200 + Most Popular Basset Hound Dog Names For Naming Your Basset

Basset Hounds are one of the most loved breeds of all times. This breed is of French origin with short legs and a long body to go with it. The long ears are sure to take your heart away. These dogs make one of the best pets for a family. 


Tips How to Choose Basset Hound Names


Well, there is not a straight jacket formula for anyone to name their dog. The fact that you are going to take this name for the next 12-13 years is the only contributing factor towards naming your dog. Usually names should be not more than two syllables.

Bassets are intelligent looking dogs. They look like beagles but have longer ears. They have a melancholic face and a wrinkled eyebrow which adds to their Sherlock looks. One of the most famous and loved cartoon characters Droopy was a Basset Hound with a droopy face. 

Their typical long ears are also known as leathers, they also feel like it! They have a calm and patient temperament that shows on their face. A basset hound is a perfect companion for a log day at beach and a rainy winter night!

Best Basset Hound Names

40 Best Female Hound Dog Names


A female pup is always a joy. They bring grace and protection to the family. These basset hound female names are perfect fit for every pup you choose. We have compiled a list of the top female hound names for your convenience. Feel free to create variations of your own while choosing these names.

Penny Roxy Lucy
Missy Princess Girlie
Sadie Vicki Maggie
Lady Heidi Molly
Misty Ruby Princess
Maddie Bonnie Minnie
Zoe Gracie Daisy
Lucy Lily Bella
Molly Bailey Maggie
Sadie Penny Lola
  • Loopy: best for an energetic and quick little girl 
  • Cleo :Short for Egyptian Queen Cleopatra 
  • Grace: Best for a female basset hound who is graceful
  • Kit: An American name for a cute hound
  • Truffle: Perfect for a female who is predominantly brown
  • Peaches: Perfect for a Basset Hound you find cute and sweet.
  • Ruby: Best suited for a Basset Hound that is predominantly red or brown in color.
  • Tiny: Best name for a Basset hound since they have short and cute legs. 
  • Midge: Inspired by a character from That 70s Show.
  • Tilly: is a shortened version for a very American name Matilda. 

40Male Hound Dog Names


Male hound dogs name are easy to find however, difficult to choose from. We have compiled a list of good hound dog names for you. We have also listed 10 names for your convenience with meaning so that you can name your dog something meaningful. 

Frankie Huck Bruce
James Levi Benny
Gus Henry Buster
Tucker Moe Toby
Max Leo Woody
Rusty Mack Rhett
Jack Theo Luke
Hal Moose Bear
Jasper King Sam
Nuevo Fredrick Bruno


  • Rover: Is a variant for the name Robin and also a famous name in UK.
  •  Basil: It is famous herb and has Greek origin in the word called Baisellious or King.
  • Corey: This Irish name means from the hollow! 
  • Tim: It is a short form for the name Timothy.
  •  Clue: An inquisitive name for your male Basset Hound. 
  • Wimper:  A cute name for your male best friend with long ears. 
  • Tony: Name him after Tony Stark, why don’t you? 
  • Rupert: German morphed this name from Robert.
  • Ash: Ever watched Pokemon? Name your pet pooch after the main lead!
  • Dude: A simple friendly name for your little legged friend.

30 Best Girl Basset Hound name:


Here is list of girl basset hound names for your little melancholic dog! We made sure that the list contains some of the most unique names that should go with your pet pooch. This list has cute basset hound name along with female hound names. 

Bumblebee Flower Snickerdoodle
Herbie Dixie Gigi
Thumper Sprout Spot
Cupcake Snickers Peanut
Nugget Sugar Winnie
Hiccup Baby Bluebell
Goose Marbles Cuddles
Caramel Marshmallow Pip
Waffles Tillie Pepe
Speedy Caramel Pepper

Boy Basset Hound name


In this list you will find a list of cool boy basset hound names for your little friend. Boy hound dog names are rare yet super simple to find. If you plan of getting a male basset hound for your house this dog is perfect. It is a soft-tempered dog with an energetic personality. Basset hounds fill your day with love and affection. So, here is a list of best hound dog names for your little legged companion. 

Charlie Cooper Copper
Buddy Hank Bo
Fred Gus Toby
Max Riley Duke
Tucker Buster Chester
Bonsai Rocky Jack
Toby Lulu Ruby
Bailey Murphy Middy
Buster Pepper Twitch
Thatcher Sparky Max

Blue tick hound names


This list of Bluetick hound names are one of the most unusual basset hound names. We have made sure that all the good hound names, girl hound names and boy hound names are covered in this list. These are unique dogs with predominantly black coat.

Jake Rin Bentley
Roxy Teddy Zoey
Riley Stella Milo
Penny Bailey Coco
Buster Gracie Dexter
Abbie Lucky Lilly
Oscar Rosie Cody
Ellie Harley Jackson
Emma Layla Bandit
Bruno Princess Gizmo

Basset hound names from movies


Basset hounds have been one of the most loved breeds. And this shows in our Hollywood culture. Many famous celebrities have basset hounds like Shakira and Elvis Presley. We have compiled a list of cool names for your basset hound. 

Sidney Flash Pokey
Droopy Arthur  Kirby
Dog Penny Ulysses
Woody Rocket Gustaford
Hugo Cleo Humphrey
Spiderhound Axelrod Bonnie
Cyrano Paul Newman
Molly Walter Bowsah
Boomer Fred Maggie
Cynthia Byron Biscuit



We have compiled a list of names for Basset Hound. These dogs are super gentle creature and are perfect companion for a family. These hound names are divided on the basis of gender and coolness. This list contains badass and cool basset hound names. It is very important to skim through the huge list of these since you want the name to be unique and vibe with your household. 


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