaning
Azalea Dry flower
Bailey Steward
Charlie Freeman
Denali The high one
Edith Riches or blessed
Felecity Happiness
Gwen White or holy
Hannah Grace or favor
Imani Faith
Jade Precious green stone or stone of the colic in Spanish
Kelsey Scottish name meaning brave
Leia Hebrew meaning weary or Latin meaning lioness
Milo Gracious or soldier
Naomi Pleasantness in Hebrew
Opal Precious gemstone meaning jewel in Sanskrit
Paige Young helper
Ruthie Pal or friend
Wren Small bird
Vivi Alive
Zelda Blessed or happy


Other unique Bernese Mountain Furry Labels

Atilla Brawny Colossus
Eleanor Finn Gus
Jasper Murphy Hugo
Lambeau Reese Taro
Piper Annie Vixen
Sully Ollie Zoe
Xena Koda Heidi
Willow Dakota Yogi
Nala Boone Remi
Mia Lexi Ryder


Female Mountain Bernese Dog Tags


Finding tags for these bulky, cute, and hardworking female pals is a tedious task. The names enlisted below will be of great help.

Ameli Bertha Carla
Demi Estelle Frida
Geraldine Henley Inez
Jamie Kimmie Leslie
Miriam Nell Oreo
Paige Riley Sadie
Theo Velma Vivi
Winter Yvonne Yvonne
Yoko Aspen Betsy
Carmela Dori Esmerelda


Male Mountain Berners Furry Pal Names


These massive and imposing males look aggressive but are not in any forms. Searching names for these cute creatures are always interesting. The names enlisted below will help to ease the process.

Alford Buba Colby
Diesel Easton Felix
Gizmo Hayes Indy
Jethro Kane Lars
Mojo Niles Ozzy
Paco Quincy Ripley
Sarge Tesla Ulysses
Vinnie Wylie Yoshi
Zeus Roco Percy
Meyer Liam Alfie


Swiss Names for Mountain Bernese Pet pals


As this breed has its origin from Switzerland, giving a Swiss name is apt for them. The list below lists down Swiss names with their meaning that one can investigate while zeroing a name for their beloved one.

Name Meanings
Aaron High mountain
Benno Bear
Cordula Heart
Duilio War
Edgar Wealth and spear
Frediano Cold
Gero Pear
Horst Wood
Irene Peace
Korbinian Raven
Laura Laurel
Maylis Mother
Nevio Mole
Ortwin Friend
Paul Humble
Renard Fox
Salome Peace
Placido Calm
Minna Love
Ginevra Juniper
Dorothea Gift
Chantel Stony
Baldo Bold
Ferruccio Iron
Loup Wolf


Bernese Mountain Dog names based on the coat color


The breed coat color is tricolored: white, black, and rust. The names listed below are ones that are inspired by this tricolor combination.

Merlot Pepper Rusty
Sangria Noir Orange
Rose Carmine Tortie
Jewel Cider Lacey
Nimbus Terra Bistre
Daisy Mae Chantilly Ferrari
Candie Shadow Sev
Red Porter Picasso
Sunset Sol Coco
Blossom Marmalade Russet


Mountain related and inspired dog names for Bernese Mountain Dogs


It’s quite common to give this breed mountain and its related tags as they have their origin from ranges. This section lists down some probable mountain-related names mostly used around the world.

Alps Everest Rupee
Dusty Major Cagire
Balfrin Rocky Gasherbrum
Eiger Tagh Matterhorn
Chimborazo You Logan
Makalu K2 Weston
Echo Canali Sierra
Rainer Wila Nona
Jazzi Fuji Cacade
Devi Lhotse Kea


Bernese Mountain Dogs names inspired by the size


This breed falls into the large-extra-large breed category. Hence one can opt names based or inspired by size.

Attila Beethoven Colossus
Giant Hulk Jumbo
Kong Moose Rambo
Sable Tank Whopper
Rebel Sumo Maximus
Hercules Goliath Dino
Shrek Burly Clifford
Kilimanjaro Alp Andes
Marmaduke Rex Shamu
Elfy Hippo Rhino


Funny male tags for Bernese Mountain Dog


Picking funny names will always never run out of fashion. These names will be unique and eye catching. One can name their Bernese Mountain Dog with many funny labels as this breed is large and bulky or choose an ironic name that is opposite to the breed characteristics.

Sasquatch Trenta Grande
Mini Onslaught Flea
Wee Beef cake Oaf
Biggie Bubba Chewie
Danger Chunk Chubbs
Stallone Godzilla Hefty
Vader Yeti Moby
Shaq Paul Bunyon The Hound
Jabba Kahuna Meat Ball
Big Mac Cujo Genghis


Funny female names for Bernese Mountain Dog


There are plenty of funny labels for female Berners as well. Giving your beloved pup a hilarious dog name is funny as every time one calls its name, they tend to get a smile on their face, and it’s a delight for others as well.

Brunhilda Cleopatra Helga
Leia Marge Nugget
Olga Pudge Teeny
Babe Mama Porky
Tinkerbell Ursula Bertha
Mini Baby Peanut
Whoopi Pikachu Zelda
Kewpie Lois Myrtle
Jawa Smooches Medusa
Elektra Kiki Nessie


Traditional German and French names for Berners


German and French names are unique for Bernese Mountain Dogs as these languages are the most popular spoken languages in the breeds home country. This section lists some German and French tags that are unique and uncommon that one can look in during the tag selection process.

Dirk  Fritz Hans
Klaus Otto Siegfried
Wolfgang Britta Fritzi
Hilda Leona Marta
Mischa Marta Arnaud
Gaston Babette Marcelle
Sylvie Pénélope Delphine
Maurice Rafale Matthieu
Jacques Agnès Amélie
François Gigi Liesel


Bernedoodle dog tags


Bernedoodle is a mixed breed between a Bernese Mountain dog and a Poodle. These canines are getting popular and noticed over the last few years. The list below enlists names that are well suited for Bernedoodles.

Sylvan Taylor Dexter
Achillies Thornton Elway
Iggy Barney Skylar
Etta Fannie Lila
Agate Virgil Wallace
Truman Amethyst Tripp
Wally Adelyn Liberty
Faye Bandit Axel
Igor Ike Elvis
TJ Abe Titus


Final Thoughts

This article has enlisted many tag ideas for Berners. We hope this article comes to your aid and eases your burden during the label selection for your pup. One can choose a name that they like from the list above or use their imagination to build a new name.

Congratulations on your new pup and happy parenting!!!!

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