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Beagle dog names – The most interesting discussion that happens around new pet parents is the name search. Every parent is confused and seeks suggestions till they arrive at a name of their choice. This article will provide insights into naming a small scented hounded breed, “Beagle”. If you are a new parent looking for name suggestions for your Beagles. You are on the right page for profound ideas.

How to name a Beagle puppy?

Name searching for your pets is a unique experience as every dog is special. This section will provide some pointers that will ease the process of arriving at the right pet’s name.

  • Pick a name that all the family members like and love to listen to constantly. As this the name that the pet will own its whole life.
  • Test the comprehension of the selected name by the puppy. Take a week to check how your fido responds to its name. If the response is quick- the name is apt; if it’s slow, one needs to choose another tag.
  • Smaller names should be more preferred to longer ones for better grasping by the four-legged creatures.
  • Choose names that end with vowels.
  • Select names that begin with sharp unmistakable sounds like D, K, or T.
  • Refrain from choosing common names among folks as it will confuse the pet in public places like a park or at the vet’s clinic.
  • Avoid selecting names that rhyme with the dog training commands like sit, down, no, etc. These hinder the training process.
  • The breed legacy also gives ideas on choosing names for the pooch.
  • The conduct and behavior of the pet can also help in name selection. Hence, one needs to observe the pet after it enters the family for name selection.
  • Refrain from choosing offensive names.
  • Avoid changing the names of grown-up adults you adopt. In unavoidable situations, try to select names identical to the previous one.
  • Finish the name selection process within 14 days of the pet’s entry into the family.

Female Beagle Dog Names


The section enlists popular as well as unique female name suggestions inspired from various sources.

Aliza Buttercup Candy
Derby Ema Gigi
Hazel Izzy Jojo
Lola Mia Olive
Poppie Rosie Mahi
Nemo Sasha Turi
Yoyo Zoey Willow
Bella Lucy Daisy
Saddie Penny Molly
Zena Niki Misty

Male Beagle Dog Names


The section enlists traditional human names and masculine tags that are great options for naming male beagle pups.

Alex Benji Chewy
Gus Jake Peanut
Spencer Toby Wallace
Rancho Elmo Figo
Hachi Kiyaan Lui
Milo Niko Oscar
Peebles Sparky Thor
Ukele Warlog Zap
Woofy Buzo Austin
Casper Eddy Goofy

Cute Beagle Names


Beagles are small-pound breeds that are lovable and cute. The section lists some cute unisex names that can be used during name searching.

Baxter Cookie Dogo
Freckles Gidget Kola
Oreo Pupper Skittles
Waffles Yogi Ziggy
Cuddles Bubba Scout


Hunting Beagle Names


The characteristic trait of this dog breed is hunting. Hence, hunting-inspired names are great options too.

Weatherby Scent Remington
Hound Gunner Chase
Buck Winchester Sniff
Ruger Hare Colt
Blaser Gunner Catch


Beagle Names from Movies and Television


Famous movie Beagle characters are great naming options.

Lou Porthos Snoopy
Brain Gromit Underdog
Bagel Shiloh Shoeshine
Beagle Him and her Tuffy


Funny Beagle Tags


Funny tags given to our pets will spark up our faces when used frequently. The section enlists such names that suit well on Beagles.

Taco Porky Nugget
Keiko Hobbit Giggles
Fuzzball Dynamite Clooney
Burrito Nacho Cheerio
Benjo Homer Kuki


Unique Beagle Names


Every pooch is unique, and calling out lesser common names is the new trend.

Atticus Bing Capo
Diesel Enzo Gideon
Iggy Kobe Jazzy
Mamba Petch Quinn
Reyna Zahara Tampa

Beagle Names Inspired by their Barking


One of the unique traits of the small-pound breed is “howling.” Names inspired by howls and baying are great naming suggestions for this breed. Read on for some unique howling names.

Yowl Shriek Roar
Barker Jabber Howley
Gnarl Yelper Bayley
Growler Bellow Howler
Yappy Bay Yeller

Beagle Names Inspired by the Sense of Smell and Perky Nature


The Beagle has an incredible scenting sense and is joyful. The section enlists names to pay tribute to the breeds’ nosy and lively attitude.

Nosy Sherlock Homes
Sleuth Gumshoe Flatfoot
Snoop Sniffer Happy
Merry Joy Chirpy
Jolly Love Jolly

Beagle Names Inspired by Food


Beagle has an enormous appetite and will binge on anything that is edible. The section enlists foodaholic names that suit them well.

Meatball Pudding Dumpling
Chomper Snacker Piglet
Porky Chubbs Pudge
Fudge Muffin Porkchop
Butterball Hunter Rolly

Beagle Names Inspired by Appearance


The noteworthy traits of a beagle are its sloppy ears and breed size. The section enlists name suggestions based on these traits.

Flopsy Droopy Horton
Bugs Tiny Peewee
Squirt Peanut Bitty
Munchkin Shorty Minnie
Teensy Button  Morsel

Beagle Names Inspired by Coat Color


Beagle comes in various color variants that include red and white, tricolor, chocolate tricolor, red and white, orange and white, lemon and white, tan and white, and chocolate and white. Names inspired by these shades are good options. Check out the section below for colorful tags.

Monarch Oreole Harlequin
Brun Chestnut Godiva
Cayenne Amber Honey
Valentine Sepia Rusty
Java Mocha Sesame
Twix Sundae Tres
Russet Kobicha Topaz
Brandy Merlot Penny
Patches Turtle Checker
Shiraz Acorn Heath

Final Thoughts

The name list is only some options that will ease the name search process for new pet parents. Choose a name from one of the sections or use your creativity to christen new ones and comment below. Happy searching and parenting!!!

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