100 Plus Harry Potter Themed Dog Names

100 Plus Harry Potter Themed Dog Names: Fiction, as well as the character in them, are etched in the heart of many folks. Harry Potter series is one such timeless fiction whose personalities have a fan base of their own irrespective of gender and age group. This article is for all the Harry Potter fans that want to name their dogs with this theme. 


How to Choose Harry Potter Themed Dog Names?


Harry Potter has many roles that are unique perfect tags. These tags very perfectly suit as names for our pet pals. The section below will provide pointers that help in the name selection of Harry Potter inspired dog names.

  • Choose names with fewer syllables. Short tags with two syllables are simpler to grasp for furry pals.
  • Choose a name that preferably ends with a vowel. Fidos distinguish higher frequency ranges than humans.
  • Refrain from choosing names with negative connotations.
  • Avoid picking names that sound remarkably like the training command, as this will hinder the pet training.
  • Zero on a unique name will help the pet in better name grasping in the initial puppy stage.
  • Christen a name and run a test time to see the pet comprehension for a week or so; this will help one to analyze the chosen label.
  • One can look for names keeping in mind the pets breed legacy.
  • The pet’s personality, appearance, and character are also pointers that can ease tag choosing tasks.
  • Refrain from changing the adult dog names that you adopt. In unavoidable circumstances, try to select a name that is like the old one.
  • Zero on a pet pals name within 14 days, bringing it into the family.

Best Harry Potter Characters Female Dog Names


The female characters in this fiction are very inspiring, and one female character is as popular as Harry Potter. These personalities are great names for our furry pals too. The list below enlists the female cast of the comic that one can ponder during the name selection task.

Name Role Meaning
Luna Close friend of Harry and a soldier in Dumbledore’s army. A Latin origin name meaning moon
Hermione The heroine of the fiction and Love interest of Ron Weasley. Means well born in Greek
Ginny Harry Potters main love interest. Means pure or chaste. 
Lily Harry’s deceased mom. Name of the beautiful flower.
Lavender Girlfriend of Ron Weasley A sweet smelling flowers. 
Molly Motherly figure of Harry and the mon of Ron Weasley. This name relates to Mary and means rebellious or wished for a child.
Katie A chaser on the Gryffindor quidditch team Pure in Greek
Minerva The head of Gryffindor house goddess of wisdom
Poppy The school nurse at Hogwarts, better known as Madam Pomfrey. This name relates to the flower.
Fleur Is the wife of Ron’s brother Bill Weasley Flower in French. 
Amelia A personality who headed the department of magical law enforcement in the comic. Industrious 
Helga One of the founders of Hogwarts. The name means holy or blessed in Scandinavian.
Angelina Gryffindor senior of Harry. Messenger of god in Italian
Bellatrix An all-round evil witch and sister of Narcissa Malfoy Female warrior in Latin
Alice Alice Longbottom was a member of the original Order of the Phoenix with her husband Frank. Greek word for truth
Rose Ron and Hemione’s daughter Beautiful flower and symbol of love
Myrtle A ghost haunting Hogwarts A secret message
Narcissa Wife of Lucius Malfoy and mother of Draco Daffodil in Greek
Ariana Professor Dumbledore’s sister Most holy
Leta A pure-blooded witch and a pal of Newt Scamander Latin origin meaning gladly

Other Female Harry Potter Themed Names

Nymphadora Rowena Andromeda
Petunia Emmeline Sybill
Pansy Cho Dolores
Penelope Hannah Parvati
Padma Rita Alicia
Cedrella Daisy Elladora
Gabrielle Hestia Kendra
Lysandra Merope Nebulus
Olympe Revelio Surgito
Ventus Taboo Vestigium

50 Best Harry Potter Characters Male Dog Names


The male cast of this comic has stolen the show. The section below will enlist these names that are great options for naming your furry friends. Read on if you want to name your pup with Harry Potter themed tags.

Name Role Meaning
Amos Cedirc Diggory’s father Strong in Hebrew
Cedric One who sacrifices his life to keep Harry alive and a contestant in the goblet of fire Cetlic name meaning bounty
Draco Powerful and positive Character in the series  Dragon
Severus Hogwarts Professor and Harrys Ally Stern
Hagrid A groundskeeper at Hogwarts Worried
Remus Hogwarts professor and Original Marauder Founder of Rome in latin
Harry The main protagonist of the Fiction German name meaning home ruler
Ron Harry’s pal and a part of the golden trio Mountain of strength or ruler’s counselor
Seamus One of Harry’s Gryffindor colleagues Irish name meaning supplanter
Scorpius Draco’s son One of the zodiac’s constellation
Voldemort Harry’s Primary ally Flight or theft of/from death 
Godric Hogwarts founder God ruler
Salazar Founder of the Slytherin House of Hogwarts Old hall
Elbus The given name of Professor Dumbledore One who is exalted
Rodolphus Luna Lovegood’s father Famous wolf
Marvolo Younger Voldemort Inflict injury
Gellert A dangerous wizard Hungarian name meaning ruler with a spear
Creevey A soldier of the Dumbledore’s army Curly headed
Lee Quidditch announcer Clearing, meadow
Dudley Harry’s cousin who often puts him to trouble Dudda’s meadows

Other Harry Potter Male Dog Tags

Quirrell Barty Glideroy
Peter Victor Baron
Alastor Neville Dumbledore
Newt Dobby Charlie
Ernie Fabian Garrick
Hugo Imperio Kingsley
Lumos Moly Orion
Trevor Viktor William
Zach Accio Bubblehead
Cadmus Dittany Felix

Dog Names Inspired by the Animals in Harry Potter


Animals play a pivotal role in the wizarding world of Harry potter. The section enlists the names of these animals that are great options for dog names.

Hedwig Maledictuses Bicorn
Dobby Aragog Norbert
Padfoot Crookshanks Fang
Fawkes Buckbeak Norris
Prongs Norberta Scabbers
Nagini Winky The Basilisk
Thestral Pigwidgeon Errol
Abraxan Sirius Hokey
Bane Firenze Pig
Trevor Griphook Bogrod

Other Potter-Themed Dog Name Tags


Not only the cast and crew of the comic are great options for dog names, even the events, places, potions, and other wizarding world options are fair enough for the name tasks. The list below records such labels that one can peek look into during the name selection process.

Hogwarts Moke Plimpy
Selma Alohomora Bartemius
Flich Gringotts Hoggy
Muggle Potter Ravenclaw
Quibbler Slytherin Yaxley
Puddlemere Mungo Hogsmeade
Grimmauld Boggart Hallow
Horcrux Mad-eye Moody Gryffindor
Auror Quidditch Hufflepuff
Azakaban Beedle Pixie

Funny Potter Themed Dog Names


The list below mentions some of the funny tags that are puns inspired by characters and themes from the book.

Gryffindog Dogwarts Hairy Pawter
Hufflepup Ruffyndor Pansy Barkinson
Ravenpaw Sloberin Hairy Pupper
Barktemius Hufflepug Roverclaw

Final Thoughts

This article has enlisted most of the Potter-themed names. Pet parents can choose their dog tags from the list mentioned above or can use their imagination and invent newer Potter-themed labels. Have you used any tags or christened new Potter-inspired dog labels for your pets? Let us know in the comments.

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